We talk of liberalism in the news media every day here in the conservative blogosphere, of course. But the leftist lack of standards and morals that we decry in the news media is reflected in much of our entertainment and art, as well. We’ve discussed leftism in music and in the movies many times, but here is another story where the degradation of western culture is plainly visible. Now we can add a new outrage to the world of “art” with the exhibit of Spent by “performance, installation” artist Jordan McKenzie that features the artist’s ejaculation patterns on paper, sprinkled with colored powder to make the stream visible, then framing bunches of them on a wall.

Please excuse the language here, but here is the Sun’s report…

AN ARTIST has created a new exhibition of drawings by masturbating over paper.

Um, yeah. Hooray for “art.”

This one is just another absurdity hailed as “art” in this day of the artless, pseudo intellectuals of the left. It isn’t the first by any means. Remember the supposed art piece that debuted in 1999 in New York that featured elephant dung glued to a picture of the Mother Mary? And who could forget the 1989 Maplethorpe exhibit or Andres Serrano’s photo of a crucifix in urine?

And, we don’t even have to look for “art” that stirs outrage to see the degradation of the concept of what is art. We have but to look to New York’s Whitney Museum to see the current display of the “works” of Lawrence Weiner and his so-called art of his “text-based structures” which consists of non-sequiturs scribbled on white walls. Yes, that’s the whole thing… just words on a wall with no attempt to tell a story or make any real sense. THAT is called “art. “

So, here is our modern “art” that pointy-heads all across the western world are pulling at the chins over, as they exclaim how “simply mad” they are about all this “art. “

It is simply the death of real artistic expression replaced with empty gestures of kitsch and a reductio ad absurdum of the very concept of art.

Yes, we are inching closer to self-destruction every day.

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