By Honey Gillard

REPORTS claim that there is nothing ‘basic’ about Christina Aguilera’s ‘Back To Basics’ tour.

The petite powerhouse singer remains rocking out at her concerts to this very day, continuing to yet another show on her extensive tour.

During the course of the show, Aguilera manages 10 costume changes. The fabulous and fanatical show also featured acrobats and dancers on stilts backing her as she belts out her much loved tunes.

“I don’t think it would be fair to my audience to just kind of sit on the stage with a mike if I play an arena,” Aguilera said. “I want my audience to be able to look around and enjoy a show from all aspects. Whenever I go see a show, I really enjoy being taken out of my element for a moment and really being able to use my imagination and enter this whole different world. We bring sort of a larger-than-life feel to this old concept (of performance).”

Aguilera’s current single ‘Candyman,’ continues to show Christina’s ongoing passion for a bygone era, with it’s funky and retro sound.

Christina was quoted on the feel-good and vibration music: “It took me to this kind of feel-good place, and to me there’s nothing that feels better than old music of the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s and on. You know, just soul music in general, just feels so good to me and it’s so passionate.

“I’m trying to combine the image with the feel and vibe of that great old-time music.”

Her new classically vocalized album ‘Back to Basics’ bring fresh life to the former music style – making it her own and individual.

Christina called in for some assistance in the song-writing pavilion – receiving assistance from pal Linda Perry – who also collaborated with Christina on her previous album ‘Stripped, as well as working with such names as Kelly Clarkson and Pink. Perry helped conspire and create the recent sensation ‘Candyman’ as well as 6 other ‘turn up that music and tap your foot’ tunes.

“I came to realize what an amazing natural chemistry we have in working together,” she said. “What’s great about when Linda and I sit down together is that we never try to repeat what we’ve already done. We both said to each other, as successful as “Beautiful’ (from “Stripped’) was and how much we still love the song and everything, we’ve already been there, done that. We’re ready to move on and see what the next thing is, and I did go into this record with a specific concept in mind, pulling off this retro thing and putting my spin on it.

“I want to stick around,” Aguilera added. “I’m constantly inspired by new things. I want to be one of those recording artists that makes an impact and is here entertaining for years and years. I am extremely driven, and it’ll always be inside me to keep that focus on what the next thing is.”

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