Police in the UK have issued a warning with regards to a recent theft, stating that the thieves could be putting themselves and others at risk of exposure to the deadly carcinogenic asbestos. The warning is in relation to some vacuum cleaners that were stolen recently.

The theft occurred from a steel container at the Redcar and Cleveland College. Thieves broke into the container earlier this week during the night, according to reports, and they took off with some black and yellow vacuum cleaner amongt other items.

However, police have now warned that the dust in the vacuum cleaners could contain asbestos, which means that the thieves may be putting themselves or other people at risk from exposure to the asbestos dust, which can cause a range of health problems including a deadly form of cancer known as malignant mesothelioma.

Police are now calling for information with relation to the theft and the whereabouts of the vacuum cleaner, and one officer said: “Police are concerned for the safety of any person being offered these for sale and then opening them.”

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