When Marc Fisher examines how Allen turned aside questions about possible racist attitudes he largely takes him to task in a backhanded way.
    Fisher is unquestionably correct in pointing out the Allen switch was more appearance than subject. He is also correct in pointing out that in today’s political climate…it doesn’t matter.
    We the voters are to blame for that. We have made it obvious that substance is irrelevant as long as our candidates look good.
     The classic answer to this has been the defeat of Nixon because of how he appeared on television. Many people would argue he SHOULD have lost but few argue that had he not looked so much worse in the television he would have lost.
    When we choose our candidates because of how they look or sound we are suborning the cause of good government. When we allow sound bites to decide who we vote for we are crippling the democracy we claim to hold so dear.
    There are a lot of good reasons to vote for candidates. Those reasons include what they believe the candidate will do for the country, state, or even a preferred cause. Interest groups are perfectly legitimate reasons…on some level every one of us is an interest group.
    Poor reasons include because someone looks or sounds good. If how they look and sound is all that matters maybe we should put Miss Universe against Mr. universe and hold the election. Or better yet, let’s put up a few of our favorite actors and have them relegated to voting as their cabinets tell them to do.
    We the voters can enjoy looking at people who are easy on the eyes, who speak well, and call it a day. After all, that is pretty much what we are doing now except we are lying to ourselves about it.

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