Cloe and Cane are at the Chancellor Estate for their party when Esther recognizes Cloe as her daughter Kate. Cane, Jill and Katherine are surprised but Esther says she would know her daughter anywhere. Katherine tells her it has been a very long time after Cloe admits she really is Esther’s daughter, Kate.

Victoria is in the office wrapping up some last minute deals before leaving for good. JT walks in, saying it was the last place he thought she would be. She tells him she disappointed her father. JT gives her the letter from Victor saying he found it on the front seat of her car.

Nikki is in Mexico screaming on the beach for Victor. She falls to the sand and suddenly someone walks up and she looks up and sees Victor. He helps her into a beach cabin he has been staying in. She touches him saying he is real. She says she just knew he was alive. He says she shouldn’t have come there. He says there is nothing left to say.

Esther says Cloe is gorgeous. She asks her how come she didn’t call her. Cloe tells her because she knew she would make a big production and all she wanted to do was to prove she could make it on her own. She says she didn’t tell Cane the truth because he’d have walked away and then her baby would have been left to ask where its daddy is. Jill asks them if they are actually buying this garbage.

Adam is finishing his letter as he reads that Victor is telling him he is not more important than his other children who all are deep within his heart. Heather comes downstairs and asks him what Victor said in the letter. He says the usual stuff and then throws it in the garbage.

Nick is reading his letter when Sharon and Noah walk in. Noah announces that he wants to go to Genoa City High this year with his soccer friends instead of private school. Noah tells him he just wants to be like everyone else. Nick tells him he isn’t like everyone else. He tells him he is special whether he likes it or not, he is Victor Newman’s grandson. Noah says he isn’t special until he proves himself like his grandpa did. Nick makes him a deal telling him if he will look into some courses at the public school they will consider sending him there. Noah is excited and runs off to call his friend.

Victor asks how she found him. She tells him about Walters’s body ashore and they thought it was him. He tells her he survived the storm. She asks him if her mistakes made him commit murder. She tells him the entire world thinks he is dead. He says he put his affairs in order in Genoa City so there is no reason for him to go back now. She threatens to go call them all and tell them he is alive. Then she says she will charter a plane and fly them all down there. She says then he can tell them he is abandoning them. He leans towards her and tells her not to try and make him feel guilty.

Nikki tells him she knows he has suffered and her heart aches for him. She feels responsible. Victor pushes her away telling her that she is responsible. He tells her he feels nothing for her and tells her to get the hell out. She begs him not to say that and he tells her not to come here and try to make him feel guilty and then repeats himself telling her to get the hell out. She says she is not trying to make him feel guilty. She tells him she has loved him all of her life and will until the day she dies. He tells her all he feels for her is hatred. She begs him to come home with her. She asks him not to deny her of giving him the obvious support he needs from her. He tells her to save her breath, it means nothing to her.

JT asks Victoria if she is ok. She says she is fine, and then says he went soft on her and she can’t believe it. JT tells her that is Victor for you. She says she wanted to make peace with her father but he never gave her the chance for that. He starts to say something but she says she knows, no do over’s. JT goes to make a phone call and she finishes reading the letter. Victor tells her in the letter that he never gave a damn what anyone thought of him except for her. He says it was a lot of power for a little girl. He says he has loved and adored her.

Heather scold’s Adam about throwing the letter away. She starts to take it out the garbage when he grabs her and says he told her to let it go and he meant it. Later Adam comes back and apologizes to Heather. He says that shouldn’t have happened. She tells him he is right and not to let it happen again. She suggests that they go skinny dipping. She says she will go put her bathing suit on so when she meets him by the pool he can take it off of her. When he goes out she hurries and gets the letter out of the trash.

Katherine realizes that Esther’s daughter is now pregnant with her grandson’s baby. Cloe tells her that she wasn’t good enough to live there because she was the maid’s daughter so she sent her away. Cloe tells them all let’s party when the doorbell rings as guests arrive for the party.

Nikki still tries to get Victor to go home with her but he says he is never going back to that place. He tells her that she is responsible for all this with her arrogance and pride. She tells him she is in pain too. She says so is Victoria and Nick and Noah and all that loves him. She asks him what it will take to get through to him. She says they love him, she loves him. He turns and looks at her and says it is a sick love, a love that deserves to die.

Jill tells Cane this is not about who Cloe really is but it is a matter of trust. She suggests giving her some money and some support money for the baby but not to tie himself down with her. She tells him to get a lawyer and have their marriage annulled before she gets her hooks into him any deeper. Katherine gets rid of all the guests for the party away and tells Esther to donate the food to a homeless shelter. Esther asks Cloe if she will be ok and she tells her yes. Katherine tells Cloe that Jill can be a pill . Cloe says she isn’t a lowlife and claims she didn’t go after Cane for his money. Katherine tells her that she set her up to get a good education so she hopes she doesn’t make her regret her generosity.

Sharon talks to Nick about the letter. Nick tells her that his Dad really loved her. Sharon smiles and then joins Noah who is waiting for her on the elevator. Victoria is still reading her letter as she cries. Reading his words makes her cry even more as she reads his words saying that he needed her love and respect. She whispers to herself through her tears, “Daddy.”

Nikki grabs Victor’s arm and he pulls away telling her not to touch him. He says this so called love of theirs ends. He tells her that he wishes that one of them had the guts to kill the other just to end their misery. When he leaves the cave Nikki runs after him telling him to wait.

Heather looks at the letter and reads it. She sees where Victor told him not to shut out his family and to get along with Nick and Victoria asking him to reach out to them. Victor tells him in time they will embrace him asking him to be the bigger person. Adam walks up and catches her asking her what she thinks she is doing. She apologizes but says she wanted to read it. He tells her what he got out of this was that he was his fathers number 2 son and wasn’t worthy of his love, not compared to his other offspring.

Jill tells Cane that Cloe signed the marriage license as Cloe Mitchell so that is fraud. Cane says yeah but he is worried that she will disappear with the baby. Katherine walks in saying the coast is clear now. She asks Cane if he is ok. He tells her no as he walks out. Jill calls Cloe a conniving little schemer telling Katherine she would sell her soul to get her out of his life. Katherine tells her they are just going to have to let Cane handle this. Esther comes in and hugs Jill telling her they are going to be grandmother’s and asks isn’t this exciting.

When they get home Cloe claims she didn’t know who he was when she met him. He tells her calling her Cloe, Kate whatever her name is that she better be a good mother or he will take this child, this Chancellor heir, so fast her head will spin and he walks out, leaving her startled.

Heather tells Adam that Victor wasn’t trying to hurt him. She tells him that family is important. Adam tells her that his siblings have had everything handed to them all their life, now it is his turn. He says he is not sharing with them or anyone else except for her. He tells her he will see her at the pool and walks out. Heather picks up the letter and puts it in her purse and sets it on the sofa.

In Nick’s letter it ends with Victor telling him he is sorry for not being the greatest father but that he is the best Dad his children could ever hope for and then ends it telling Nick that he is proud of him.

Meanwhile at the beach in Mexico Nikki is running after Victor begging him to come back. She falls once again to the sand and screams out for him. Victor is walking down the beach and he turns around and sees her on the sand but doesn’t say anything. He just turns back around and starts walking again leaving her screaming out for him to come back.

Jan Barrett

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