Jack and Sharon are told by the bellhop at the Club that Alistair came in last night and was drunk. Jack tells Sharon to try calling him again. She says it isn’t necessary because here he comes down the stairs. Jack gives him his pay and tells him to get out of town. He isn’t happy with the pay but Sharon tells him he is lucky Jack is paying him at all.

Jill and Katherine want to know what is going on between Gloria and Jeffery. Katherine tells Jill that Gloria is after her job. Jill says well Gloria wants Nikki’s job right now, then she admits she might be after hers too. They think they need to find out what is going on and what better way to get to her than through Alistair. They think since he is the spitting image of John Gloria just might confide in him. Later Alistair goes to Katherine’s house and they tell him they need to know why Gloria and Jeffery are in this loveless marriage. They tell Alistair all about John and what attracted Gloria to him. He wants to know more about her. They tell him she has gotten use to a lifestyle where she is wined and dined. He says well he has limited funds so they might have to help him out with it. Jill tells him that isn’t a problem. He asks if he can have another drink but they tell him the bottle he sees is only water. Jill whispers to Katherine that she is worried about his drinking so much.

Victoria goes to see Nick with a framed newspaper clipping of Nick’s success with Restless Style opening. She tells Nick she is really proud of him and even though he won’t admit it, she knows their Dad is proud of him too. Phyllis tells her he almost admitted it. Victoria wants to know what she means. Phyllis says that Victor told Nick he wishes him the best. Nick says he doesn’t want to take it too seriously though.

Adam goes to Victor and tells him of a dream he had last night. He says he dreamed his mother was smiling down at him saying she was glad he and his Father talked. This gives Adam a sense of peace. Victor tells him he is going out of town to Los Angeles. When he is about to get on the elevator he tells Adam not to tell anyone, as far as everyone else is concerned he is going on a business trip.

Jeffery tells Gloria she should be happy now that they got the house. She tells him thanks to him now both of her sons have turned their back on her. He tells her if she wants to blame someone she should look in the mirror. Jeffery asks Gloria where she is going. She says she is going out. Jack and Sharon come in and tell Gloria that they are there to pick up some more of their things. He says the court has ordered them to split the furnishings in the house and says he will have his attorney draw up a list and give it to her. Jeffery tells them they will leave them to it then and he and Gloria walk out the room. Jack looks around and tells Sharon this is killing him.

Adam goes to Restless Style and tells Phyllis he is there to go over some ideas. She says fine and invites him to sit down. He hands her a gift saying it is a token of his appreciation. She tells him that is really sweet but he is going to have to stop it. He asks stop what. She says he really has to stop hitting on her. He tells her that is quite an ego she has there. She tells him she is married to his brother and he says it is really just a way of showing his appreciation since after all she was his first friend there.

Michael and Lauren come in and Phyllis introduces them to Adam. Adam says he has to get back to his office and leaves. Nick offers to show Michael around while Lauren and Phyllis talk business.

Gloria walks in at Crimson Lights and finds Kevin and Jana kissing. She mutters love birds and states how she hates love birds. She tells Kevin she has left him at least a dozen messages but she guesses he has been to busy to answer them. The she says she has great news. She says Jack finally gave in and is giving up the house so she was thinking about having a party to celebrate. Just as Jana was about to say how much fun that would be Kevin says they can’t make it. Gloria says but she didn’t tell him when it would be. He says it doesn’t matter they can’t make it and he walks away. Jana looks at Gloria and says she is so sorry and then she walks away leaving Gloria standing there. After Gloria leaves Kevin asks Jana did his Mom leave. He tells Jana that it is time they cut the strings with Gloria even though Jana disagrees.

Meanwhile Gloria goes to see Michael and Lauren and invites them to the house but they say no. She tells them she knows she has made a few mistakes. Michael looks at her and says a few? She starts to blame it all on Jeffery but Michael corrects her by saying it was her doings. HE tells her until he can see an effort of her changing her ways they will never set foot in the Abbot mansion again. He tells her she wanted it so now it is all hers.

Gloria leaves and goes to the Club and sees Jeffery. She tells him both Kevin and Michael have said they will not go back to the mansion again. She tells him her sons can’t stay mad at her. She cancels the coffee she ordered saying she is going home. Jeffery tells her he won’t be home. He has decided to stay at the Club for a few days. He says who knows maybe absence will make her heart grow fonder.

Victor flies to Los Angeles and meets Sabrina at an art gallery. She shows him a piece that she thought he would be interested in. He tells her that the pictures he saw of it did not bring it justice. She thinks the same thing and is glad he feels the same way. They walk away to look at other pieces of art.

Victoria asks Adam earlier where her father is but he tells her he won’t be in the office today. Later she calls Victor and leaves a message for him asking him to call her back. She calls to see if the company jet is available later but they tell her that Victor is using it. She asks them where he went. When Adam comes into Victor’s office Victoria asks him how come he didn’t tell her Victor went to Los Angeles. He is surprised and asks how she found out. She wants to know why Victor would tell Adam and not her about him going to L.A.

Jana asks Amber if she will be her maid of honor for her wedding. Amber gets all excited and agrees. Michael and Lauren walk in and they start talking about the wedding. Michael tells Kevin if he still wants to get married at the mansion he would make that an exception. Kevin says no because then it would only be all about Gloria. Michael tells him he is proud of him.

Jack and Sharon have the last of the boxes packed. Jack asks her for just a moment alone before they leave so she walks out. With tears in his eyes he looks around and tells the house good bye and walks out. Gloria comes downstairs after Jack leaves and asks if John is there. Then she says she needs him right now because she feels so alone.

Jan Barrett

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