Thanks to activists, the deaths in Dafur are getting publicity: the death of Zimbabwe is not.

Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe says that the humanitarian situation in his country is critical. Each week an estimated 3,500 Zimbabweans die from a unique convergence of malnutrition, poverty and AIDS. The figure suggests that far from the media spotlight, more people die in Zimbabwe each week than in Darfur. Yet since this is an “internal” affair, no international organization has managed to improve things.
Robert Mugabe was once the darling of the World Council of Churches and is still a hero to South Africans and others who support liberation movements. Alas, like other Marxists before him has reverted to being a dictator, and what is worse, at imposing Marxist ideas on the country’s economy.What has gotten the most attention were two actions: confiscating white owned farms, that had grown most of the surplus food, and giving the farms to his cronies, who knew nothing about farming, under the guise of land reform, and his “operation cleanup” which destroyed huge amounts of housing and small shops owned by his political opponents under the guise of getting rid of the black market. As a result of these and other policies, malnutrition, HIV, and infectious diseases are destroying that once prosperous country. People whose homes were destroyed live on the street or try to ecke out a living in rural villages. Inflation is 1000 percent, and 3 million Zimbabweans have fled the country, mainly to South Africa.
As Archbishop Ncube laments:

“Now hunger, illness and desperation stalk our land. Cemeteries are filling up throughout the country. But no blood is being spilt. People are just fading away, dying quietly and being buried quietly with no fanfare – and so there is little international media attention.

“These deaths are largely preventable yet without significant intervention, the situation threatens to develop into a humanitarian crisis of biblical proportions. The UN has recently warned that 6.1 million Zimbabweans now face starvation.”


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. She worked as a physician in Zimbabwe and has a blog on the situation there Mugabe Makaipa. Her main blog is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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