While investigating another case officers in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, discovered 18 year old, Larry Bank’s MySpace page and on that page they found a video which has Banks, himself along with 27 year old Joshua Reilly with assault rifles including an AK-47. In the video Banks confirms that the AK-47 had bodies on it too.
The pair were discussing on the video their plans to carry out a shooting and they also stated that is the police tried to stop them, they would shoot them too. The discovery of this video led The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s deputies to arrest seven people involved.

They requested a search warrant to search Bank’s home and they found other weapons including another AK-47. The one in the video though was not there. The other five people were arrested there at the home on drugs and weapons charges.

Sheriff Greg Champagne says that once the deputies investigated the video the suspects pictured in it have connected the other five people to several crimes, including criminal conspiracy to commit first degree murder, narcotics violations, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of stolen firearms and possession of a weapon by convicted felons.

Champagne also says this should be a good lesson to parents everywhere. They need to be more aware of what kind of things goes on MySpace. Champagne says, “It’s not just kids talking about their boyfriends and their school work, it’s more troubling things such as what you see in this video.”

I agree with him on this. You would think by now with all the reports that the parents would know this by now.

Jan Barrett

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