I will be the first to admit that I know some interesting people, author Jim Serritella is a fine example. My wife had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and Jim had just published a short book ‘The Journey Through Cancer’. The book detailed his wife’s battle. It was well written and it really was more of a guide to the questions to ask of the doctors, and strategies to adopt to cope with the ever evolving challenges that cancer creates.

I read the book and interviewed Jim. He is a character!

A month ago out of the blue he emailed me, he had a new project. A book on embroidery! To say I was surprised by this revelation does not describe my thoughts. The mental image of Jim spending countless hours with a needle and thread creating delicate works of art was hard to believe.

The next email was a pre publication manuscript. It turned out that Jim and his wife Betty have a commercial embroidery business for 20 years. THEE Embroidery Handbook is a must read guide to the in’s and out’s of setting up and running a profitable embroidery business.

The Serritellas have carved out a market with the Martial Arts community and the quality of their work is outstanding, take a look at Martial Arts Embroidery.   Their main company is EZSTICHES.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are someone involved, or you know someone that is into Martial Arts, you will love this.

Can you make a living from embroidery? I would say ‘yes’ but like any commercial endeavor, planning and having the correct equipment and supplies is paramount.


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