Last week, a family in Marysville, Ohio welcomed their third child into a family. This birth would be unextraordinary for the general public except for the fact that the baby girl was born on October 2. This is the same date that her two older brothers were born on.

Kayla Cotton was born to parents Jenna and William Cotton. Their middle child, a son named Logan Cotton was born October 2, 2006, and their oldest boy, Ayden, was born October 2, 2003. Jenna Cotton was due on September 30, but the 23-year-old mother didn’t start having contractions until early October 2, just before a party for the boys was supposed to take place. She had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for later in the day but decided to stay for the party. At 7:07 p.m., baby Kayla was born weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

Bill Notz, a statistics professor at Ohio State University concluded that the odds of a family having three children born on the same date in different years are about 7.5 in 1 million. A San Diego State University mathematician, however, says the odds of having three children born on the same date are 133,000 to 1 and having them all be male is 500,000 to 1. However, this is at least the second time the occurence has struck this year.

The Paez family from San Diego, California, also had their third child born on July 30th of this year. Three of the sons born to Erin and Allan Paez, Kellen, Aiden, and Rory were born on the same day in different years. The Paez’s oldest son, Devon, was born in April 2001. Their second child, Rory, was the first to be born on July 30th in 2002. Tragically, he died the same day he was born after complications from childbirth. The next year in 2003, their third son, Aiden, was born July 30th as well followed by Kellen who was born July 30, 2007. Kellen was actually born in his aunt’s driveway as his parents stopped to drop off the other two boys and didn’t make it out of the driveway. 

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