According to a recent report three companies in the Louisiana area could be fined tens of thousands of dollars as a result of failing to protect workers from exposure to the deadly carcinogenic asbestos, which can cause many health problems such as respiratory problems, scarring of the lungs, and even cancer.

The report shows that the three companies could be fined around one hundred and twelve thousand dollars as a result of the violations. The three companies that are being fined by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration are Louisiana Health Care Consultants, LLC, Dean Building Holdings and Bob Dean Enterprises, Inc.

Dean McDaniel, OSHA’s regional administrator based in Dallas, Texas stated: “These companies failed to follow OSHA’s standards for asbestos-related projects in the construction industry. Employers must be committed to keeping the workplace safe and healthful to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities.”

The three companies were accused of failing to provider protective gear for their workers during renovation, failing to inform workers that a ceiling being removed contained asbestos, and failing to minimise exposure to asbestos.

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