Chloe talks to her mother on the phone telling her that she won’t hurt Chance. She says once she gets Billy back she will find someone for Chance. Phillip comes in to meet Nina but when he finds out Chloe is meeting Chance there so Phillip suggests that he and Nina go somewhere else. Chloe tells him not to be silly they are all adults. Phillip tells Chloe that he is proud of his son. Chloe encourages him to tell Chance that.

Colleen talks with the Dean and after the call she gives JT the good news about her getting a new job teaching art history at the university as long as her references check out that she gave. JT tells her congratulations as he hugs her but Victoria watches them from around the corner.

Lily snaps at Cane to stop pestering her. She says she just wants to be left alone. She says she is sorry for biting his head off. It is starting to get to her not to be able to see any of her friends or not being able to leave the house because of her fever. She tells Cane she isn’t strong enough to get through this and she doesn’t want to hear him telling her what a fighter she is. She says she can’t get through the next 24 hours, let alone the next 24 weeks.

Ashley wakes from her nap from another of her nightmares. She tells herself she has nothing to fear from Sabrina but she wonders who that was. Victor asks huh? She tells him never mind she is still half asleep so she heads upstairs to bed. Victor calls Jeffery and asks where the hell his package is. Katherine comes over and Victor asks if they can talk outside because he doesn’t want to disturb Ashley. Katherine tells him that she is worried about Nikki because she hasn’t contacted anyone, not her children nor her. She says that is just not like Nikki. She tells him they need to find her.

Lily complains about Neil and Devon always telling her she is a fighter. Cane agrees from now on he won’t use that word. He brings up the frozen eggs telling her to think about them, a son or a daughter that would want to be a model like her Mom. He says she will be the strongest women they know. Lily says whomever the father is she is sure he will be incredible.

Colleen says she looks forward to be working in a Newman free zone. She tells JT he should try that but he says being married to a Newman that would be kind of difficult to do. Victoria gets upset not wanting to hear anymore so she misses what JT tells Colleen. He tells her that he wants to grow old with Victoria. Colleen says she is going to go out of town for a few days so she can forget she is a home wrecker. JT says she isn’t. Colleen tells him his wife might disagree with that. When JT leaves Colleen turns around and finds Victoria’s standing there with her arms folding staring at her..

Katherine talks to Victor about her worries that Nikki might start drinking. She asks Victor what happened between him and Nikki the night she left. Victor lies as he tells her that she just said that she wasn’t going to marry Paul and that was it.

Nina seems pleased to find Phillip with Chloe. When Chloe goes to meet Chance they all hear as Owen scolds Chance about how he mishandled the church standoff which resulted in Patty escaping. Owen tells him it better not happen again because then it won’t matter who he is related to. Chance is surprised to see both his mom and Dad there. They both praise him but Chance would rather be with Chloe alone so they excuse them both. As Nina watches them she tells Phillip how she feels about Chance seeing Chloe.

Colleen tells Victoria that JT was only congratulating her about landing a new job. She reminds Victoria that JT was just telling her again how much he loves his wife and son. She tells Victoria not to lose JT or be stupid enough to throw him away kind of like she did herself.

Victor thinks back to when he last spoke to Nikki and how she told him she still loved him. Ashley overhears him telling Katherine that Nikki told him she still loved him. Katherine fusses that he just sent her away after that. He asks what else he could have done. He says he has a wife and a baby to consider. Katherine says she would have hoped he’d have more concern that that, after all it is their anniversary weekend. She accuses him of not caring. She asks what has happened to him. When she leaves she seems very disappointed in Victor. When Victor goes back inside he checks his desktop planner as the voice of Nikki repeating her wedding vows ring in his head.

Ashley is back in her room fighting with what she overheard. She says Victor has to be wrong because Nikki wasn’t there that night, Sabrina was. Then she remembers Victor proving to her that Sabrina is dead. She repeats to herself that Sabrina is dead. She asks herself if Sabrina is dead them who did she hit that night.

Phillip asks Nina how come she doesn’t approve of Chloe. She tells him because Chloe is obsessed with his little brother Billy and she will break Chance’s heart. Phillip asks if she means like he did to her.

Chloe tells Chance he did the best he could under the circumstances and she is impressed with the way he is handling things. He has Delia bouncing on his knee as he says it is no big deal to him. He tells her didn’t she just wipe the slate clean for herself too by signing her divorce papers.

Colleen and Lily have some time alone so they can have some girl talk. Colleen has Lily laughing and then she gives her a present which is a scarf she got from Fenmore’s. She tells her about her new teaching job at the college too. She says she will have it once all her references check out thanks to Adrian’s glowing referral. She says they can celebrate by going shopping once she comes back. She gives Lily an angel that her father gave to her to watch over her. Lily says she can’t take that. She says true, Cane would want her to disinfect it. She wipes it off and gives it back telling her it is only a loan. She says Lily can give it back to her once she goes into remission. She says she isn’t prepared to lose anyone else that she loves and besides she has had a chat with God.

When Traci comes over Victor is surprised to see her. He asks was she in on her brother’s plot to have Ashley committed. She says considering Ashley’s history she thought she should be evaluated and now she wants to see her sister and won’t take no for an answer. Victor tells her she will take whatever he gives her but since she is a nice person and he is in a good mood he let’s her in.

Colleen gets a call from her mother and then the Dean calls her to tell her he heard about her internet flashing. When she hangs up she says he only researched her name online and now thanks to her frigging Godfather she won’t get the new job. She realizes she will never live this down. She says she is going out to the ranch to meet her Mom. Lily says Victor is the last person she should be around right now. She says she needs to see that SOB.

Ashley isn’t really happy to see Traci there. Traci asks if she and her sister can have some privacy. When he leaves, Ashley mentions how they wanted to lock her up but the psychiatrist says she is fine. Traci asks how come she hasn’t been taking her calls. Ashley tells her she doesn’t want to talk about New York. She knows what she was like after Robert but she is not crazy. She says she is perfectly sane. Traci asks her to look at herself, she asks if she is fine then how come she is shaking like a leaf.

Nina admits to Phillip that she felt guilty for coming between him and Cricket. He shrugs it off saying that is all in the past and he has followed her career all these years. He admits he has thought about his son every day. He just didn’t want to come back and stir things up. She jokes around with him telling him they could have gone out clubbing together and they could have fought over boyfriends. He thinks it all turned out like it is supposed to have. He says the proof is right in there as he points over to Chance. He gets down on one knee and takes Nina’s hand and asks her to do him the honor of not being his wife but to be his best friend. She laughs and says ok and then tells him to get up. She then turns towards Chance and walks over to them asking for a word with Chloe about the screenplay. Chloe tells her they don’t have any business together. Nina tells her they do if she is planning on seducing her son.

When Colleen is gone she talks about all the guardian angels she has. She tells him she has her mother and him also. Cane disinfects himself and then when she asks him to he takes her in his arms and holds her tight.

Phillip goes over to Chance at the counter and apologizes for sounding like an idiot. He says he has no right to play the proud Dad. He says he didn’t know his own Dad so he gets his cues from sitcoms. So he tries this again but telling Chance he was impressed how he faced his boss as he was reaming him out. He says when he saw him on TV he was so proud of him. He tells him he faces his life unlike how he himself ran from his. When he is about to walk off Chance tells him to hold on a second.

Chloe becomes sarcastic with Nina telling her they are only having coffee and croissants together. Nina tells her she isn’t stupid. She says see that she is trying to make Billy jealous by using her son. Chloe tells Nina that she doesn’t know anything about her. Nina tells her how wrong she is. She tells her newsflash, she was her and now she has met her match.

JT joins Victoria at the club and says he is working but he doesn’t want to talk about Paul’s sister. She asks why not? Is it because he thinks her father is connected. JT tells her he doesn’t want to argue with her. He asks her to wait for him and they will grab a bite. Before Victoria can say no thanks he walks off. Katherine comes up and tells her thank God she is there. She tells her she just talked to Victor and now she is sure that her mother is in some serious trouble.

Ashley feels like all her family has turned against her and they are whispering behind her back when all she wants is their support. Traci feels she has been shut out and she is really concerned about Ashley. She tells her that living in this house is breaking her. She asks if Victor and Adam were helping her then how come things aren’t getting any better. Ashley tells her she is not losing her mind but she needs a sister she can count on and talk to that will believe in her. Traci assures her that she does believe in her as they both start crying hugging each other.

While Cane holds Lily close to she notices that she is soaking wet. He tells her that her fever has finally broken. She leans in and gives him a soft kiss and then snuggles up into his arms again.

Chance tells Phillip about a sandwich he use to ask his Mom to make for him when he was younger. He tells him how his Mom would cry because it would remind her that it used to be Phillip’s favorite sandwich too. He tells Phillip so maybe he did inherit a few of his genes after all.

Chloe doesn’t seem to be bothered by Nina, saying she isn’t the first Mother from hell that she has had to deal with. Nina leans over at her and tells her Jill is a lightweight. She warns her to get her hooks out of her son or she is asking for trouble. Chance walks over and asks if everything is cool. Chloe tells him yes, his mother and she were just getting to know each other better. Chloe tells everyone she has to go so she tells everyone to have a good night. When Chance walks Chloe out Phillip tells Nina that he knows that look on her face. He can tell it means trouble. She just smirks at him.

Katherine tells Victoria that Nikki opened up to Victor and admitted to him that she was still in love with him and after he turned her away she left and no one has heard from her since. She is worried that now Nikki will be in a worse state than she was in when she called her drunk from Mexico. JT walks up and asks Victoria if she is OK. She tells him No she isn’t. She asks him to drop his search for Paul’s sister, finding her mother is more important and she needs him to do that for her. She says something bad has happened.

Victor thinks back to his praying to God in the chapel where Nikki and Paul were to be married. He remembers admitting to God that he still was in love with Nikki. When a knock on the door brings him back to reality he finds Colleen at his door. She tells him her mother can wait when he says her mother is upstairs. She tells him she has some unfinished business to discuss with him.

Tracy tells Ashley she can’t give any guarantees but she will talk to Jack and Billy. She tells her she loves her as she hugs Ashley. Ashley feels a lot better now but as soon as Traci leaves the room she thinks back to that night when it was raining and she hit Nikki with her car. Ashley drops her glass when she realizes it was Nikki she hit and it breaks. Traci hears the glass fall and break and runs back in the room. Ashley cries out, “Oh no, oh no, Oh God, what have I done?”

Jan Barrett

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