News Item:
Dozens in Texas Town Report UFO’s

Worried about the housing slump, are you?  Concerned that the economy is about to tank?  Seeing terror cells in your back yard?  Then maybe you should move to Texas, or some other state in the southwest, where the UFO sightings could take your mind off such things.

Yep, they’re buzzing again, all over the place.  Have been for a couple of weeks now.  Mostly around a small town called Stephenville.  County officials are seeing them.  Pilots are seeing them.  Just about everyone in the area, except the Air Force.  The non-believers, of course, assume they’re experimental aircraft, and go on about their daily chores.  Others are seeing The End of Days.  Maybe the military should just open up Area 51 to the public, and let folks see what really isn’t there.

Silly idea, isn’t it, because the place doesn’t exist.  It’s just a big blank spot on the map.  So don’t go sending us pictures of some big military complex in the middle of the desert.  We know it isn’t there, and so do you.

News Link: MSNBC

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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