Thinking within-Banjul are you listening? Ambassador Sey!

Author:Essa Bokarr SEY.
Thinking within-Banjul are you listening?
Lets start with the following quotation from Richard Wright’s book:”Native Son”-The original 1940 edition.
Begin quote:”……Politics is a hard and narrow game,its policies represent the aggregate desires and aspirations of millions of people.Its goals are rigid and simply drawn,and the minds of the majority of politicians are set,congealed in terms of daily tactical maneuvers. How could I create such complex and wide schemes of associatednal thought and feeling,such filigreed webs of dreams and politics without being mistaken for a “smuggler of reaction” “an Ideological confusionist,” or “an individualistic and dangerous element”? Though my heart is with the colectivist and the ploretarian ideal,I solved this problem by assuring myself that honest politics and honest feelings in imaginative representation ought to be able to meet on common healthy ground without fear,suspicion and quareling…..” End quote.
Heave a sigh of relief Essa! I could NOT agree more with brother Richard Wright.
When my mind escapes and starts flying in the wilderness of the unknown or the unseen it meets imagination. There are  these buds in the sweet flowers of imagination that can help our inner bees make honey for us and for our kids. Einstein said so. He said:”..Imagination is sweeter than knowlegde because knowledge has already been acquired…” How about remembering where Mutabaruka the famous Jamaican poet said this too:”Monkeys do not makes fences around their coconut trees” Aha! Thats it! The same monkeys according to Muta do not take clubs,axes and knifes to kill one another!
Who does? We the humanbeings claiming to have gone through the cleanest tracks of evolution. Is that true? Yes. Have we come along with anything peaceful? Of course in Banjul’s case we can say a sad reflection.
We drink pints of blood more than the vampires of the old days.
Ours back home is just so harsh and hard. Why all this fuss after all? Why?
We preach peace in Banjul while nourishing  stinging bees. We call for love within and then loath anything lovable. Who the cap fits,let him wear it.
Demba cares less about who is fuming in a palace or not. Critics are not crickets. The noise they make has listeners. This noise does not irritate everybody. The worse faces we have in Banjul today are those who walk around the globe searching for left overs to build the image of one individual.
Lets be real. The national image is the vessel whereas the presidential image is one single famous passenger. No country on earth can wash the image of a leader where a state machinery is rusty. Saying something is not good is not the same as saying everything is not good. God knows if wishes were horses no one would enjoy slaying the name of his or her president Internationally. Sometimes society pays more attention to easy routes than possible routes. Sometimes man to man is so unjust but society still sits and blames the receiver not the sender.
It is high time that we got ourselves real minds and real hearts to see the hidden data. No one hates his or her country. Patriotism is not a cake to be caged by some few heads who sometimes do not even know the exact meaning of the word. Banjul has to listen to those who criticise. There are radios,websites,phones and all what not talking along the same lines. Can the whole world be wrong and Banjul is still right? Let Banjul look at itself even it will be  once in every five years and then listen to the waves creeping towards radio syd. Silence does not always mean peace. Peace also does not always mean silence. Checks and balances are meant to be checked and balanced.
From Vancouver to Brikama no one can ever photocopy brains. Making up suits to fit apes will never make apes men. The best way science has taught us is evolution. Evolution is a long process. Its simplified meaning is education within a classroom called life. Banjul stop trying to play the game with life because life is not a player. Life is the game itself!
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