“Stealing Trinity”
by Ward Larsen
Oceanview Publishing, Ipswich, Massachusets. ISBN: 978-1-933515-17-5

Much more fun than a stump speech by a presidential candidate, Ward Larsen’s second thriller is set at the end of World War II and features another disturbingly sympathetic killer, Alexander Braun, a German-American sucked into the slaughter on the German side of the Eastern Front by his unrepentant Nazi father. Braun is plucked from the bombed ruins of Berlin by three high-level Nazi conspirators plotting to transplant the Third Reich to fresh soil. The conspirators die trying to escape the collapse of Germany.

Braun escapes to the East Coast of America, without even the clothes on his back. Nazi Germany has surrendered. Braun must find a way to wiggle back into American society without a lot of questions asked. He sets aside his original spying mission to coldly restart a pre-war college love affair with a rich heiress, Lydia Cole. His only obstacle to marrying into money is Lydia’s feckless husband, Edward.

His cynical plan is interrupted by Major Michael Thatcher, a member of British Intelligence, a war amputee and a dogged chaser of Nazi runaways. Thatcher arrives at the Cole mansion following faint and scattered clues of a possible Nazi spy to find the household in an uproar over Lydia’s missing husband.

In a blink, Braun nearly murders Thatcher then jumps out a window, steals a car and disappears in a swirl of gravel and dust.

His plan thwarted, Braun reverts to his original mission, figuring that he can sell on the black market whatever secret he had been sent to pick up from a sleeper agent in the American West.

That secret turns out to be big: detailed internal documents describing Trinity, the research project to develop an atomic bomb.

The race is on across country.

Will Braun get to Alamogordo in time to meet the sleeper agent?

Will Lydia redeem her life of rich indolence by helping to thwart the theft?

Will Thatcher catch the Nazi spy, and put the wartime death of his own wife behind him?

Will the Russians succeed in buying the secrets of Trinity to jumpstart their own nuclear program?

I won’t spoil the fun. You’ll just have to read the book.

The book’s official publication date is October 1st.

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