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Philadelphia shuts down Fortune Tellers

A person who pretends for gain or lucre to tell fortunes or predict future events by cards, tokens, the inspection of the head or hands of any person.

That, according to a city law that has been on the books since 1971, is the definition of a psychic, and according to that law, being a psychic in Philadelphia is a 3rd degree misdemeaner. So for the past 30 some years, there haven’t been any fortune tellers operating within the city limits.

Uhhmmm… not exactly…

City Hall has been issuing licenses to these folks whenever applied for, no questions asked, and the psychics set up shop, just like your dry cleaner would. As of Wednesday, the Bureau of Licenses and Inspections closed all the fortune tellers down. Why? Because it’s against the law, since 1971.

The people issuing the licenses of course can be excused. After all, they’re just city clerks who are supposed to know which businesses are legal and which are not. That’s no reason to expect them to do their job. The psychics? Well… if they are legit, they really should have seen it coming.

Full Story: CBS 3

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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