Traci is shocked when Nikki asks her to give Colleen’s heart to Victor. Nikki tells her that Michael is looking into other options and she knows it is a lot to ask of her. Billy objects saying that bastard is responsible for Colleen’s death. Jack stands with Billy agreeing saying Nikki’s insane request gets a big fat no way in hell.

Victoria and Nick back out of saying what is in their hearts to Victor saying some things are best left unsaid. Victor insists on hearing what his kids have to say especially since he might not be around much longer.

Jill is excited and happy saying it has been a long time since a handsome young man arranged a birthday dinner for her. Phillip and Nina join as Chance says he has one more surprise for her. He tells her it isn’t so much what as it is who. Katherine walks up and tells Jill Happy Birthday as she hands her a gift.

Sharon moans and groans when Dr. Taylor goes to find out how come the sirens are going off. Adam sends him back in to tend to Sharon saying he has bought them some time.

Ashley is in a panic when Adam gets back to her room just as the lockdown is announced. Ashley’s door automatically locks when the door shuts behind him. She yells that she has to get to a hospital but when they realize that isn’t possible she starts panting and they say Adam is going to have to deliver her baby.

Sharon starts to panic as Dr. Taylor starts rolling up his sleeves telling her to use her Lamaze breathing techniques. He tells her not to worry, he has delivered babies in all sorts of situations. She cries out for a sterile environment.

Ashley tells that the pain is getting worse. Adam grabs some pills from Dr. Taylor’s bag. He tells her that he said earlier that she could take them. He tells her he would rather die than to let something happen to her or this child. He insists that she takes the pills.

Victor tells the kids that he knows he has hurt them both. When Victoria tells him he said everything he needs to say in the letter he left them when he ran off to Mexico Victor notices Nick looking like he is biting his lip. He tells Nick to speak up. Nick tells him he remembers how Victor was so devoted to Summer when she was in the hospital and he has to ask was that from guilty. Victor tells him he hates what happened and he prayed every day for Summer to recover. He tells Nick he has got to believe that. Nick tells him he does.

Nikki cries with Traci telling her she is not asking this for herself and not even for Victor but she is there for the kids. She says she understands their resistance and she mentions the baby that Ashley is about to have. Even though Jack and Billy object, Traci tells Nikki she needs some time to think about it. She tells them that she didn’t say yes. Nikki asks how Ashley is doing and Jack tells her that she is just fine but she doesn’t know about Colleen’s condition. Nikki turns around to leave the room with Jack and Billy arguing with Traci and Steve, Traci reminds Billy that Victor did take the bullets that were meant for their brother Jack. She says maybe if Victor has her daughter’s heart he will change for the better. Billy tells Jack to talk to Traci as Jack looks towards Colleen.

Katherine is welcomed to join Jill and her family as a dinner guest. Nina comments on how nice it is for the three ladies to all be together. Phillip says yeah especially with no yelling or crying. Nina encourages Jill to open Katherine’s gift first. The card reads “This would be a gift to me and Chancellor Industries, the pleasure of your company on a permanent basis.” Jill holds her hand over her heart and asks if Katherine wants her to come back to work. Katherine tells her yes as long as she can get along with Neil and break her current obligations. Jill tells her that she can and then she thanks Chance for the best birthday she has had in a long time. Katherine gets a call from Nikki and has to run out quickly leaving Jill to pout as she complains about Nikki always being the daughter that Katherine always wished she had. Nina asks why she has to diss Katherine for going to see a friend. She tells her Katherine came and sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a great gift. Phillip agrees about Jill’s reaction to a silly phone call. He tells her if she wants to be a daughter to Katherine she needs to start acting like one.

Billy pressures Traci to turn Nikki down on her request. Abby hears about Traci’s appeal from Billy which is one that he can’t believe Jack is even considering. Jack points out that Victor did take three bullets that was meant for him. Billy argues yeah but from a woman that Victor hired to go after him. Mac tries to calm Billy down as he and Jack argue over it. Jack is also thinking about how Ashley would react if she knew they have a chance to save Victor’s life and didn’t. Steve reminds all of them that this is Traci’s decision not theirs. Jack and Billy decide to give Traci and Steve some time alone to think about it. Out in the hallway Billy accuses Jack of drinking the Newman Kool-Aid. He says they can’t take colleen’s legacy for Victor Newman. When Billy stomps off Mac follows him but Jack is left behind to wonder what would be the right thing to do.

Nikki reminds Victor how he once wanted to build a dinosaur replica at the ranch. She tells him perhaps he still can for Reed and Summer. Nick says speaking of grandchildren, Sharon’s baby happens to be his after all. Nikki and Victor are both excited about having another grandchild. Victor tells them, “Another Newman, That makes me happy!”

Nikki is in the lounge talking to Michael when Katherine comes in. Nikki tells her that Traci’s decision is their only hope. Katherine hugs Nikki telling her that she had her so worried about her. Nikki apologizes and says she wrote Victor and the kids letter but somehow they were never received. She tells Katherine about Victor’s prognosis. When Katherine realizes that Nikki is the one fighting for Victor’s life she has to wonder where Ashley is in all of this.

Ashley claims the pills hasn’t helped the pain and neither has the breathing that Adam keeps trying to lead her with. When she tells him here comes another contraction she suddenly falls asleep. Adam is happy she is knocked out saying that this whole mess will be over soon.

Sharon starts calling for Nick saying she needs Nick. She sees a fuzzy image in Dr. Taylor’s place and remembers Nick’s words about his dream about Cassie and she thinks the dream is about to come true. Sharon is drugged by Dr. Taylor so she too is knocked out soon.

Mac reminds Billy that Colleen is already gone. She says that Victor won’t be the one punished if he dies. Billy says yeah, yeah he gets it but Abby and the rest of them would be better off without Victor. Billy vows to do whatever he can to stop Traci from giving Victor Colleen’s heart.

Nikki is assuming all this was too much stress on Ashley with Colleen’s and Victor’s lives hanging in the balance. She tells Katherine she had to come back for the kids. Katherine looks at her and adds, and for Victor too. Nikki admits of course Victor is the reason she called off her wedding to Paul. She says now she just may have come back only to say good bye to him all over again.

Jack goes to the chapel and talks with John. John says he knows it is Traci’s decision but she does value her big brother’s opinion. John realizes that Victor committed some serious crimes but he is Ashley’s husband and Abby’s father. He says also Victor did risk his own life to save Jack’s. Jack admits that when his son’s organs were donated it made the loss a lot more bearable. He says but when he lists off all of Victor’s crimes he wonders if the world would be a better place without him. John frustrates Jack because he doesn’t have the right answer for him. When John’s ghost goes away Jack doesn’t know what the right thing to do is. He says it is his job to protect the Abbott family and he says look at them, they are all in pain and miserable. He says he doesn’t have any answers but Traci needs one now.

As they whisper in Victor’s room being careful not to wake him, Nick says he doesn’t know which is worse, that his father could die or that he almost caused Summer to die. Victoria thinks Victor apologized to them in his own way. Nick says he can’t forget what happened but he feels bad for holding a grudge. He thinks Victor needs to feel at peace with his family though. He says as for Sharon’s baby he already loves that little girl and he is committed to raising her although he doesn’t plan on leaving Phyllis and Summer. When Katherine comes in she asks if they had any word from Traci yet and they tell her no. Victor calls out to Katherine and he and Katherine are given some privacy. When she sits next to his bed she tells him she won’t hear anything about him dying. She tells him she is hoping that she won’t need to be his eyes and ears. She tells him she has learned to believe in miracles.

Nikki goes to the chapel and finds Jack there. She knows he has some influence over Traci so she talks to him about their son and how his organs were donated. She tells him that was a powerful moment to hold that other baby knowing that part of their baby would go one to live through him. Jack tells her that is different though. He reminds her that Victor was the reason they lost their son too. He says he could probably convince Traci not to OK the transplant. Nikki asks him to think of Victor’s family and to try and find it in his heart to get past this war and look at it as a selfless act that their family can give. He tells her that would be impossible. He can’t just take Victor out of the equation, it is the determining factor.

Sharon is sweating as she tosses and turns in her bed. Dr. Taylor tells her she is almost there as he tells her to push. He tells her she is doing great. She hears the doctor’s voice but she sees Nick coaching her. The doctor tells her again she is almost there and Sharon tells him she wants Nick. She calms down when she sees him again.

Ashley wakes up and asks where her baby is. Adam tells her a nurse with a master key came and got her. He says she will be able to see her as soon as the lockdown is over. Ashley says it is odd because she doesn’t even remember having the baby. She says the room doesn’t even look as though a baby was delivered in it. Adam assures her that it happened but he cleaned up after while she slept. She tells him something doesn’t feel right and she demands that he brings her the baby.

Jill goes to the hospital and joins Katherine. She is shocked to hear about Victor needing a transplant. She tells Katherine that dinner is over saying she cut it short to come be with her for support right now. Katherine thanks her for coming and tells her she’d very much like her company as they both look as at each other in tears.

Mac warns Billy not to jump all over Traci if she decides to give Victor Colleen’s heart.. Billy says he isn’t so sure he can hold it back. She tells him that Victor is still a human being. He says that murderer needs to rot in hell.

Nikki goes back to see Victor who says his hands keep falling asleep. Nikki takes his hands and Victor whispers to her about how much he wants to say to her that night she took off. She tells him there will be plenty of time for that later when he is feeling better He says his hands feel so cold and Nikki looks worried.

Traci mopes around Colleen’s bedside saying she is so thankful Steve is there to support her. She says if only she knew the right thing to do. Jack walks in and says he knows what the right thing to do is. He tells her to do it, give Victor Colleen’s heart.

Sharon starts pushing and she imagines Nick saying that he can see her. He says baby Faith will be in her Daddy’s arm with one more push. Suddenly she hears, “She’s here!” Sharon lies back on her pillow happy that her baby is here and she smiles when she hears the baby crying.

Ashley is convinced that something is wrong. She tells Adam he is lying to her and she knows something happened to her baby. When Adam hears that the lockdown is over he has to stop Ashley from getting out of bed. He tells her she is too weak, he will go get her. Out in the hallway Dr. Taylor has Sharon’s baby as he looks for an orderly. She says Sharon is not doing too well, she has lost a lot of blood. Dr. Taylor yells at Adam when he starts to take the baby by asking him what the hell he is doing. Adam tells him he is taking the baby that is what he is doing. Dr. Taylor watches as Adam takes the baby and hands her to Ashley who cradles her in her arms.

Jan Barrett

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