Does the US really care for the freedom movement of Tibet?

The answer is “NO”. If US really cares about Tibet then why it waited for Olympics to raise the issue ?

The answer is ” Because it wanted to jeopardize the effort, the money and honor of China to prove that China is not as powerful as the US.”

Should the world boycott Hollywood and Pepsis and colas because US invasion in Afghan and Iraq?

Should the world support Olympic boycott spearheaded by US? There can be different answers from different sections of the world. Let us analyise some of them.

The Muslim countries should never take part in Olympics if it leads to immodesty, exploitation of females through cheerleaders, inauguration shows, advertisements short dressed female participants etc.

The Third world should boycott Olympics because it is a wastage of time and money since they never win medals except a couple. All they do is that a few players of theirs go to Olympics and come back with a lower self esteem after being humiliated in varoius events.

India should not take part in Olympics because they are already disqualified from the only sport where they stood a chance of winning a medal .i.e hockey.

The Africans should not take part because they can only win medals and not food grains for their hungry people.

Europe should not take part because according to the Euro constitution one European country should not fight against other. In Olympics it is a fight for medals.

Russia should not take part because China does not speak against break away countries like Kosova and others.

Finally only two nations remains ,the US and China . Let us see a good Olympics between China and US only.

Author : Nisaar Yusuf , is a trainer in communication skills and can be contacted on his emails address :

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