Peter Hyatt is going to be exploring these two cases on his weekly radio program today. I was delighted to accept an invitation to his panel, also joining peter will be another friend of mine Denny Griffin.

Both of these cases are frustrating. Anyone that takes the time to dig around in the data will be left with a migraine.

The legal wrangling in the Casey Anthony case are so convoluted that it has become more akin to a soap opera than a homicide. Our legal system is flawed, few can doubt that statement, and this case is a text book example. Obviously it is unfair for anyone to be tried in the Court Of Public Opinion rather than the Court Of Law, but there are few people that seem to think that anyone other than Casey Anthony was responsible for the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. The twists and turns in the case have created a media circus, the ringmaster being a relatively unknown (ambulance chasing) lawyer by the name of Jose Baez.  By generating a media frenzy, and whipping through a whopping $200,000 retainer he is now being funded by the tax payer! Needless to say, his high powered legal team has been fleeing the case like rats and sinking ships!

I can’t wait for Peter Hyatt’s comments on this case.

The Tiffany Hartley story is almost as bizarre. Who in their right mind would go Jet Skiing on a lake that is known as a haven for the Mexican Drug Cartels to operate in? Why did they kill her husband, yet let her live? Cartel members are not really known for their compassion. I have to admit that the story I am being fed is not sitting well in my stomach. There is no corpse, no witnesses, and where is that pesky Jet Ski?

Certainly everyone has their own unique way of grieving. When a very good friend of mine died I went to a bar and ordered two Budweisers, Don’s trademark! He always ordered them in pairs. I drank one, and left the other on the table. Tiffany Hartley as far as I can see has done little to show sorrow other than point blame at the Mexican government.

I am looking forward to talking to Peter Hyatt, as an interviewer it is not often that I find the roles reversed. Today though, I am the victim 🙂

Peter’s site is and if you would like to listen live point your browser to BTR at 6pm eastern today.

Simon Barrett

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