Traci is still with Ashley in her room when Ashley realizes it wasn’t a dream she had and now she wants to know what she has done. Adam is listening through the door as she remembers driving that night in the rain. She wonders what if she really did it.

Colleen has a lot to say to Victor. She tells him she lost a job that she would have been perfect for. She tells Victor to guess what popped up when they were checking her references. She says because of that incident that he was responsible for she gets dirty looks from strangers on the streets and emails from perverts. Victor tells her if she wants to blame someone to blame her Uncle Jack and her own actions. When someone is at the door Victor answers it is a house call from his banker who Victor tells to gather up a million dollars.

Jeffery comes in and he tells Gloria to kiss him. Patty is still sleeping in the chair. He tells Gloria he set it up so they don’t have to come face to face with either Jack or Victor. He says they are holding all the cards so let them wait now.

Jack and Paul talk on the phone about Patty as they now think she was kidnapped and didn’t run away. Billy comes down to talk about business with Jack but gets sidetracked as he starts griping about Victor sicking that psychopath on their family. He is ready to go after this guy about it. Billy asks if Jack is going to go with him or stay there.

Kevin goes to see Ryder in jail and he tries to get him to open up with his lawyer. He thinks Michael will come around and defend him once the DNA results prove they’re brothers. Ryder wonders what it they aren’t. Meanwhile back at the coffee shop Jana is determined to get Amber not to marry Deacon. She corners Daniel and won’t let him leave until he sits down with Amber for at least 5 minutes.

Victor tells Colleen he has important business to tend to but Colleen says she isn’t finished. He tells her she got drunk and made a spectacle of herself. He tells her that her Uncle Jack used her to get back at him. He says Jack set her up to fail and didn’t protect her. This gives Colleen something to think about.

Jack understands Billy wanting to go to Victor but he reminds him of what happened when he stormed into the board meeting and later out at the ranch. He says they have only alienated Ashley more now. He says they have got to outsmart Victor which is what Jack is working on now. He says by doubling Victor’s reward money he is the one talking to the kidnappers. He says once he gets Patty back the police will find out Victor’s role in all this. When Patty talks Ashley will finally realize she is married to a low life. Billy says he hopes this works but he is worried but he is really worried about Ashley.

Traci gets Ashley to talk to her and Ashley confesses everything to her. She says she thought it was a dream. Adam comes in looking for his laptop and Ashley introduces him to Traci. He manages to warn Ashley about what she says. When Traci tries to get her to tell her the rest Ashley decides now that it was just a dream. She doesn’t want to see a doctor. She says she is just tired so that is why she got so emotional. She gets into bed to show Traci she is just tired so Traci gives up and leaves.

Jana begs Daniel to just talk to Amber. She tells him everything Amber has done was for him. He says he is not jealous that Amber is engaged to someone else, he is disgusted by it. Finally he agrees to give her 5 minutes. He goes over to Amber and she tells him the wedding will be soon. She tells him he is forcing her. He asks who “he” is. She says she can’t say but she swears she loves Daniel and only Daniel. Of course he doesn’t believe a word she says.

Kevin wonders why Ryder would worry about them not being brothers now. He wants to know was he lying. He says no but what is one of them were adopted or something. Kevin says if they are not brothers he would feel compelled to kick his ass. He says anyway they will know soon enough. Ryder claims Kevin already knows just from talking to him. He says they have been through the same hell. He says bottom line is they will see. Either Kevin will have a new brother or Ryder will have a lot of explaining to do.

Colleen and Victor continue arguing when Traci comes down and hears that Victor paid someone to get drunk and had someone video tape her just so he could get Ashley a seat on the Newman board. Traci sends Colleen out and then she reminds Victor as she stood next to him as Colleen , his Goddaughter was baptized. She tells him Ashley is on the verge of a breakdown and she asks can’t he see it or does he even care. He asks her if she is serious. He says nothing is more important to him than Ashley’s well being. She insists that something needs to be done. He tells her she flew in for one day and now she thinks she knows what is going on there better than he does. She asks if he is afraid to admit Jack is right. She says this feud between him and Jack has cost this family way too much. She says Ashley needs her family. Victor tells her he is her family now. He says they need to understand and respect that. He says they won’t be making the decisions. He tells her nothing against her but to keep her brothers’ away. He has business to take care of now. Finally Traci leaves.

Jeffery says the trickiest part of having two bidders for one product in the timing. Victor is in too deep to turn them in now and Jack doesn’t even know who they are. Patty wakes up and says Jack will know because she will tell him and everyone else. She says if she goes down she will take both of them with her.

Daniel doesn’t believe anything Amber says anymore. She asks what about his secrets from her like the forged painting or going into the alley that night. He says that was different but she wants to know how. He says he didn’t want her involved. He says oh yeah but she is protecting him now right. She tells him she would be with him if she could but she refuses to tell him what is going on. He says he will just go to Deacon and find out from him.

Jeffery says Patty is a bit feisty after her catnap. He laughs at her when she says she isn’t so stupid that she didn’t ID them. Gloria calls Jeffery over to her telling him she wants to take Victor’s deal. She says he will figure out how to keep Patty quiet. Jeffery says he doesn’t care if she’s quiet. He asks who is going to believe this nutcase anyway. He says with Jack’s 2 million they can leave the country and buy an alibi. When they start getting ready to leave Patty looks worried telling them that they can’t leave her like this. Jeffery tells her not to worry because someone will be there soon. She agrees to leave Kitty Kitty with her as she follows Jeffery out the door.

Colleen tells Billy about her letting Victor have it not that it did any good though. She says now it is Jack’s turn. She said her listening to Jack is what got her in this mess to begin with. She says everyone warned her that her Uncle Jack was using her. Jack interrupts saying wait…wait and he asks by everyone does she mean Victor. She says and Ashley, Nikki, Victoria saying they have all been burned by his feud with Victor. She tells him she really thought he had her back. She says she has been kicked off the Newman board, disgraced her father’s name and now she can’t even get a job. Jack says he would give her a job at Jabot. She says that isn’t the point. She says she looked at him as a replacement father but she was just a weapon to him. He says that isn’t true. She asks where was he when everything went to hell. She says Billy was there and so was JT. She knows she made mistakes but she never thought he would walk out on her. When Jack apologizes Billy jumps in and tells Jack he put others in the line of fire when he had no skin in the game. He says at least when he went after Victor it was his own butt on the line. When he walks out with Colleen Traci is coming in. She tells them she will meet them at Crimson Lights. She starts in on Jack as well for using her daughter to get to Victor. She says he alienated Colleen the same way he did Ashley. He insists that she can come to him. Traci disagrees saying she knows he will use what she is going through to score points against Victor who is ignoring Ashley’s problems to avoid giving Jack the satisfaction of being able to say he was the one that was right. She tells him that he and Victor are like two little boys kicking sand in each other’s faces while Ashley is there slipping away. She asks who is looking out for Ashley.

Ashley flashes back to asking Adam why he let her think she hit Sabrina. Sure enough Adam comes in and explains. He tells her she gets mad at everyone for thinking she is going crazy and then she is mad at him for thinking she isn’t. She doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Adam tells her that he hasn’t let her down. He says he needs a friend and so does she. She starts crying as she remembers driving in the rain and says she thinks it was Nikki that she hit.

Ryder tells Kevin, it’s the weirdest thing finally meeting someone who gets what he has been through. He says he has nothing. Kevin says it was like that for him too for a very long time. Ryder says that no matter what the DNA tests show he has something he never thought he’d have. He has a chance for a real life, friends, a job, and meeting someone like Jana who believes in him. He says maybe he is not too broken. Kevin tells him he isn’t and he is sure he will have all that because he is going to help him.

Colleen has decided to get out of town but not in New York because it is too busy. Billy suggests she goes out to the family cabin saying the wild flowers are still out. He hands her the key but he has a business deal to wrap up and he can meet her out there in a few days. She thinks that sounds perfect. When Traci hears Colleen is going to the cabin she wishes she could go with her but she has a book signing. Colleen tells her she will meet her in New York after since she has no job tying her down. Traci and Billy tell her they are proud of how she handled herself with Victor and Jack. Colleen takes off leaving Billy and Traci together as Billy starts talking about Ashley. She tells him that Victor basically told her to butt out and to Jack told Billy to bide his time. Traci says the two of them are so used to getting their own way. He thinks they should just blow them both off and end this right here. Traci tells him he can count her in.

Adam tells Ashley that her mind is playing tricks on her. She says if she had killed or hurt Nikki someone would have found her by now. Ashley is sure that something has happened to Nikki because no one has heard from her. She tells him she thinks she should tell Victor but Adam tells her if she talks to Victor about this he will send her away. She says he wouldn’t do that to her. He warns her not to tell Victor.

Amber stops Daniel telling him not to go to Deacon. He asks if he is hurting her or something. Then he asks her will Deacon hurt him. He asks why she is so afraid of Deacon. Amber says she is just really happy he is out of this mess and she wants it to stay that way. A delivery guy walks up asking if they know a Kevin Fisher. They send him over to Jana and the guy hands her an envelope with the DNA results.

Jeffery is on the phone with Jack telling him Patty will be delivered when he gets the money. He says he will get a key and an address. Jack says he will be there. Now Jeffery wants to deal with Victor too. Gloria says if they go to Victor first he will get to Patty first. Jeffery says he is looking forward to 3 million beautiful dollars.

Victor tells Ashley he has to go out. He asks if she enjoyed her visit with Traci. She tells him she doesn’t feel like she can confide in Traci saying she tells Jack everything. Victor tells her she can tell him anything. She tells him right now she is just tired. He says they can talk when he gets back. When he gets outside he makes a call asking if they got the money. He says good, meet him in ten minutes.

Jana brings the envelope to the jailhouse where Kevin is visiting with Ryder. Ryder holds his breath as Kevin opens the envelope. Kevin looks at him and says well he is his brother as he hugs him.

Daniel keeps trying to get Amber to tell him more about what is going on. He tells her he knows one thing he can do to keep her from marrying Deacon. He looks at her and asks her to marry him.

Victor has the briefcase with a million dollars in it. Meanwhile Jack is at home counting his money as well while thinking back to his talk with Patty. He closes his briefcase and walks out. Gloria and Jeffery are laughing. They says Victor and Jack are on a collision course and neither see it coming. When Colleen gets to the cabin she is shocked to find Patty there tied to a chair. Patty asks her to please help her.

Ashley is in bed talking to herself. She asks herself if she did that to Nikki. She wonders if she hurt her. Billy barges in calling her Name. He yells out Ashley, Ashley. He tells her to come one, they are going to get the hell out of there as he scoops her up out of the bed. Adam comes in asking what the hell is going on. Billy tells Adam when his Daddy asks where Ashley is, tell him that Billy Abbott said “screw you” and he walks out with Ashley.

Jan Barrett

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