We can agree China is at present a totalitarian state, but that should not be the issue, I would argue it is also a culture slowly in transition to a free market representative republic, but the crises at hand is Tibet and the Olympic games.

The Dalai Lama and those who support him demand restoration of Tibet as an independent nation. For longer then I have been alive they have waged a passive aggressive fight to achieve the goal of restoring the Dalai Lama to his former position as sovereign.

The Dalai Lama has about the same chance of reclaiming Tibet as the descendants of the Royal family of Hawaii have of the United States deciding to return sovereignty or the French people of demanding restoration of the Bourbons bloodline.

The best thing that ever happened to the people of Tibet was kicking his sorry ass out of the country, Unlike Gandhi who was a genuine man of peace and non-violence, the Dalai Lama and his followers are not honest advocates, they have played people with the skill of a tel-evangelist manipulating a little old lady into donating her social security check.

The Central Tibetan administration which is the official organ of the exiled Lama and headquartered in India does to its credit now offer to accept a concept it rejected decades ago, semi autonomy similar to that enjoyed by Hong Kong but at this point and with the embarrassment they have caused the central government of China, I do not see that happening during the lifetime of the present Lama unless he is able to demonstrate control over his more militant disciples who are the ones responsible for the current demonstrations.

China is not the bad guy in this dispute, they would welcome the Dalai lama back provided he and his followers were willing to give up any claim to secular authority and refrain from attempting to wield influence in state affairs, Which is to say he can encourage prayer and practice his faith all he wants and even be accorded the pomp and circumstance of a figure head like the Queen of England, but the Dali’s followers want a position more like the Pope and Vatican state and that is not going to happen.

We can agree that fifty years ago the men in charge of China invaded Tibet even as fifty or so years before that men in charge of the United States overthrew the legitimate Queen of Hawaii and continue to go back in history and point out what country invaded another, It does not resolve the current dispute. Tibet is and will remain a province of China, if the Dali Lama desire to preserve its unique cultural and spiritual heritage he should embrace a policy that serves that end, the current course accomplishes little toward that end but has over the decades con-sequenced ample blood shed and violence

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