Or daze is actually more like it. While lots of German party animals will be out there doing their thing this afternoon at the Brandenburg Gate, although most of them won’t be able to tell you why (German Unity Day), a considerable number of German Muffel (sourpusses, uh, like twenty percent of the population – and that at the very least, friends) have expressed their wish to have the good old Berlin Wall back again. Still, I mean, after 17 years of reunification. Or at least that’s what the results of one recent poll indicate.

And touchy-feely-maybe-the-GDR-wasn’t-so-wonderful-after-all movies like “The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie” aren’t going to change anybody’s opinion here, either. Why should they? We all believe what we want to believe in the end anyway, don’t we? No matter what, right?

You know, like the GDR was actually just a goofy and somehow niedlich (cute) little place where everybody drove around in those silly cars and never stopped helping each other out and walked around with this permanent and wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling, even while doing all that nude bathing up there at the Baltic all the time and fighting for world peace nebenbei (on the side) while their benign communist system, in the end, only wanted the best for them.

Well you can’t please all of the people all of the time, I always say. So light a candle or something at some near eastern shrine somewhere and have a nice day anyway. Muffel(s).

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