Getting married or choosing a life partner is one thing; starting a family is an entirely different step. If you decide you’re going to have a child, or even multiple children, you’re signing up for a total change in the kind of life you lead. For the most part, this is an entirely joyous concept! You get to start your own family, share a child with someone you love, and look forward to a new life full of responsibility, but also a new type of satisfaction and love. It’s a big, emotional step, and even if it’s mostly a good one it can also rock your world a little bit!


It’ll rock your world a little less, though, if you’re ready for some of the big changes that are just around the corner. I know, I know… the list of these big changes could go on for 1000 pages. A new baby or an entire family isn’t the kind of thing you can prepare for in a single article on the internet. But to help you with some of the early hurdles, I’ve tried below to put together some of the early considerations a lot of couples don’t think of, and what you can do about them.


Finding A New Home


This can be one of the biggest obstacles you face when you’re starting a new family. For a lot of couples, a current place of residence might just not have space for a baby, or multiple children down the line. If you’re moving to the suburbs or country, you may well have a chance to simply find a home with some extra space in it. If you’re in a city apartment, however, options can be more limited. One thing to keep in mind is that narrow lot home designs are becoming more popular. You may just be able to find a space that looks tight but feels more expansive inside, without moving too far from where you are. This is just one example, but it’s a nice reminder to stay creative as you look for a family home.


Involving Family


One of the joys of starting a family is being able to share your child or children with the families that raised you and your significant other! But you’d be surprised how quickly efforts to do so can fade away. In the early going, you’re likely to be a little bit territorial about your children, and that’s perfectly understandable. But your family will probably respond to how open you are to share your time, and that means you may want to make an effort early on to invite siblings, parents, etc. to spend time with your children. It helps to build relationships that will last a lifetime, and it can even take some of the pressure off your own shoulders from time to time.


Plotting Out Date Nights


One thing a lot of new parents realize early on is that they don’t get time alone anymore. There’s a great deal of intimacy in raising a young child, of course, but date nights and alone time often go out the window. Well, that’s something you should plan for in advance. Figure out when and how to have date nights so that you can continue working on your relationship even as you figure out how to become parents. One idea is to bring date nights home. You can subscribe to services that provide gourmet ingredients for home meals, and you can even order international wines for the home. Yarra valley wineries can ship bottles that originated in Victoria, Australia, for instance, as easily as you can order a bottle from a few states away. With food, wine, and time set aside, you can arrange romantic date nights right at home.


Saving For Education


This doesn’t sound like much fun, and frankly it’s not. But it’s something you should be thinking about from day one. Children’s education is extremely expensive, and that doesn’t just mean college. Private schools, if you’re ever going to consider them, are costing more and more. And even when your children are still babies, day care can be almost as expensive as school is for young kids! This isn’t to scare any new parents, but it should emphasize the need to prioritize education savings from the first moment you decide to start a family.


Purchasing Life Insurance


This is another one that’s not boatloads of fun, but is necessary. Life insurance is a good idea even before you start a family – perhaps when you get married or start a life together. But if you’re starting a family, you have an even greater responsibility to make sure your loved ones will be taken care of if anything happens to you. Our Life Covered can help you to recognize the sense and even the joy of making this kind of investment, and though it does require putting away a little bit of money, it can leave you with a certain type of pride.


Again, there’s no preparing anyone for all of the challenges of starting a new family. But these five considerations actually cover a fairly broad spectrum, and should serve as a nice start!




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