Mac is over at Lily and Cane’s cooking breakfast for Lily who says she isn’t hungry. She doesn’t like that Mac and Cane are talking about her like she isn’t even there. Mac agrees to hang out there while Cane goes to work for a while. He thinks Lily needs a break away from him. When he is gone, Mac tells Lily she can relate to the fact of thinking you know a man and finding out you don’t really know him at all. She has to wonder if she and Billy will ever be able to have their happily ever after.

Jack goes to Crimson Lights where Billy is. He tells Billy it scares him to death knowing Mary Jane is out there somewhere even though he has now offered to double the reward money making it 2 million now. Gloria and Jeffery finally make it where they had decided to go, the Abbott Cabin. Patty thinks that that Jack is going to meet them there for their wedding and Gloria confirms it. Jeffery takes a photo of Patty and giggles as he says reward money here we come.

Nick is still at the hospital with Sharon since they have been under lock down all night. He is assuming that Phyllis has waited up for him all night too. Sharon says she has no problem with Noah transferring to Walnut Grove School. She feels it is her fault he has suffered all the harassment in the school. Nick says they are both to blame for it. Nick looks at his watch thinking that Phyllis and Summer must be at the airport by now. Sharon says he just might be better to tell her about the baby until after her trip but he says no, he can’t wait. He says she deserves to know the truth and to hear it from him.

Phyllis brings Summer to tell Victor good bye. He gives her a present. Phyllis tells Victor that it is excruciating watching Summer like she is and then says all this thanks to Patty Williams. When hearing that name doesn’t surprise Victor Phyllis asks why.

Sharon tells Nick that it won’t make any difference if he tells Phyllis now or not. She tells him she doesn’t need his help. She tells him their chance for a life together is gone but she won’t deny his rights to the baby. He tells her but she almost did. He says he would never ever walk away from his child so why would she do this to him. Sharon says she knows that his wife and daughter won’t be so eager to share him and she is done with the drama. She says now they are right back where they started.

Phyllis questions Victor more on how he already knew Mary Jane was Patty Williams. He says JT told him. Adam listens while Phyllis asks if Victor is the one that brought her back to Genoa City. Victor asks if she is kidding saying he hasn’t laid eyes on her in years. She asks if he wouldn’t be responsible for giving a woman a new face, a new identity. When Victor starts to protest to the questioning Noah comes in and they ask him to take Summer to the playroom. Phyllis admits that she found all this out about Mary Jane from Jack. She asks him to please tell her it isn’t true. He asks if she really thinks he would do harm to his own family. He says he even put a reward out on Mary Jane Benson’s head and he will get a confession out of her.

Gloria looks for the key to the cabin . She says ah the key is above the door jam. Patty tells Kitty Kitty about how wonderful the wedding is going to be. Patty remembers the cabin. She says she bets there is something in the bedroom that she can make a wedding gown out of. Gloria wants Jeffery to call Victor and tell him they have the nutcase. Jeffery wants to call Jack since he is offering more money. Gloria says no, the price doesn’t matter, she won’t give Jack that satisfaction.

Jack complains to Billy about how Victor used Patty to wreck havoc on him and everyone around him. When Billy wants to talk about Ashley Jack tells him they need to be smart. He says they have to find Patty before Victor does. Jack thinks since he has offered to double the reward money that he has a good chance of being the one she will be handed over to. He says if they can get Patty to point the finger at Victor they can get Ashley out of that hellhole. He says Traci is working on getting through to Ashley anyway. Billy tells Jack that Mac is upset about his divorce agreement with Chloe. He tells Jack he didn’t sign the papers. He does want the divorce but he admits that looking over at Chloe reminded him of the good times he had with her. Jack asks if there were good times with her. Billy says it wasn’t all that bad plus there is Delia. He says he loves Mac so he went on and signed. Jack asks him if he is sure but Billy doesn’t look like he is.

Mac Complains about Billy not signing the divorce papers as she talks to Lily. She says if she is the love of his life, why he wouldn’t jump at the chance to get free of Chloe. Lily wonders if Billy having second thoughts could be because of Delia. She says or maybe Chloe pulled a last minute guilt trip on him. Mac can’t blame Chloe. She says this was Billy’s call. She says it is clear that they have a connection beyond Delia. Mac says Billy having second thoughts changes everything for them.

Phyllis can’t get anything else out of Victor. He tells her not to worry her pretty little head about it. She says OK but she is upset that she can’t talk to Nick because he is stuck at the hospital in a lockdown. Noah comes in as they talk about the lockdown. She says she hasn’t been able to talk to Nick since they had a faulty connection last night. When Victor goes to see what he can find out about it, Noah says Summer is playing with Abby. He tells Phyllis that he doesn’t blame her for freaking out about his Mom and Dad being together.

Sharon tells Nick she’d like to bring the baby into this world with as little turmoil as possible. Nick says he has been building a life with Phyllis and Summer based on an assumption but now he knows the truth. He says he will be there for the pregnancy and he says he just knew it was his. He tells her she lied to him and with him being in hell because of Summer she knew that she needed his full attention. He says My God! That is why she did this. He says she didn’t want to be in the way. Sharon is quiet so Nick can tell her is right.

Jeffery reminds Gloria that Victor screwed over them too. He says at least Jack got them back from the Cayman’s. When they start arguing over it Jeffery accuses her of punishing him because he can’t give her the great life that the great John Abbott did. He wants to take Jack’s 2 million. Gloria shoves Jeffery saying how dare he bring up her dearly departed husband to get his own way. Patty comes out showing them what she found. She says she can make it into a great veil. When she goes back to the room Gloria and Jeffery continue arguing.

Jack asks Billy if he is still in love with Chloe. Billy wouldn’t call it love but he says he wouldn’t kick the stalker out of bed. He admits she gets to him. Jack tells him he needs to figure this out before he commits to Mac. He says the last thing he needs would be to be turned on by his ex-wife every time he goes to see his daughter. Billy flips the subject around to Jack and Sharon’s baby. Jack says he is committed to the baby even though things are definitely over between him and Sharon.

When the lockdown is lifted and all the visitors are free to go, Nick tells Sharon he can’t believe he didn’t see this. She tells him she didn’t want him to. He says he can see that she wanted him to believe that Jack is the father for Phyllis and Summer. He knows he always has regretted not being there for Sharon when Cassie died. Sharon says she couldn’t watch him beat himself up. She watched him and Phyllis get back together and didn’t say anything even after she got busted for stealing that ring. She tells him please that none of this matters anyway. He says renewing his vows must have killed her. She tells him to stop it, she is not that noble, not by long shot.

Phyllis admits to Noah she doesn’t love the idea of his parents being locked up together but she trusts her husband. She tells him she understands that he’d like his parents back together because every kid does. Noah says he used to but now he wants everyone to get their acts together so she and his dad and his Mom and Jack can stop hurting each other. Phyllis says she wants that too and she has learned that she can only control her own actions and how she feels.

Sharon doesn’t want Nick to praise her nor does she want him to let her off the hook. She has lied to Nick and also to Jack. She let Jack believe he was getting the one thing he wanted most in the world, fatherhood. Nick feels bad for Jack but he says Sharon doesn’t belong there in that place so he is going to get her out. She tells him no, she wants to stay and focus on herself. He doesn’t want to leave her there though. She says Noah and Faith deserves a strong mother, someone who doesn’t need others to hold her up. Sharon can be that mother but she isn’t ready to leave yet. She tells Nick to focus on his wife and daughter. She thought keeping the paternity of her baby as a gift to him and Phyllis.

Lily thinks that Cane lying about his identity is different from Billy not signing those divorce papers. Mac explains to Lily that Cane wanted a family and she is the love of his life. Lily asks then why keep up the lie with Chloe and risk losing her. Mac thinks it would have come out and he would have lost her anyway. She tells Lily she saw a lot of sick people in Darfur and the ones with a positive attitude had much better outcomes. She tells Lily she should be grateful for Cane, who happens to come in saying it was slow at the bar. Mac says she is going to go before she gives Lily her germs. He says he is going to go wash up and then asks Lily how about a movie. She says before that she needs to clear the air about something. 

Nick sits next to Sharon on the bed and tells her if she needs anything… She interrupts him saying she is fine and that he should go. She says Phyllis must be in quite a state since he didn’t come home. He is hoping he can still catch them before they leave. He tells Sharon everything will work out. He can still be a husband to Phyllis and a father to Summer, yet still raise this new baby with her. Sharon says she isn’t so alone as long as she has her little girl. He tells her he will be back as he walks out.

Victor hugs Summer and tells her to have a good trip. Adam comes in telling them to have a good flight. Victor assures Phyllis that this nightmare will end and he will make sure of it. When they leave Adam calls out to Noah telling him he has notice he hasn’t been around much lately. He tells him he is sorry to hear about his mother. He says those places aren’t always so bad though and Noah agrees. He tells Adam it isn’t a total snake pit. Noah seems to be anxious to get away from Adam as he quickly takes off. Meanwhile Victor is outside on his phone saying if you want the prize, you better answer the damn phone. He says he wants that package they have gone from Genoa City ASAP.

Jeffery tells Gloria he is the man and he makes the decisions. Gloria tells him to give her a coin and they are going to flip for it. He calls tails. She says YES! Now go send the picture of Bridezilla to Victor. He sees he has no signal on his phone so he goes outside to make the call.

Billy sees Mac at Crimson Lights and he tells her he is free now, he signed the divorce papers. She asks if he is sure that is what he wants. He admits he had a moment but it is passed. He tells her he loves her. She tells him she can’t commit to someone who isn’t sure about what they want. She tells him he needs some serious alone time with no exes, no hook ups and no first love. He doesn’t want to be alone though. She tells him that is why he needs to be and then she walks out.

Lily tells Cane she knows things have been tense there lately. He says he understands why she is so angry with him. She tells him she needs him to help her stay positive though. He tells her he isn’t going anywhere. He notices she doesn’t look so well, so he checks her and finds that she is burning up with fever.

Jack goes to see Sharon to let her know about Patty being on the loose again. Sharon is confused asking who is Patty. He explains that Mary Jane Benson is really Patty Williams, his ex-wife, the one that shot him. He says she is taking it out on everyone that was close to him. He says he is glad she is safe from this psycho. She tells him not to worry about her. Jack says nothing will stop him from being a father to this baby. Sharon tells him she has some news about that. Nick knows the baby is his now.

Nick goes home and finds the house empty. He grabs Mr. Big Ears and a paper from the table as he runs out. Phyllis and Summer are at the airport when they realize Summer forgot Mr. Big Ears in the car. Phyllis says it also looks like Nick won’t make it too but she says it is ok, it will be fine.

Jeffery stops the van and sees that his cell phone has no service due to a delinquent account.  Back at the cabin Gloria smiles as she looks at a photo of John in an album. She tells Patty she made her a veil and that she will be a beautiful bride as she smiles at her. Patty twists the veil in her hand and says there isn’t going to be a wedding is there. She tells Gloria she shouldn’t have tricked her. Gloria looks confident yet she still looks scared of Patty at the same time.

Adam tells Victor he heard on the news that Mary Jane Benson is still at large. He says she clearly has no grip on reality and would say anything to slip through the system. He says it is a good thing that Ashley is there at home where she is safe. . Victor doesn’t want to talk to him anymore about Mary Jane. Just as he says this Paul comes over banging on the door screaming at Victor wanting to know what the hell did he do to his sister. When Victor lets him in, Paul repeats it again with Victor looking surprised.

Jan Barrett

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