Victoria is at Crimson Lights and she is daydreaming that her father walks in and talks to her telling her that everything is ok and that he understand about her and Sabrina. She dreams that Nick walks in and Victor tells them that he is home now and ready for a new beginning. Nick comes over to her table and brings her back to reality.

At the ranch Adam and Heather are on the sofa making out when Adam notices Victor standing there. He jumps up and calls out “Dad! You’re alive!” Heather turns and says “Oh My God!” Victor says nothing but he walks passed them and goes into another room.

Michael is on the phone with Lauren when he tells her he has to go because he just got a summons from Adam to come out to the ranch.

Lily and Devon go to Neil’s apartment and find a box of things of his that was in his office at Newman. When Neil comes out they ask him what is going on. He admits to them that Adam fired him from Newman.

Jill and Katherine go at it over Cane and Cloe and the baby. As they argue Esther walks in after Jill calls Cloe a conniving tramp saying that is how she got that ring on her finger. Esther tells her that is her daughter she is talking about. Katherine tells them that this is up to Cane and Cloe as to how this is handled.

Estelle tells Victor how Adam made changes in his room and he sent Zapato to the kennel. Adam bangs on the door and doesn’t get an answer. Victor asks Estelle to bring Zapato back for him. Heather tells Adam that she booked a room at the hotel because it is obvious that she can’t stay there anymore. The doorbell rings and Estelle answers. She tells Michael that Mr. Newman is expecting him. She asks him isn’t it wonderful? Michael says peachy and walks in. Michael asks Adam what he wanted and Adam says he didn’t call him. Estelle leads Michael to Victor’s study with him not understanding what is going on. Adam mumbles that he will see his lawyer but not his own son.

Cloe and Cane argue over new rules he makes for them. Cloe hands him a fax proving that she legally changed her name before coming to Genoa City so she didn’t lie about her name. He tells her unless it concerns the baby he doesn’t want her to talk to him. She doesn’t want to live like that. He tells her to suit herself. She says to herself, fine but he won’t like it.

Michael tells Victor he just knew he was alive. He tells him they will rescind the death certificate. Michael tells Victor about Adam firing Neil Winters and that he appointed Brad as CEO. He says the moment that Victor was reported missing Adam was business only while Nick and Victoria conducted the searches. He says and one more thing is that now he is insisting on being called Victor Newman. Victor tells him that will no longer be the case.

Esther and Katherine talk about Cloe. She says she wonders why Kate came to town and why she has been here for months without calling her. Katherine suggests to Esther that she has a talk with her daughter. Esther calls Cloe and wants to meet with her at Crimson Lights.

Jill goes to see Cane and talks to him about Cloe. She tells him that the baby is a meal ticket for Cloe. She says and her mother is a maid. Cane reminds her that she was once a manicurist. Jill says she is going to make Cloe an offer she can’t refuse and a dream job that she won’t be able to turn down.

Victoria tells Nick she can’t imagine life without their father. She says Reed deserves to grow up with his grandfather around. Nick gets a call from Estelle and finds out that Victor is back.

Neil and Devon are talking about Adam handed him his pink slip. Lily says they can’t let Adam get away with this. Devon tells him he talked to Tyra and he says she is still hunting for a job and staying at a hotel. He tells Neil that he is changing his major in school to music. The phone rings and it is Michael calling. Neil says out loud, you must be kidding, he will be right there. When he hangs up Neil tells Devon and Lily that Victor is alive.

Jill tries to give Cane her attorney’s number but he doesn’t want it. He asks her how she could even consider taking an innocent baby away from its mother after all they have been through. She says it isn’t the same thing. He apologizes to Jill but tells her he will take care of Cloe himself.

Victoria and Nick go to the ranch but Michael tells them he is not ready to see them yet. They ask Adam how come he didn’t call them instead of it being Estelle that called to tell them the news. Neil shows up and Michael brings him into the study to see Victor and leaves the kids there shocked.

Esther goes to Crimson Lights. Cloe scolds her for showing up in her maid’s uniform asking does she have to advertise that she is a maid. They go out on the patio to talk. Esther accuses Cloe of being ashamed of her. She tells Cloe there is no harm in her wanting a better life but it is the way she went about it. Cloe tells her that she doesn’t have to be a maid anymore because now she is a Chancellor.

Neil shakes hands with Victor and tells him he is so happy to hear he is alive. Neil tells him he understands that Adam fired him and Neil acknowledges it. Victor tells him that he is changing that and hires him back making him the CEO of the company. He tells Neil that Adam screwed up royally and he says rest assured he will fix it.

Esther tells Cloe she is proud to be who she is. She says Mrs. C has been good to her and she put Cloe through school too. Cloe says she is pathetic and tells her to go on and live her life like a loser. When Cloe sees Cane with Lily inside she says she refuses to live her life like a loser. She walks over to Cane and tells him she is off to buy baby clothes in Chicago. When she walks off Cane mumbles complaining about having a baby with a woman he doesn’t love.

Heather takes off just as Neil come out saying Victor wants to see Adam. Neil says he has to get to the office. Victoria says she likes the sound of that. Adam goes into the study and tells Victor it is good to see he is alive. Victor asks him if he got his letter and Adam says yes he did. Adam starts defending himself saying that he lost both of his parents and a friend in a short period of time. He says if he made mistakes it is because he was overcome with grief and he was only doing what he thought he would want him to do. Victor asks him what made him think he wanted him to fire Neil Winters.

Nick and Victoria are getting inpatient while waiting for their father to see them. Michael tells Victoria and Nick that Victor has a plan and he plans to right the wrongs of the last few weeks.

Adam says he was just trying to be like him. Victor tells him he has learned little and that he can’t see beyond the wealth and power and he learned very little about him. Victor tells him that Neil Winters has been reinstated and he will run the company from now on and he says Adam Wilson is fired.

When Neil goes to the office Devon walks in and Neil tells him about his visit with Victor and how Victor made him CEO. Devon tells him that Tyra has now found an apartment but still no job. Devon says he decided to quit his job and now he doesn’t want Neil to rehire him. Neil takes the news good saying he learned a lot from Victor saying that he can’t force his kids to follow the path he sets for them. He tells Devon he is happy for him.

Lily shows up at Cane’s house and she tells him he is going to be an incredible father no matter how messed up things are with Cloe. She tells him he is a good baby. He says it should have been their baby and Lily agrees. Lily doesn’t blame Cane but she blames that manipulative bitch.

Jill tells Katherine how she is worried about Cane. She says this has been like watching him walk off a cliff. Katherine tells her that Cane doesn’t need his Mommy to fix things for him. Jill admits she told Cane she was going to offer Cloe money and Katherine throws a fit. Jill says Cloe loves Canes money.

The doorbell rings and it is Cloe. Esther asks her what she is doing there. She tells Jill that he son is being mean to her. Jill says she hopes she isn’t suggesting that she moves in there. Cloe says the stress isn’t good for the baby so she thinks she needs to be with her mother and her mother in law. She asks them who is showing her to her room.

Victor tells Adam he can tells a lot about a man by what he does when no one is watching him. He tells him what he did to Neil, Victoria and Nick and even to Zapato says a lot about his character. He tells Adam not only does he want him out of Newman he also wants him out of his house immediately. Adam begs him not to do this. Victor tells him it is already done.

When Adam comes out the study he just storms out and Nick and Victoria figure that didn’t go to well. Michael comes out and tells them that they are up. They walk into the study and Victor turns around in his chair when they come in.

Jan Barrett

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