This is not a cowboy hat.

And that guy up there is not an American (think Marcel Duchamp’s pipe).

This photo is bogus, however. I mean, I’m sure that the author of this piece meant well and all that (maybe that was the problem) but he unfortunately has no idea of what he is talking about when he claims that “European leaders are forging a new Atlantic alliance” with the United States. It simply isn’t true. The poor guy went on to write some other amazing science fiction stuff you really ought not to read but please do anyway, like:

“Remarkably, the continent’s political elites are embracing pro-Americanism at a time when people on the street are as anti-American as they’ve been since Coalition forces rolled across Iraq.” Okay, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he mixed up the continent he is referring to here with another one, but I wouldn’t know which.

“By going against the public grain at obvious political risk, Europe’s leaders are demonstrating just how determined they are to bury anti-Americanism.” Huh? Which leaders is this guy referring to? No European leader ever does anything risky, otherwise they wouldn’t be European leaders. And how can you be determined to bury something that is one of the supporting pillars (think founding fathers) of what defines who you are in the first place – and always has been?

Or how about this: “…ensconced in the onetime capital of un-America, speaking in effect for a new generation of European leaders, French President Nicolas Sarkozy told a meeting of his ambassadors in Paris, ‘I am among those who believe that the friendship between the United States and France is as important today as it has been over the course of the past two centuries.’”

He couldn’t be more right about that. Talk about fantasy land. Don’t those Newsweek guys get paid piles of money to travel around and thoroughly research stuff? I don’t want to be mean or anything, but I don’t believe this guy has ever even been to Europe. Unless it was Euro Disney, maybe, and that would at least explain the fantasy land part (or Fantasia Village or whatever the hell it is they call it). But like I said at the start, more or less, nothing is as it seems.

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