And his father needs lethal injection.

During the time that his mandatory appeals are going on, he should be subjected to beating, pinching, slapping and biting to “make him tougher” so that he’ll be able to relate to his son before they off him. Sound harsh? Read on, and then decide.


A baby boy with a mop of reddish blonde hair and deep blue eyes is in what doctors call an “irreversible” deep coma with absolutely no awareness of his existence. They say he only has only reflexes like yawning or grabbing a finger pressed against his palm. When you hold him, he looks as if he’s waking up from a nap. Dana Robinson will be one on Tuesday, and doctors expect he’ll probably live about 20 more years as long as he remains hooked up to a feeding tube. He is expected to be discharged from Columbus Children’s Hospital this week and will go either to a nursing home or a foster home with 24-hour nursing care.

Officer Blake Kenner testified that [the baby’s father, Michael] Robinson told him he hit and pinched the boy to make him tough. The officer saw several bruises on the baby, on the top of his head, forehead, near his nose and on his chest and legs, plus a bite mark on his lower leg and apparent pinch marks on his neck and the soles of his feet.

Dana’s parents, Michael Robinson, 43, and Sue Hutchins, 35, are facing trial.

Michael is charged with felonious assault, child endangering and domestic violence. His bond is set at $250,000.

Sue is charged with permitting child abuse, and her bond is set at $50,000. She maintains that she was unaware the baby was being abused, says the only thing she ever saw was him pinching the baby and playing too rough with him, which she told him to stop doing. She was at work on February 27 when Michael called 911 to say the baby had stopped breathing.

Robinson had been charged in 2005 with abusing the younger of Hutchins’ two daughters (from a previous relationship). His three sons (likewise from a previous relationship) told investigators that he’d told them to hurt the little girl to “toughen her up.” Robinson was permitted to plead guilty to child endangerment and was given a suspended sentence. While he awaits trial on the new charges, he’s begun serving that sentence.

Last December, Children’s Services closed a two-year investigation into the care of Dana’s older brother, Draven. Draven’s thigh bone was broken in three places when he was one month old. Sue was ordered to no longer live with Robinson and she completed counseling programs while she was pregnant with Dana. Draven was returned to her last May.

Between them, they have seven children. Robinson’s three sons, ages 12, 10 and 8, are now living with an uncle. Sue’s two daughters, ages 11 and 9, are with their paternal grandparents, who are seeking permanent custody of them. Logan County Children’s Services is seeking to revoke custody of Dana and his brother Draven, and place them for adoption.

At a February 27 court hearing, the day after he called 911 to say Dana wasn’t breathing, Michael asked for reconciliation. “When can I see my kids again? I love my kids. I never said I was the best father. Maybe I can get better with time.”

Or maybe he can perfect the killing of one of them.

“It is hard to believe the extent of damage to this infant,” John Holtkamp, executive director of Logan County Children’s Services, said Friday. “If you or I were in that condition, we would probably not wish to continue to exist.”

And there you have it. You decide what’s fair.

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