ten things about airplane

one: the food is still terrible.

Two: they are fingerprinting some visitors. Don’t know which ones, but we were warned.

Three: If you live overseas they check your gifts, maybe. I was warned that I’d be treated as a visitor. I wasn’t.

Four. The movies still are the b movies you won’t pay to see.
I take that back. One of the movies we had was Spiderman 3. Of course, if you lived in 2007 you’ve already seen that one. The other movies came from the “E!” forget it file.

Five the headphones still are a pain to use and not loud enough.
Trying to enjoy the movie, I mainly heard the engine.
On the other hand, after the foam earpad came off my headphones, I started using my earbuds. My heavens. I can enjoy the movie and music.
Hint to vacationers: Buy earbuds. They let you enjoy the music and films…

Six: Some people still stay an hour hogging up the bathroom.
Hint to Homeland security: why check us all for toothpaste and bottled water. Why not just place cameras in the bathrooms and say: If you take over five minutes, we will spy on you to check you are okay (and not making a bomb or snorting coke).

Seven: Despite the waits and hassle, both the immigration people and the screeners were polite and thorough.
If I had their job, I’d end up screaming at the passengers, but these guys and gals did their thing and were nice.

Eight: Note to Yanks: the reason that Japan rechecks both passengers and luggage from the Philippines is not because their cops and screeners are no good, but because of fear that someone might bribe a luggage handler and pack a bomb inside…or leave it under a seat when they deplane in Tokyo, similar to the PAL bomb in the 1990’s.
YOu can never be too safe.

Nine: lighter meals please. Omelets, barbecue beef, curry chicken and fried noodles are fine, but they sit on your stomach like a stone. They mean you will throw up the food you ate five hours ago when you go through the turbulance over Canada.
Give us the choice of yoghurt and sandwiches please.

Ten: NW has lousy coffee.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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