Damn. First it was my guitar wants to kill your mama and now it’s my mama wants to kill your guitar.

Frank Zappa’s widow Gail is suing the organisers of the German open-air Zappanale, now in its nineteenth year, claiming that the organizers must cough up $400,000 for the right to use her husband’s name and his trademarked (by her) moustache/goatee combo or else. She even wants a statue of Zappa in Bad Doberan, the small town in which the festival is held, to be removed. Huh? Whatever. The Germans really are crazy about Frank Zappa, I guess.

Come on, Gail. I am the slime (as in you), or what? You are absolutely free to do this, of course, but these guys can’t afford no shoes as it is already so wake up from your overnight sensation and drop the cosmic debris and stop pretending you’re Debra Kadabra or whoever and go out and get your cheap thrills somewhere else because it can’t happen here.

And actually it has happened here, for the past nineteen years like I said, so why haven’t you said anything up until now? Like lighten up already and put on some tunes for a while. But this time you ought to skip Freak Out! maybe.

“Nothing is all I want, a true Zen saying.”

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