In an odd twist, a burglar in Poland had to call police and ask them to rescue him from a night watchman who attacked him with an ax after catching him breaking into the house. According to a police spokesman, the 25 year old thief broke into a house in the city of Katowice when he was taken by surprise by the night watchman who attacked him with the blunt end of an ax. The night watchman struck the thief in the head three times with the blunt end of the ax cracking his skull before the thief managed to get away climb into his van. The thief locked his doors, started the van and was about to accelerate away when the night watchman struck again, breaking the windows of the van with the ax.

The thief tried to get away but the watchman stuck his hand into the van and managed to turn the wheel causing the thief to drive into a mound of dirt and flip his van over. It was at this point that the thief called the police and requested to be rescued from the night watchman. The police arrived and arrested both men. The thief is being charged with breaking and entering and could face up to 10 years in prison. An investigation is being conducted on the night watchman to figure out if his actions were justified or not. If his actions are found to be beyond the realm of self defense than he could face up to eight years in prison on assault charges. Wouldn’t it be ironic if these two ended up being cell mates?

Thief asks police to save him from watchman (Reuters)

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