Four young people with promising lives ahead of them were brutally shot down in the neighborhood of Valisburg in Newark, New Jersey. Three of them had been ordered to line up against a wall on some steps behind an elementary school and were shot execution-style from close range. All three were killed. A fourth victim was found by police near a set of bleachers 30 feet away. She was barely clinging to life with a gunshot and knife wounds to the head.

The victims were identified as Ofemi Hightower, Deshawn Harvey, Terrance Aerial, and his 19-year-old sister Natasha Aerial who survived. She is currently listed in fair condition at Newark’s University Hospital. The Aerial’s mother, Renee Tucker, said the last time she saw her children was at 10:30 p.m. Saturday when they said they’d be going around the corner to get something to eat. It was just before midnight when sirens could be heard throughout the neighborhood after gunshots and screams were reported to police behind the school.

All of the victims were set to attend Delaware State University in the fall. Ofemi Hightower had been accepted on Thursday after enduring two years of rejection letters. Terrance Aerial was a business major there as well as an ordained minister. Deshawn Harvey was going into his junior year and planned to return to the university this week to begin work in the school’s administration building. Natasha Aerial, also a junior, was to head back to Dover this week to return to summer classes and her job at Subway. There are currently no suspects or motive in the murders of the three students.

A fourth homicide was reported on Sunday morning in the area. Quintez Waller was shot dead in an unrelated incident.

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