In a little suburb of Chicago called Evanston Illinois there was a discovery that shocked everyone around. Police found a 90 year old woman inside her home where she was living with the bodies of three of her dead siblings.

Two of the bodies were described as skeletons and the third was said to be badly decomposed so apparently they had been dead inside the home for quite some time. The bodies were found in different places inside the two-story home and some of them were covered with blankets. 

Police have determined they were all brothers and sisters of the living sibling. They have been identified as Anita Bernstorff, born in 1910, Frank Bernstorff, born in 1920 and Elaine Bernstorff born in 1916. Cook County Medical Examiner has to determine the dates of each of their deaths.

Reports by the police according to the Sun-Times were that Anita was last seen alive in May 2008, Frank was last seen alive in April, 2003 and Elaine was last seen alive in the early 1980’s. It is believed that they all died of natural death but they haven’t figured out yet why the surviving sister didn’t report the deaths.

Police were called to the home in the 1200 block of Judson Avenue about 10:15 am on Friday where they met the woman that lived there. She has been a longtime resident there that apparently was in contact with an Evanston senior advocate and a family lawyer, one of whom called the police. She is reported to be cooperating with the police and she has been taken to a nearby facility so she can be taken care of.

Neighbors told police that they had not noticed anything unusual about the home. They said they often spotted a woman they only knew as Margaret tending to her garden.

One neighbor, Caroline Carlton told the reporters that she saw the 90 year old on Halloween night passing out candy but she had never personally been inside the home. “It’s a nice looking home,” Carlton said. “I know that’s been their family home for years”

Another neighbor, Dan Bloedorn, said he saw an elderly woman in her garden a lot of times but he just assumed that she lived alone.

Cook County public records show that the owner of the property is Frank A. Bernstorff. The Chicago Tribune obituary said a Frank A. Bernstorff, 94, a retired assistant professor of German at Northwestern University, lived at the home and died in 1966. He was survived by his wife, Lilian, who died in 1974. The other survivors were a son, Frank, and three daughters, Margaret, Anita, and Elaine.

Jan Barrett

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