Jack is meeting with Ashley in a bar in New York and she is surprised when Tracie joins them. She tells Jack he must be up to something.

Cane is in the middle of making a presentation when Jill comes in announcing that she is back. She tells Cane not to mind her but to carry on.

Nikki, Nick and Victoria go out to the ranch and they find Victor gone. They find that Zapato is ok and is no doubt being fed and taken care of. The policeman that is with them tells them not to worry that they will find Victor. Nikki says she has never seen the house so messed up before and when going through the unopened mail they find Nick’s letter to Victor unopened too.

Jeffery tells Gloria that he is impressed that she lied to Michael for him. He says she protected him and he calls that love. He tells her that lying for him is one thing but lying to him isn’t a good idea.

Lauren tells Eden that it is time for her to go to school. Suddenly a shocked Lauren figures that Eden has never been to school. Eden tells Lauren she has never been around kids her own age before, claiming they are all like creatures from outer space. She begs Lauren not to make her go saying it will only be a disaster. Lauren tells her it will be ok because she will give her a crash course in teen politics.

Michael goes to see Lowell and tells him that his case has been transferred to Genoa City so Eden will be close to him to visit and then he can work on his case. Lowell tells him he doesn’t want him to represent him which makes Michael mad after all the trouble he went through to call in favors in order to have it moved there. Lowell claims he is innocent and the only way he will let Michael represent him is if he truly believes Lowell is innocent. He says if not he can walk out the door right now.

Jack tells his two sisters that he has lined up a chance to gain controlling interest in Jabot again but in order to do that he will need their proxies.

Gloria tells Jeffery she has a lot of appointments today. When Jeff thinks she is up to something behind his back she laughs and says she is having her nails done and she leaves. Katherine walks up and when Jeffery invites her to join him she declines, then tells him she is not selling any of her stock for Jabot to Gloria. She says her are not for sale.

Lauren tells Eden if someone at school gives her a hard time to just walk away or she could just offer them a 10% discount at Fenmore’s. She encourages her by telling her she will make more friends than she knows what to do with. Eden asks what if everyone finds out who her Dad is. Lauren tells her it all will be cool and tells her she is beautiful and funny and tough. Eden questions this. Lauren offers to drop her off and then pick her up after school. Eden agrees but says she isn’t wearing that dorky backpack and asks Lauren to drop her off down the street.

Michael needs to convince Lowell how serious this situation is. He tells him he doesn’t need the truth, he just needs a brilliant lawyer, meaning himself and adds that he doesn’t want his daughter to abandon him. Lowell asks him if he means the way he abandoned him. Michael gets aggravated and says he gives up telling him he doesn’t need a lawyer, he needs a shrink. He taps on the door to be let out and leaves Lowell there.

After the presentation Jill applauds Cane and he asks her if this will be a regular thing. He tells her that he thinks he is doing a good job and so does his grandma. He tells her that she hired him to do a job so now she has to let him do it. He then tells her he has a meeting to go to and leaves.

Jack works on Tracie and Ashley to convince them that Jabot is in trouble and that it is up to them to protect the company. He points out how Ashley worked so hard to develop the fragrances and tells them that they need to pull together and make Jabot a family run business again.

Jeffery tells Gloria that he just talked with Katherine and he asked her wasn’t he clear telling her never to lie to him again. She explains to him that Katherine didn’t give up the stock but she lied to him about it because she loves him.

Michael goes home and calls Lowell a pig headed son of a … Lauren tells him that she knows he tried to stay emotionally unattached but he can’t because he has too big a heart. Michael gets a call from Nick and Michael assures him that Victor is not missing but he is where he wants to be right now and as his lawyer it is a confidentiality issue as to where he is and Michael hangs up.

Nick tells Nikki and Victoria that Michael is hiding behind his lawyer/client confidentiality privilege to keep from telling them where Victor is. They wonder if maybe JT can help. Nikki tells them that Victor just needs some time to heal and she asks Nick and Victoria to give him what he is asking for, to let him go.

Katherine comes in looking for Cane. She hears Jill is thinking she made a mistake for making Cane CEO. Since Jill is the CEO at Chancellor Industries she thinks she has the right to look through his files or do anything she wants. Katherine thinks he is doing a great job and he doesn’t need Jill’s approval to launch a new line.

Jack is getting annoyed that his sisters don’t appear to trust him. Ashley tells him that she thinks it is impossible. She wants more details. Jack admits he has someone on the inside but doesn’t want to say who. Ashley tells him if he can’t tell them who then she won’t make any deals with him. Tracie and Ashley both turn Jack’s offer down when he refuses to tell them who he is working with on the inside. Jack tells them he has another surprise for them both. As he mentions it, Billy walks up and surprises them both.

Jill goes to see Cane again and tells him she loves him more than anything. She admits that in her enthusiasm to get back to work she might have overstepped here. Cane accepts her apology but warns her that he doesn’t want to get caught in the middle of her and his grandmother’s battles.

Jeffery and Gloria are at Crimson Lights when Katherine walks up and greets Jeffery calling him William and she asks him about the Carmen Mesta investigation. Jeffery and Gloria look stunned but Katherine suddenly tells them she was just joking. She tells him he reminds her so much of his brother and she was just trying to have a little fun. When she walks off Gloria and Jeffery aren’t so sure Katherine was joking or if she really thought he was William.

Lauren goes to Crimson Lights and finds Eden sitting out on the patio and asks her if she cares to explain what she is doing there and not in school. Eden tells her that she overheard one of the teachers talking about her Dad and she freaked out and left. She doesn’t think she needs school anyway. Lauren insists that she goes back, and tells her to come on, she is taking her back now.

While playing with Fen, Michael gets a call from Lowell telling him he agrees to have him take over his case as his attorney. Michael is excited and tells him he will start preparing his case and then he will go back to see him.

Nikki admits she had been mad at Victor for weeks but now she is just sad and scared for him. When they all leave Nick and Victoria take Zapato with them. Nick returns inside and leaves his unopened letter to his father by the sketch of Sabrina. Meanwhile Victor is shown on a private jet, being told to buckle up, they are about to land.

Jan Barrett

Editor’s note: Simon and I have recently moved so I have not been able to do the soap update I normally do but hopefully I will be back to normal soon with the updates regularly.

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