News Item:
70 year old woman arrested for brown lawn.

Failure to maintain your landscaping is against the law in Orem, Utah, and a great-grandmother has the bloody nose to prove it.  70 year old Betty Perry couldn’t understand why a policeman was at her house when he knocked on the door, and got even more confused when he said he was there about her lawn.

Being a bit cantankerous perhaps, as some older folks tend to be, Betty refused to answer the officers questions over such foolishness.  When the officer decided to place her under arrest, old Betty decided not to take part in any of that nonsense either, and a scuffle ensued.

Now picture that, if you will, the cop having to get physical because the little old lady was resisting arrest.  This wasn’t a dope deal, mind you, nor was she harboring a fugitive.  It all started because she hadn’t watered her lawn.

Granted, this was Orem, in Utah, and it could have been the officers first arrest in months, but we think it could have been handled just a little differently.  Maybe that policeman should come here to Philadelphia, and walk a beat for just for one night.  Bet that would be a hell of a reality check.

News Source: CNN

Cartoon from Sid in the City


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