Victoria opens her eyes and sees JT sitting there watching her. She tells him that she wants to get married now. He says they will soon. She says no, she wants to get married now. She says she is so ready to get married to him. They talk about how they can have a wedding. She remembers telling Adrian how she planned on marrying him as soon as she got out of there. JT says he wants to marry her just as bad. He asks her if she will marry him as soon as humanly possible. She smiles at him and says yes. He tells her that her ring got lost in the rubble so he got her another one, and he puts it on her finger, then they kiss.

Phyllis comes home and tries to get Nick off the couch. He says this is great not having to punch a clock. She says she is kind of in the same boat. She says she can’t go to work at NVP now that Victor owns it without Nikki. She tells Nick she has been thinking about business and he says he hasn’t given it much thought. She says well doesn’t he think it is about time he did.

Jack and Sharon are at the club having breakfast. Jack is bored now that he doesn’t have to go to an office every day. Victor walks up and tells Jack its only a matter of time when his schemes will catch up to him. Jack tells him there is no conspiracy to uncover involving him.

Katherine and Amber go out to the ranch to see Victoria and find Nikki there. Katherine asks Nikki what she has decided about taking over at Jabot. She says she has given it a lot of thought and she has decided that running Jabot would be good for her. Katherine asks Nikki for one favor. She says she would like for her to hire Amber. Amber is shocked and is all excited and starts rambling on about her qualifications and then suddenly she says she can’t take the job. Nikki asks her why not, she was just convincing her she should hire her. She tells Katherine that Jabot is where Cane works and she is addicted to him so she can’t work with him. She says she has to detox from him. Katherine says she has to control that urge and take over it.

Victoria and JT announce to Katherine and Nikki that they want to get married. Nikki suggests that a spring wedding might be nice. Victoria says well she was more or less thinking of a winter wedding. They start making plans for the wedding when Victor walks in and catches him off guard with their plans. Katherine says she has to go and Nikki offers to walk her to her car. Victor asks Victoria and JT if this is what they really want. She tells him she has never wanted anything more. He says then this is what she will get. JT tells him they would like just a simple wedding right there in the house. Victor says ok, it is about time some happiness is in this house again.

Nikki waits for Victor downstairs. She said she wanted to let him know that she is going to be running Jabot from now on. He wants to know when this was decided. She said she just decided this. She tells him Katherine is retiring. He says it isn’t going to happen. He says he has been down that road before. Nikki says never mind. She says she doesn’t know why she even told him to begin with since it is none of his damn business anyway.

Brad meets Victor at the club telling him he needs to talk to him about something. Victor tells him he understands that he is interested in taking over his son’s position at Newman. He turns him down flat. Brad tells him he thinks he is making a big mistake. Victor tells him there is nothing he can tell him that can make him change his mind and with that he gets up and leaves Brad sitting there.

Amber goes to the coffee house after her visit with Nikki and Katherine with her hands full of stuff, dropping a lot of it as she gets to a table. Jack is there to pick up a cake Sharon had ordered and he helps Amber pick some of her things up. He notices some drawings of some designs that catch his eye. He asks her what this is, she says just some designs. As he looks through them he asks whose designs are they. He tells her she is really talented. Later at home he is pondering an idea. He asks Sharon what she thinks of fashion. Not knowing exactly what is on his mind she tells him if it involves him buying her clothes then she is in.

When Nick and Phyllis come in they all talk about their future. Jack asks Nick if he has any idea of what he would like to do next. Nick says not yet and asks how about him. Jack says he was thinking of a few things. Phyllis suggests that this could be the call for a beautiful partnership. They start talking the possibility of starting something together. Nick asks Jack if he thinks they can do this. Jack says well it would really make Victor mad.

Victoria remembers that she doesn’t have a wedding dress. She asks Nikki what she would think about her wearing her wedding dress from the last time she married Victor. Nikki tells her that the dress is old and out dated but Victoria says she loved that dress. Nikki goes and gets the dress and Victoria asks to try it on. Nikki says with a few alterations it will be perfect.

Katherine goes to the coffee house to check on Amber. Amber throws her designs into the garbage. Katherine tells her never to throw away her past. She tells Amber that she is the one that inspired her to retire. She tells her that she shouldn’t throw away her past.

Nikki runs into Brad at the club. Brad tells her that he heard the divorce is settled. He says congratulations. She tells him she heard he isn’t too happy at Jabot these days. He says well they could be better. She says maybe they should talk since she will be head of Jabot and she will be putting together a new team of her own.

Jan Barrett

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