Deacon tries talking to Amber about what music they will have at their wedding. She suggests the funeral march. Deacon just ignores what she says as he talks to the club’s manager about some of his ideas. Amber keeps up her sarcastic remarks but he warns her to ditch her attitude if she wants to keep Daniel out of jail. When he takes off to take care of something Amber orders a stiff drink. Katherine comes in and tosses her wedding invitation on the table asking Amber what the hell is she thinking of.

Daniel gets arrested when he pretends to be drunk at the coffee shop. Michael comes around and Jana stalls him telling him he can’t go out to the patio because a drunk guy threw up out there. He says but he needs to speak to Kevin because he has proof now that his new brother is a liar.

Kevin plans to find and sell the Terroni and then he will use the money to hire his new brother his own dream team defense for his trial. He tells Ryder he is off to find that key. When Kevin is gone Ryder calls Deacon to tell him that Kevin is on his way to find the key. He tells Deacon he really doesn’t like using his brother like this though. Deacon orders him to just get that painting. Ryder looks a bit worried when they bring a drunken Daniel in.

Victor vows to find both Mary Jane and the ones who kidnapped her. Jack says if he can find them first Victor will be behind bars right along with them. Jack tells Victor that Patty didn’t do this on her own and he just knows there is a connection somewhere to him. Jack asks what will his sister think when she finds out the woman that was tormenting her is on her husbands payroll. Meanwhile Traci meets with Billy at the trailer and he says s doctor is on his way. Ashley says he didn’t say anything about a doctor. Traci asks her to calm down but Ashley says no doctors – that is final.

Jana looks over the proof that Michael has and she says Kevin will be devastated. Kevin comes in and tells them that Ryder thinks that the key Tom gave him will lead them to the real Terroni. He says with the reward money he can hire a lawyer who actually wants to help Ryder. Michael hands Kevin the proof he has telling him that Tom might have been Ryder’s father but Tom didn’t have anything to do with raising Ryder.

Katherine wants to know what is going on and why isn’t she marrying Daniel instead of Deacon. Katherine says she won’t let her go through with this. She tells Amber to look her in her eye and tell her that she is in love with Deacon Sharp. Amber ignores that saying she really has to go but as she is leaving she tells Katherine she really hopes she will come because she needs her there. Katherine tells Murphy she won’t give up, she just needs to know what is going on before Amber makes the biggest mistake of her life.

Adam is calling several hospitals to see if Ashley has been admitted. When Victor comes home Adam tells him that Billy stormed in there like some crazed idiot and carried Ashley out and he couldn’t stop him. Victor says but he can as he turns around and leaves again.

Ashley tells Billy and Traci that they can’t keep her there. Traci asks her doesn’t she want to make sure the baby is OK. When the doctor knocks on the door Ashley agrees to see him but only for the baby’s sake.

JT says he has his contacts on the lookout for Nikki. He tells Victoria that they will track her down. JT’s phone beeps but he says he will check his voicemail later. Victoria picks up the phone and when she sees it was Colleen calling she tells him that Colleen sure has some nerve. JT tells her that he and Colleen are only friends. Victoria says Colleen wants more though and then she says she has work to do. She tells him if he doesn’t have time to look for her Mom she will hire someone else to do it. She tells him she will see him at home as she walks out. Paul comes in just in time to hear JT complain about his marriage having problems.

Jack asks the club manager some questions about whether he has seen Victor with Mary Jane Benson like maybe having dinner together or coming from her room at odd hours. When she goes to ask the staff Victor comes in demanding to know where they took Ashley. Katherine interrupts them but is told not to worry. Traci calls Jack and tells him to get to the trailer now because they have Ashley there. Jack starts to leave and tells Victor when he wants to know where he is going that it is none of his damn business. Victor leaves Katherine alone so he can follow Jack.

Adam is on the phone calling Dr. Taylor telling him to call her. He is worried because it is possible that Ashley is seeing another doctor. He says if she does they are both dead. An officer is at his front door worrying him until he learns it is because they are there to remove the ankle monitor. He has been released. He can go anywhere he wants now except he can’t leave the country. Adam talks out saying Dean-O! You don’t know how happy you have made me.

Ashley tells this doctor that her regular doctor is Dr. Taylor. Traci convinces Ashley it is good to get a second opinion though. Ashley tells the doctor she has had some cramping and bleeding but Dr. Taylor said all was fine and she had a sonogram to prove it. The doctor asks her about the nightmares or the fantasies of hurting herself or others. Ashley is confused and asks just what kind of doctor is he. She asks if he is a psychiatrist. She says she is done now but Traci talks her into staying and cooperating. She says OK but then maybe they will all leave her the hell alone.

Jana is worried that Kevin won’t believe those papers. They have all of Tom’s financial records, bank info and mortgage papers. It seems that Tom wasn’t even in the same town much less the same house where Ryder grew up in nor was any of his aliases. They say Tom likely didn’t even know he has another son. Kevin thinks Michael is just jealous. He doesn’t believe any of this. He vows to stand by Ryder.

The officer puts Daniel in the same cell with Ryder. When the officer walks away Daniel shows Ryder he isn’t drunk as he grabs him telling him he wants to know who killed Balfour. He says in 24 hours he is going to lose the woman he loves. He tells Ryder to start talking or it will be a world of pain. When Ryder starts talking about the Terroni Daniel gets mad and shoves him against the bars. He asked Ryder who told him that Tom hid the Terroni. When Ryder calls for help the guard comes. Daniel yells at him asking him who was doing this to him.

Murphy tries talking Amber out of marrying Deacon. He tells her she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. He tells her if she is in trouble he and Katherine will help her. She tells him no, not after all they have been through. She doesn’t want to involve them. When she asks where Katherine is anyway, she beelines it upstairs when Murphy tells her she is upstairs getting to know the newest member of their extended family.

Deacon looks surprised to see Katherine there when he opens the door. She says she is there to get acquainted with him before the wedding tomorrow. When Deacon realizes who she is he says of course it is a pleasure meeting her. She is upfront with him telling him she knows this wedding isn’t about love. He tells her Amber is the love of his life and has been a long time but Katherine stops him. She asks him to name his price to leave Amber alone. He tells her he can’t put a price on spending the rest of his life with the woman he loves. Katherine says she has dealt with slime like him before. Amber comes in saying yes she does have to go through this. Katherine tells her that she and Murphy are here for her and they love her very much. Amber cries telling her she loves her too. Deacon shows Katherine the door as she swears she will be watching him. When she is gone, Deacon says he would love to see the wedding gown but that would be bad luck wouldn’t it. When Amber’s phone rings she says she is on her way. She tells Deacon it was the florist. She gets away with it because Deacon’s phone is ringing to preoccupy him as well.

Adam is on the phone again calling Dr. Taylor asking him to come and get him. He tells him that his medical career’s over if they find out Ashley isn’t pregnant.

When Jack gets to the trailer he assures Ashley he knew nothing about this until Traci called him. Ashley cries saying she is deeply hurt that Traci betrayed her. She tells them that they all claim that Victor is controlling her but it is them that is doing that to her not victor. Victor barges in and puts his arms around Ashley. She begs him to take her out of there. When they start to leave Jack tells Victor they are still her family. Victor points at him saying he doesn’t know the meaning of that word. On their way out the doctor tells Traci if this is any indication of what this woman has endured during her pregnancy then they should be concerned about her. Jack tears into Billy for trying to be the hero. He tells him because of him they may have just lost their sister for good.

Katherine tells Murphy that Deacon claims that Amber is the love of his life but she doesn’t think the man knows what love is. Victoria interrupts to let Katherine know that JT is looking for Nikki. Katherine says that Amber is getting married tomorrow to Deacon Sharp. She asks if Victoria knows him. Victoria looks pale suddenly. She tells Katherine she knows him through the art foundation. Katherine says good, because she thinks he is bad news for any woman who crosses paths with him.

JT complains more to Paul saying he doesn’t know his wife anymore. He says she has never acted like this before. Paul can relate saying her mother is the same way. He says as much as he loved her there was a small part of her that he never could reach. Paul says he has been too busy with Patty to even think about Nikki. JT tells him there is something he should know then. Paul cuts him off to take a call from the police. JT doesn’t know what to do. He checks his voicemail and listens to Colleen begging Patty not to hold her hostage.

Victor brings Ashley home as Adam comes down with his suitcase. He is so happy to see Ashley but was happy to know she had been examined. He says he is going somewhere since he has been released. She says that is incredible but she won’t hear of him going back to Kansas. She tells him he is family and she needs him. Victor agrees telling him he can stay as long as he likes. Ashley hugs him telling him she can’t have her baby without him being there. She says it just wouldn’t be right.

Kevin goes back to see Ryder and shows him the proof Michael gave him. He tells him that Tom never lived with him and he tells him that he said his mother wasn’t around. Ryder insists that Tom was around but sometimes he was left alone for days at a time with nothing but cheese crackers to survive on until he came back but he would always come back and make his life hell. Kevin tells him to hold on, he is going to get that key and go to Detroit. He says they are brothers so he wants to do this for him.

The officer tells Daniel someone paid his bail. When he asks who, Amber comes up and says she did but she still is going to marry Deacon tomorrow. She tells him for both of their sake he needs to let her go as she walks out.

Deacon signs his bill and takes a call promising who he is talking to that he will get the painting. He orders a Scotch and then he hears Victoria telling him that she hears congratulations were in order. She says she didn’t see that one coming. He says since his wife to be isn’t around why they don’t go upstairs together and work out their aggressions. He says yes on the night before his wedding. He tells her if she can ignore marriage why can’t he. She tells him that was a bad judgment on her call and it isn’t going to happen again. When she turns him down he tells her she knows where to find him if she changes her mind.

Paul frowns when he hears Colleen’s message on JT’s phone. He hears her begging Patty and then he hears Patty’s voice. They figure out that Patty must be holding Colleen hostage.

Traci stops Jack and Billy from arguing asking how else they can reach Ashley. Jack doesn’t want Abby involved. When he asks about Colleen, Traci says she just left town and she hasn’t been able to reach her. Billy says he will just drive up to the cabin and talk to her. Jack is startled and says he was just at the cabin and she wasn’t there. Traci gets upset and asks what has happened to her daughter.

Patty ties Colleen to a tree. She says she can see through Colleen’s fake concern and she won’t let her fool her into letting her escape now. Colleen tells her she wouldn’t do that. Patty has the gun in her hand saying she and Kitty Kitty will watch her sleep. She tells Colleen sweet dreams.

Jan Barrett

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