Jack has the money with him when Jeffery calls. He tells him whoever it is that is calling him that they better not be jerking him around. Gloria is in the Van with the laptop while Jeffery assures Jack with his disguised voice that more instructions will come, like where to leave the money and where to pick up Mary Jane. When he hangs up they see when Victor walks up in the bus station with his briefcase. Jeffery thinks payback is a beautiful thing.

When Colleen walks into the cabin she sees Patty who asks her to help her. Colleen unties her right away when Patty tells her she had been drugged and held for ransom. When she stands up she asks how she can ever repay Colleen for her kindness.

Kevin is excited about having a kid brother. He vows to be the best big brother ever like Michael was to him. He tells Jana with Michael as his lawyer, Ryder is a good as free. Jana isn’t so sure of that. When Kevin runs out to call Michael with the news Jana says it is incredible alright almost impossible to believe. Ryder hugs Jana who doesn’t look so happy.

Amber is stunned by Daniel’s proposal. She has to ask him if this is a noble rescue mission or does he really want to marry her. He says he wants to find a Justice of the Peace right away. He wants to marry her tonight. Deacon walks in and ruins it all saying rejection can be a killer.

Michael and Lauren get to the jail and Jana tells them she thinks Ryder is a con artist. Michael trusts Lauren’s judgment of character saying no one is going to put anything over on them and he won’t let Kevin get hurt. They join Kevin and Ryder When Kevin introduces them they tells Ryder to forget the Mr. Baldwin. Kevin tells Michael it is time to get his brother out of this rat hole now. Michael tells them both he is not going to take the case which disappoints both of them.

Daniel insists that he wants to marry Amber tonight. She begs Deacon to leave her and Daniel alone. Daniel doesn’t understand why Amber should be trapped. Deacon does though and he shows them Ryder’s statement taking back his confession. He says Ryder has an airtight alibi for the night Balfour was killed but Daniel was in that alley that night alone with a gun in his hand. He says Danny is looking at some hard time for murder. He tells them Ryder will do whatever he tells him to do, whether it be to confess, recant or if he tells him to do the hokey pokey, he will do it. He looks at Amber and tells her to come on, they have a wedding to plan. Poor Amber looks so unhappy.

Jeffery calls Victor and Gloria tells him he is on Candid Camera after they say they need proof that he is not going to screw them over. Victor says I’ll be dammed as he looks into the camera. Victor opens the case and Gloria says isn’t green a pretty color. He asks what is next. Jeffery tells him to put the briefcase in locker #17. Gloria says Remove the key and go to locker #162, remove what is inside it and leave the key  to locker #17 inside it. Victor does as Jeffery tells him to do and asks now what. They tells him to head north on Route 12 and they will call him letting him know where Mary Jane is. Victor tells them that is not part of their deal.

Patty turns on Colleen for looking at her as if she is an evil monster so Patty ties her up. She tells Patty that Jack is her uncle thinking that will make Patty let her go. Patty tells Colleen she has known her Uncle Jack for years. Colleen tells her she knows they use to be married. She said if she had known who she was she wouldn’t have been afraid when she found her. She asks Patty to please let her call her Uncle Jack but Patty doesn’t want to even hear that liar’s name. Patty searches the cabin and is happy when she finds a gun with bullets. She tells Colleen how nice it was of her to bring the getaway car as she leads her out to it.

Jeffery and Gloria watch Jeffery as the bus stop now and when he shows them the contents in his briefcase, they order him to put it in locker #18 and then to put the key to it in locker #183. The envelope that is in locker #183 has Patty’s location on it. They see the look Jack gives them when he looks into the camera once he finds that Patty is located at his own cabin.

Kevin begs Michael to take the case saying they are family. Lauren asks who Ryder’s Mom is. And why did he come looking for Kevin. Ryder claims he had no idea they were brothers. He likes how they are looking out for Kevin as they are but he is grateful that he and Kevin have found one another. Michael refuses to defend Ryder still.

Amber tells Daniel she will treasure his proposal for the rest of her life but it is over between them. She says she won’t risk his life getting ruined. She says she is ending this the only way she can. She tells him he will be free to move on with his life as she kisses him. Then she hurries off to leave. Deacon teases him saying Amber sure is a keeper huh.

Kevin keeps trying to get Michael to represent Ryder asking what he wants from the guy. He begs him to do it for him. Michael says he didn’t say he would never do it. He just wants to check the guy out first which Lauren agrees with even though Kevin doesn’t like it.

Daniel tells Jana that Ryder confessed to give Deacon an axe to hang over his head and if Amber doesn’t marry Deacon he is back into trouble. Jana wonders if Deacon is lying but she does understand Amber doing what she has to do to protect Daniel. Daniel promises to get all of them out of this mess.

The Bardwell’s pop the cork to a bottle of Champagne as they celebrate being millionaires again. When the next bus comes in they will get their cameras out of the bus depot. They laugh saying if only they had a camera at the cabin to see Victor and Jack’s faces.

Victor gets to the cabin first and finds it empty and wondering where the hell she is. Jack arrives right after and curses whoever it was that double crossed him, saying someone is having a pretty good laugh. Jack tells Victor he took an emotionally disturbed woman and turned her into a criminal. Victor says whoever the hell she is, she will pay.

When Patty stops the car she starts talking to Colleen about Kitty Kitty. Colleen says how she never could have a kitty when she was growing up. Colleen calls her Aunt Patty and tells her she is so sorry that her Uncle Jack hurt her. She tells her that people are expecting her to call them and if she doesn’t call they will start looking for her. She tells her she would be happy to explain things if they could only go back to Genoa City. Patty starts crying saying she sees no happy ending for people like her. Colleen tells her she is willing to make things work if she is.

Victor wonders how Jack didn’t recognize his own ex-wife when he was in bed with her. Jack tells Victor all of Patty’s crimes are on his head. He tells him he has destroyed his own world all by himself. Victor warns Jack if he doesn’t stop pushing he will see destruction like he never thought possible.

Patty says it would be too risky for her to go back. She has already lost too much now. She says what will be, will be. Colleen admits to Patty that she is really scared and asks her to please take her home. She tells her they can make this right. Patty figures out when Colleen drops her cell phone on the floor board of the car that Colleen was trying to make a call to JT. She tells her damn her accusing her of being just like the others. She tells her all them Abbott’s, walking all over people. She points the gun at Colleen saying she knows just how to handle her.

Amber tells Deacon she hates him so much. He tells her knows but all she has to do is show up and look gorgeous as she always does and say “I do!” She asks him when and he tells her tomorrow.

Daniel insists that Jana calls 911 and reports an obnoxious drunk who won’t leave so they will arrest Daniel. Lauren says she sees something in Ryder’s eyes that makes her blood run cold and she says she has seen that look before. Michael asks from where but she ignores his question, she just insists that he doesn’t take the case while her and Fen are in Toronto. He agrees not to but says for Kevin’s sake he will dig into Ryder’s background.

Kevin vows to Ryder he will find him another lawyer saying there must be some way to get their hands on some money. Ryder brings up the painting that Tom used to taunt him with that was worth mega bucks or so he claimed. Kevin asks him what happened to the painting. Ryder says he doubts Tom sold it but he couldn’t find it in the house. Kevin asks if he said it was the Terroni. He says he wonders if his buddy was hired to forge it was a coincidence. He tells Ryder he has a key to a safety deposit box that Tom left behind at the Erie Federal Bank in Detroit. He says he still has it. He wonders if the painting is in it. They think it must be worth millions and it could be the answer they have been looking for.

Victor gets a phone call and while he is talking Jack figures out it is Victor’s banker. Jack says this is adding up to big money soon. He says he will not be taken advantage of and Jack says he is no dummy. Then we see Gloria and Jeffery putting both briefcases into the van saying ‘Now for the big moment!’ On the count of 1… 1… 3… they open the briefcases and are gasping at all the money. She can’t wait to roll around in it naked as she and Jeffery kiss. She can’t resist touching it. As soon as she touches it she finds out it has been booby trapped and suddenly they are covered with confetti and blue ink. Gloria screams out DAMN THEM!

Colleen tries to calm Patty down telling her the call to JT was an accident. She pleads with her as Patty forces her out of the car pointing the gun at her. She tells Patty to just take the car and she won’t telling anyone anything. Patty goes around to the passenger side telling Colleen to get out.

Jan Barrett

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