Interesting article today in the Washington Post, about a small group of organized active-duty anti-war activists: they seem to have been perking along in a low-key for a couple of months, to judge from the various stories posted on line, or published here and there. The main movers and shakers, who actually do appear to be active duty members include Jonathon Hutto (described in this story as having “graduated from Howard University with a degree in political science and a résumé of social activism. He worked for the American Civil Liberties Union and Amnesty International after college. He whipped up grassroots protests against police departments and college.” ) Yep, that would be your average early-twenties age military recruit.

Another mover and shaker is Liam Madden, variously described as a soldier and a USMC sergeant, although he seems to be nearly at the end of his single enlistment as described in this story, about sending out “care packages” . (Carefully loaded “care packages” it would appear.)

And of course there is the full-time expert on “peace studies” slash ageing anti-Vietnam war activist, reliving his own glory days: David Cortright

And when I looked for more about Veterans for Peace, I was as amused as hell to discover that they have a Rachel Corrie

The more I poked around, looking for more about this, the more familiar they all sounded: Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette had noted this development more than three months ago, and brought together some other personalities and associations, here

I guess the Washington Post is just now discovering this story, but as hard as they try to gold-plate the fecal matter, there is no way around the fact that in the storied days of active-duty anti-war protests of yore, there was a draft. And now, the military is all volunteer. Which is probably why the turnout for this project is rather small, in comparison.

Sgt. Mom is a retired Air Force NCO and freelance writer, who lives in San Antonio and blogs at “The Daily Brief”

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