Nick and Phyllis talk about Jack’s resignation. He tells her that Jack asked for this mostly. He feels sorry for Jack in a way though. Phyllis remembers that Jack was once Nick’s step father. Nick says more like a real father.

Sharon and Jack talk about how all this is going to effect Noah. Jack tells her he will talk to him. She says she is tired of seeing Noah having to defend him all the time. Jack tells her she has to know that he loves her. She says well he does have a funny way of showing it to her.

When Noah comes in Jack and Sharon tell him about him quitting the senate seat. Noah wants to know if it is because of all the things that have been happening to him and about those things said at the hearing. Jack says yes partly. Noah is supportive and tells Jack he is sorry. Later Jack takes Noah off to the fair. Nick calls Sharon and asks how she is doing. She says she has a lot of mixed emotions. He asks her if it is ok if he goes over there so he can be there when Jack comes back with Noah. She says sure, she thinks it would be a great idea for Noah to spend some time with his Dad right now.

Gloria is in shock at Jeffery’s idea of her marrying him. He tells her to take some time to think about this but he warns her to think fast, for her own good, then he walks away. Later at Jabot she tells Kevin about Jeffery’s proposal. When she tells him the details, Kevin says you got to admit this plan of his is brilliant. Gloria doesn’t want to hear that and asks Kevin what is she suppose to do. Kevin says to tell him no of course. She says she did. He asks well what Jeffery said then. She says he said for her to think about it first. Kevin wonders if they can stall Jeffery. He tells her to dream up a business trip that can put him off til they can solve this problem. He tells her to at least think about it. Gloria is scared now. She doesn’t know what to do.

When Kevin leaves Jeffery walks in telling her he missed her. She tells him she thought they were done for the day. He says they had but he thought of something else. She says fine that if he continues giving her more to think about this will take a lot longer. He says well a few more hours won’t hurt anything. He tells her if she marries him that she will grow to love him just like she did with his brother. Gloria asks him if all this is just a game to him. She tells him if he keeps this up everyone will know he is nothing like his brother was. She asks him what would happen if she told her son Michael about his indecent proposal. He threatens to pull both of her sons into this since he is willing to bet they both know about what she done. This would ruin them both.

Lily is working on her application for the entry of the contest at Jabot’s. She is showing Colleen what she is doing when her laptop freezes up on her. Colleen tells her that Daniel is there maybe he can fix it but she says no that is ok she can do it. Before she knows it Daniel walks up and they do a little idle chat then he offers to fix it for her. While doing so Amber walks up and asks Lily when does the contest start and was she applying for it. Lily tells her she is trying to make her entry now. After Daniel and Amber leave Lily tells Colleen about Jack resigning. Colleen is surprised, so Lily shows her on the internet. Colleen tries to call Jack but gets his voice mail. Cane walks up and Colleen excuses herself saying she has to get back to work. He sits down with her and they start talking about the contest. Cane tells lily, she is smart, funny and kind and thinks she will do fine in this contest.

When Amber and Daniel walk away she tells him she can take Lily in the contest. He tells her no she can’t. At home Amber is trying to fill out an application to enter into the contest as an alias and Daniel is so against it. She is determined to do this no matter what. She asks Daniel doesn’t he think she has any inner beauty. He tells her he knows she does and her outer beauty isn’t so bad but he thinks she will never fool anyone.

Nick brings Sharon all the old decorations from the old house hoping it will cheer Noah up. He tells Sharon he is really worried about Noah, she says she is too. He admits that he knows that Noah loves her and Jack too. While waiting they go through the ornaments and Sharon thinks back to the old days. She tells Nick that life was so simple back then. Nick asks her what she is going to do now. She says she just doesn’t know.

Phyllis phones Jack and tells him to stay at the club that she is on her way to talk to him. When she gets there she tells him he knows she is not going to judge him so she wants to know if that letter that Gloria had was real. He says he just wanted to protect his Father from her. Jack calls Sharon to let her know he is on his way to pick up Noah and asks her if she needs anything. She says no, and when he asks what she is doing she tells him Nick stopped by. Phyllis tells Jack to tell Sharon to tell Nick she is going with him to pick up Noah.

Later Phyllis tells Nick that Jack is worried about Sharon leaving him, Nick says she probably will. Phyllis says it is her fault. Then she tells him about her finding out about that guy in the prison that John left the letter with and how Jana must have heard her talking about it. She probably told Gloria. Nick says well still Jack was wrong to begin with.

Jan Barrett

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