Thursday morning started out as a normal work day I am sure for Cameron Thomas Boone’s mother, as she got ready for work. Apparently she had a lot on her mind as she left for work. She managed to strap her 3 year old son into his car seat in the back seat of her pick up truck but somehow managed to forget to drop him off at the daycare on her way to work.

She was suppose to drop her son off around 6 am and then go to work for 6:30 am, which happens to be at the North Cypress Medical Center in Houston Texas according to KRPC-TV in Houston. According to fellow employees from the Medical Center she works there as an operating room technician. They were all shocked when they heard the news about what happened especially with it happening in the parking lot of a hospital.

“The child was aware,” said Lt. John Denholm of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. “He was trying to get out, trying to survive.” Investigators on the case say that the boy got out of his car seat and apparently found an extra key and tried to put it in the ignition switch. “It’s like he was trying to put a window down or open a door but was unable to,” said Denholm.

When his mother finished her shift at work around 3:30 pm she found the boy on the front seat of the truck. She had trouble getting the door open so she smashed the rear window to get to him. He was rushed him into the emergency room but apparently it was too late. Little Cameron was gone.

The detectives say he likely had died several hours earlier. They say that the temperatures there can reach as high as 150 degrees inside a closed vehicle in less than 30 minutes. No one can survive that kind of heat in a closed in vehicle.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has to determine whether or not Cameron’s Mother will face any charges. I am sure she is suffering a lot as it is.

My prayers are with her and Cameron’s family.

Jan Barrett

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