The Newman’s ask Michael if he can do something to move Victor’s name up on the list of donors like maybe building a new hospital or something. Back in Colleen’s room Dr. Snyder talks to the family about Colleen’s organs being donated. Traci says that is not what Colleen wanted. She wanted to live, grow old and to get married and have babies. When Traci starts crying the doctor gives her some more time to decide.

While knitting Sharon starts having some hard contractions. Out in the lounge Adam is waiting and a patient bugs him. He tells Dr. Taylor when he comes in that Ashley had a melt down but not half the melt down she is going to have if she finds out she isn’t pregnant.

Jack talks to Ashley telling her she can check herself out anytime she wants to but he thinks she should stay and rest and prepare herself for when the baby is born. He tells her the best thing she can do for Traci and Victor right now is to get better. Once the nurse is finished checking Ashley blood pressure she says it is elevated but it is finally coming down. Jack pats Ashley on the head telling her good girl.

Traci apologizes for falling apart again. She is against being sedated while she spends her last few moments with her daughter. She wonders how the doctor can expect her to make this decision or to think of another family at a time like this.

Nikki is at Victor’s bedside when he falls asleep she says she forgives him when he wakes up. When he asks about Ashley she tells him that Jack took her home. Victor thinks that is good for Ashley and the baby.

Jack complains about Adam telling Dr. Taylor about Ashley being there when he sees the good doctor introducing himself to the nurse. He tells the nurse he will take it here. Jack says he would love to stay and hear the baby’s heartbeat but he has to go take a phone call. He assures Ashley he will be right back. Out in the hallway Jack talks to Billy about Colleen being taken off the life support. Jack tells him that Ashley has checked herself into the hospital. Jack asks about Victor saying he promised Ashley he would ask. Billy tells him he is still alive and that is all he cares to know. Jack says he will be there shortly but he didn’t want Billy to mention Ashley thinking Traci has enough on her mind right now.

When Jack goes back to Ashley the doctor is putting the stethoscope away. Ashley tells Jack everything looks perfect so she has no problem with him going back to Memorial. Dr. Taylor tells Jack she is in good hands. When Jack leaves, Adam is waiting outside Ashley’s room.

Billy ends a call with Mac. Abby is sleeping in the lounge. He says the poor kid cried herself to sleep. Now they have to decide whether or not to donate Colleen’s organs. Jack says it is Traci’s call, but they will help her get through this. He says they have to.

Traci can’t seem to understand the documents she was handed to sign. When Jack walks in Traci cries on his shoulder asking what are they going to do without her. He tells her they are going to do what Colleen would have wanted them to do. She would want them to live their lives and try to be happy. He tells Traci Ashley is doing fine and she is getting the best of care. He only wishes he could do more for Traci.

Victoria and Nick think back to when they thought Victor had died in Mexico. Nick says it is hard to accept that their Dad is mortal. He says he plays God and messes with people’s lives. He never learns and when his schemes backfire he blames Jack. They aren’t going to hold their breath for an apology for what Patty did. They are wondering now if Victor does get a new heart should they forgive him for all of this like forgetting what he has done. Should they assume he has been punished enough and accept him and love him anyway? They think maybe it would be like their dad did with Adam. Mentioning Adam brings the question up as to where the heck is Adam.

Dr Taylor comes out looking for Adam. When Ashley goes to the bathroom Dr. Taylor tells Adam he managed to pull rank and be the one to examine Ashley. He tells Adam it is getting too close. Now we see Sharon coming out of her room yelling for someone to help her saying she thinks her baby is coming.

Adam still refuses to give up after all these months. The doctor wonder how much he plans to put this poor woman through before he is happy. He tells him she is in a mental hospital and what is going to happen when her baby that doesn’t even exist is due. Ashley comes out and hears that Adam is not leaving until she leaves. She says she appreciates his loyalty but she prefers to be alone. A nurse comes in and says a pregnant woman is in distress and they only have psychiatrists on staff so she wonders if Dr. Taylor would help.

Michael comes in with good news and bad news. He says he managed to get Victor fairly high on the list but there is still a slim chance. Nikki asks about getting a heart from another country. They realize that Victor would never be able to survive the trip though. He says there is another possibility though which would be a designated donation. Nikki knows all about that from when she and Jack lost their son. Mike says he too donated a kidney to Danny Romalotti. Nick says they need to find someone they know is dying that is willing to give Victor their heart.

Jack tells Traci about them donating his son’s organs. He says that way he didn’t die in vain. He says he did actually meet the child that received his son’s heart and he felt like his own child’s heart beating in his chest. He says it gave his death some meaning. Traci says the finality is that once she signs those documents she will lose her darling girl forever. Jack tells her what ever she decides he will support her 100% but he adds if she goes with it that would mean a part of Colleen will continue on loving. Jack tells her there is no right and no wrong in making this decision. Steve says to just take her time in making it. Billy says there is not a thing wrong with that. When Traci thinks of it that way she signs the papers.

Ashley tells Adam he can stay with her until Dr. Taylor comes back. He advises her that she needs to not worry about Victor right now, that her baby should be top priority. Ashley says she feels responsible for Victor’s heart attack by telling him that their marriage was based on lies. Adam says it is because of the bullet in Victor’s heart that caused this. She tells Adam he is really a good friend. She says he is so sweet to her and her baby. He tells her he is truly sorry about everything she has had to go through. She says she doesn’t know what the future is for her and Victor but she has to think that everything is going to be OK.

Out in the hallway in the hospital, the Newman’s wonder where they can get a heart. They wonder should they stake out the emergency room, or perhaps search the internet or maybe hold a press conference. Michael likes that idea saying they can offer anything the donor’s family needs, like medical coverage or transportation. The next problem would be to find a matching heart for Victor.

Dr. Taylor examines and questions Sharon who is only 7 and a half months along she her contractions are only 4 maybe 5 minutes apart. She says this isn’t any pansy Braxton Hicks. She says oh my God, her water just broke. Dr. Taylor tells her there is no stopping the baby now.

When Abby comes in to check on Victor they all give her their condolences over losing Colleen. She tells them how they asked Traci about donating Colleen’s organs. Nikki hugs Abby but she looks over at Victoria and it appears they are both thinking the same thing.

With her contractions increasing Sharon yells to the doctor that she is not having her baby there. He assures her that he has delivered lots of babies and he is going to take good care of her.

Ashley talks to Adam about some decisions she has to make before the baby is born. She says she can’t come to terms with what Victor has done but how can she take her two girls from their father. He tells her she must feel pretty stuck. She says yeah he could say that. Adam talks about how he was so angry at his father and how much he wanted revenge on him but now seeing him in that hospital bed he says his feelings have evaporated. He says he is no monster, he is just Victor a fragile, fallible human being. Ashley tells him she knows how hard Victor has been on him but his father really loves him. She tells him Hope was the most giving person she knew and she can see a lot of her in Adam. Adam thanks her for that. Suddenly Ashley starts screaming that she is having a contraction and it is time. Adam looks lost.

Dr. Snyder comes in and gets the signed documents from Traci telling her she will find great comfort in her decision and that there is no better way to honor her daughter. Nikki comes in and apparently has second thoughts about going in because she quietly exits before anyone sees her.

Ashley screams more saying she is in pain. Adam tells her it is too early saying it must be gas pains or maybe indigestion. Ashley tells him she knows she is in labor. She screams at him to go get a doctor calling him an idiot.

Sharon tells the doctor her son was born prematurely and she wonders if they even have an incubator there. He goes to call an ambulance but runs into Adam saying that Ashley is in labor right now. The doctor asks what? Now? Suddenly Adam looks as though he gets an idea. He tells Dr. Taylor to deliver Sharon’s baby first. He tells him to just do his part. Adam finds the patient that was pestering him earlier and asks if she still wants to get out of there. When she says yes she does thanks to him, he tells her not to worry about the alarm as he hustles her out telling her to just run.

Victor takes Abby’s hand and tells her not to worry. He says for her to take care of herself and her Mom and her little sister. Michael wonders if he missed something when Abby explains he meant his soon to be little sister. When Nick and Victoria come back in the room they send Abby off to the cafeteria with Michael for a milkshake. Victor tells Nick and Victoria that he wanted to talk to them in case they can’t find a heart for him in time. He tells them to say anything that is on their hearts, he wants nothing left unsaid.

Jack invites Nikki into Colleen’s room. Steve asks how Victor is doing. She tells him that is why she is there. She says there is no time for her to be delicate about this. She gets to the point and says Victor needs a new heart and he won’t live long enough to get to the top of the donor’s list. She asks if there is any chance by the grace of God that Colleen and Victor could be a match. She says she just wanted to ask if Traci would consider designating her daughter’s heart for Victor. All the Abbott’s just stare at Nikki in shock that she is asking this of them.

Jan Barrett

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