Cane tells Cloe at Crimson Lights that he has signed the papers that include the baby under his health plan. He tells her he wants her to show her mother, Esther the picture of the ultrasound. He says he has given up a lot so she needs to suck it up and make nice with her mother.

Esther is cleaning when Katherine comes in and startles her. Katherine tells her there is something terribly wrong with her. She tells Esther she can’t remember Jill’s phone number. She doesn’t remember calling her doctor like she promised to do. Katherine says she will have her assistant make the appointment.

Ashley, Tracie, Jack and Billy joke around at the table catching up when Jack suddenly gets down to business about them taking back control of Jabot.

Esther tells Katherine that she was happy that Cane sent her a copy of the picture of the ultrasound of the baby. She thinks now that maybe she and Kate will be close one day. Katherine takes the blame for sending Kate to boarding school. Esther is appreciative that Kate got a good education. Cloe walks in demanding that her name now is Cloe and announces that she is still not happy about being shipped off to boarding school.

Gloria calls Kevin and tells him her game plan and what she needs him to do. She tells him her plans to combine their stock with Jack’s and get control of Jabot. She doesn’t think Jack will stab her in the back. She tells him they need some of Katherine’s shares to make this happen. She tells him about Katherine’s confusion with Jeffery thinking he was William so she thinks this will be a good time to convince her to sell some of her shares. Kevin thinks Katherine is a nice lady and doesn’t like tricking her. Gloria tells him if they can make this work there would be enough money to buy Jana an ashram or a penthouse. She tells him to go to Jabot and make nice with Katherine.

Jack makes a toast to the taking over of Jabot. Tracie and Ashley still aren’t sure if they want to do this though. Jack tells them that Jabot belongs to them. He says he has been haunted since their father died. It feels like his Dad is always in the room with him. He asks them to help him fix this mistake. Ashley says she would love to do this but she won’t participate in anything underhanded. Jack asks her to trust him this time.

Cane and Lily talk about business together in the boardroom at Jabot. She tells him she likes the new campaign saying it sounds amazing but she tells him she is there to resign from her position as Jabot’s Fresh Face. Cane begs her not to give up her career over this. She tells him it is just not the same anymore there. Cane tells her he needs to see her even if it is only at work. He begs her to say she will stay. Lily glances at the computer and notices the picture of the ultrasound left on the screen.

Tracie and Billy agree to join Jack but Ashley says she will only give him her proxy if he reveals who he is working with. Jack refuses so Ashley leaves after saying her goodbyes. Billy tells Jack he is heading back to Genoa City.
When Kevin gets to Jabot he has Gloria on his cell phone who is telling him to look around for little things. When Kevin sees Katherine he asks her how she is. Katherine is surprised to see him there so he explains that Jana is covering at Crimson Lights so he thought he would be more accessible with his coworkers at Jabot. When he tells her she looks great Katherine jokingly asks him if he is hitting on her.

Ester is glad Cloe has Cane but she knows Cloe is not in love with Cane but tells her that maybe they can find love in a dirty diaper. Cloe says they are not going to find any love between them so she wants her to get over that thought. Esther asks her who broke her heart but Cloe just tells her it is never going to happen so get over it.

Jack tells Billy he is so proud of how he has turned his life around. He tells him that when he moves back to Genoa City he has to ask one big favor of him.

Cane tells Lily he has the picture on his computer hoping it will help him feel a connection with the baby. Lily says she isn’t hurt and tells him not to change it. She tells him he is a being a good Dad and that is why she has to leave Jabot. Jill walks in apologizing for the interruption. She asks Cane if he told Lily about the new campaign. Lily says she loves it but she can’t be a part of it. She thanks Cane for understanding, then thanks Jill for being so good to her and then she leaves in a hurry. Jill looks at Cane and asks what just happened. Cane sadly looks back at her and says he lost Lily.

Billy gets a phone call from a lady friend that seems anxious to see him. He tells Billy he won’t tell who he is working with in this deal until the time is right. Jack explains that what he needs now is an inside man at Jabot. He needs someone to feed him confidential information and Billy agrees right away to help Jack.

Kevin tells Gloria he has no information for her but suggests that maybe she is the crazy one and not Katherine. He talks to Katherine again and tries to trip her up on politics but it doesn’t work. Katherine says she is worried about him now saying maybe Jana isn’t feeding him right. She tells him he should grab a burger to feed his mental juices and she walks out the room.

Esther and Cloe talk and Cloe admits she is not in love with Cane. Esther tells her about a crush she once had when she was only 10 years old Cloe talks to her about the love of her life, and how he was charming and handsome but he was also selfish and arrogant and unfaithful. She said but she loves him almost as much as she hates him.

Katherine goes into the boardroom saying she heard that Lily quit. She offers to talk to Lily but Cane tells her no he would rather she didn’t. He shows her the screen saver on his computer saying he is finally starting to accept this baby. Cane does tell Katherine though that he vows to stay connected to Lily somehow.

Lily and Colleen talk to Crimson Lights and Lily tells her why she quit her job at Jabot. She tells Colleen that Cane shouldn’t have to feel like he has to choose between her and his child. She remembers losing her baby with Cane and Colleen hugs her. Colleen tells Lily that Cloe is a bitch and now she will get her way. She says Cane doesn’t have to love Cloe in order to love his baby though.

Cloe goes past Lily at Crimson Lights out on the patio and Lily informs her that she is no longer a threat to her. She informs her that she quit her job so she won’t be around Cane anymore. She lets her know that she didn’t do it for her though, she did it for herself.

Cane runs into Colleen inside at Crimson Lights and tells her that Lily quit her job. Colleen tells her she already knows about it. He asks Colleen how she would like to be tested for the new Fresh Face of Jabot which surprises Colleen but she is very much so interested.

Kevin tells Gloria that nothing he did showed any signs that Katherine was delusional or that anything was wrong with her. He says she passed all the tests with flying colors. He says Katherine even gave him directions to a new heavy metal club in town. He tells his mother that she will just have to find another way because Katherine Chancellor has her act together 100%.

When Katherine gets home Esther tells her that she had a wonderful visit with Kate. Katherine’s response was, “Oh? She’s home from school? I thought the fall term had just started.”

Jack is still at the bar in New York when the ghost of John appears telling him it was so good to see all the kids together again. John and Jack are both sure that Ashley will hand over her proxy to him and they will gain control of Jabot once again. . John tells him not to do it for him though. He wants Jack to look forward not back. Jack says he is looking forward and has never been comfortable anywhere else. Jack thinks it will happen with Billy as his inside man. John warns Jack that Billy doesn’t think twice about biting the hand that feeds him.

Billy shows up at Jabot and surprises Jill. He tells her he is home. She is happy to see him as she grabs him and hugs him tight.

Jan Barrett

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