When Farhi talks about the glut of advertising used by the Washington Redskins he makes some very good points. Advertising is everywhere these days. 
      When you watch a football broadcast these days the commercials finish and you return to the broadcast where, in case you missed it, they show you who their sponsors are. For innocent fans trying to enjoy the gyrations of the cheerleaders these scrolling ads can be quite distracting.
       With that said, when news conferences are held, it is hard to see why people would be upset about having ads running behind them. Half the ads cannot even be understood. You have to actively work to educate yourself on what some ads are shilling.
      There is one company whose name eludes me that has a tag line that says something like, “We don’t make things, we make things better”. As you can tell, their advertising has been very successful with me…I have no clue what they make or where to purchase it…or even IF it can be purchased. Why are they advertising?
        If I were really interested I could track down who it was and figure out what that company does. The truth is, most of the audience is a passive participant in the advertising game. If the ad does not stick with us we do not seek out the meaning behind it.
      On the other hand, advertising that hits us subconsciously is more effective. If any of the products on the rotating display is something the viewers might use they are more likely to make a purchase of that product the next time they are in the market for it. They might have positive connotations associated with the product in question due to a feeling abosorbed by watching the news conference.
     Perhaps most disturbing was this tidbit:Next season, he notes, ads will appear on the jerseys of Major League Soccer players.
       Can you imagine the impact if all the U.S. soccer fans change their beer buying habits because some brand advertises on the jerseys? Can any company survive the loss of ten people all at the same time? Will the stock of the other company that does the advertising rise based on those 10? Oh, the humanity of it all….
       In other words, all the advertising we see might be over the top, but people ultimately choose what they allow to affect them.

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