Recent reports have indicated that thousands of dockyard workers or their families could find that they are eligible for compensation after a landmark ruling in the UK that saw two claimants receive compensation in relation to asbestos exposure.

Judges overseeing the case ruled earlier this week that a government group had been negligent in failing to warn workers about the dangers of the deadly substance asbestos. The two claimants received one hundred and sixty four thousand pounds in damages.

One of the claimants had lost her husband to the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma in 2000. The other claimant was sixty seven year old Robert Thompson, who suffers from diffuse pleural thickening. He worked at the Liverpool docks for around twenty six years.

He stated: “It’s been hard. I’ve had nightmares over this, I lose sleep. I’ve seen colleagues die of this and it’s a horrible death. Touch wood, I haven’t got that at the moment, but I have got the next one to it.”

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