Traci tells Dr. Snyder that she has decided to take Colleen off the life support. The doctor tells her to take all the time she needs to say good bye. Traci cries asking how she can do that to her only child.

Gloria, Jana, Kevin, Amber and Daniel are all arguing over what the best thing to do with the Terroni would be. Jana wants it returned to the museum but Amber and Daniel want to use it in exchange for Amber’s freedom from Deacon. Gloria wants to give it to Deacon too but for cold hard cash. Jana offers Gloria their share of the reward money but Kevin wants the money to use to help with Ryder’s defense. Amber tells Gloria that Deacon is only playing her about paying her money for the painting. Gloria threatens to press charges on Amber for impersonating her but Kevin defends Amber by telling Gloria if she does that she will never see him again or her future grandkids.

Victoria tells Nick that their Dad’s heart pump is only a temporary fix. She says without a transplant he won’t last a week. Nikki asks Victor to promise her not to give up. He says he has no intention of giving up. She promises Victor that they will get him a new heart even if she has to go to the wizard herself to get it.

Just as he attempts to call Deacon, Daniel gets a call from Cane saying Lily asked him to call them to tell them that Colleen has been diagnosed as brain dead. Kevin says he is on his way there. Gloria talks about how John’s beloved granddaughter stood up for Kevin, Kevin blurts out how he almost killed Colleen yet she still forgave him for it. When they all take off to go to the hospital, Gloria stays behind to make a phone call. She says on the phone that they need to have a little chat.

Everyone leaves the room to give Lily alone for a minute with Colleen. She asks Cane to stay with her. He listens as she cries to Colleen asking her what is she going to do without her. She asks who will she tells her secrets and fears to. She says Colleen has always been the one she talked to. She says she isn’t mad as Colleen because she knows if she could she would have stayed. She wishes her peace and tells her it is not the end for them, she says they will always be best friends… forever. She says she knows they will see each other again and tell each other everything. She tells her she will fight like Colleen told her to and she will do enough living for them both.

Gloria is at the club celebrating with Champagne while she waits for Deacon to join her. She says she knows Deacon can get a lot more for the Terroni that he told her he could. She says she will tell hi where the painting in but her price is 25 million. Finally she settles for 5 million and she tells him the kids beat her to the bank and she thinks they have the painting with them. She tells him they all were heading for the hospital. When Deacon leaves Jeffery comes up and wonders what his sweet cheeks is up to and asks about her rendezvousing with another man.

The gang arrives at the hospital and they give Billy their condolences. Lily is still in the room with Colleen and she promises Colleen to take care of her Mom for her and she tells Colleen her Mom will take care of her. Daniel comes in to say a few words to Lily. He knows what a tight friendship she had with Colleen and is so sorry, he only wishes he could hug her. Lily tells Colleen she loves her as she leans over and kisses her and then Cane takes her out. Amber looks over at Colleen and waits while Daniel sits to say a few words to Colleen. He talks to her about their hook up together calling it a hot minute. He tells her he is going to miss her.

The doctor tells Victoria and the rest of the kids that Victor’s heart is deteriorating. He says Victor will go on the organ waiting list once the criteria has been met. Nick gets frustrated by telling the doctor his father is dying, what other criteria is there. When the doctor leaves Nikki promises Victor they won’t let him down.

Abby cries about all the people she has loved now being gone. She asks what if Victor dies too, what will it do to her Mom. She says her heart hurts so much. Billy tells her he is so sorry but people you love do die. Billy says she was neck and neck for best niece.

Traci and Steve see Kevin and Jana as they enter into Colleen’s room. Traci tells them of course it is ok that they are there. She knows that Colleen considered Kevin a friend of her snow. He tells Traci that Colleen’s kindness to him by forgiving him had changed his life. He would like some time alone with her. Jana listens as Kevin sits by Colleen’s bed side and apologizes to her saying she had every right in the world to hate him. He tells her he owes her so much. Jana tells her that they both do. Kevin promises Colleen that she will never regret giving him a second chance. Then we see Daniel and Amber talking. When they hug each other Deacon walks in and with a sarcastic smile on his face.

Gloria explains to Jeffery that Deacon Sharpe is an art dealer that she is helping out with a little project. Jeffery sarcastically asks yeah right, like she is such an expert. He tells her she can barely color between the lines. He is curious though when Gloria tells him that there is money in this deal. He says it is better than a sharp stick in the eye. He laughs some when Gloria orders more champagne and lobster smothered with caviar and she puts it on Deacon’s tab.

Deacon is harassing Daniel for the Terroni when Kevin walks up and complains about Deacon being there while their friend is dying. Deacon says he is just there to remind them that the clock is ticking. They figure it out that Gloria told deacon they were there when Deacon threatens to have Ryder recant his statement and then Daniel would go back to jail and as far as Amber is concerned who knows what will happen then. When they all start arguing the doctor comes up and asks Amber, Daniel, Jana and Kevin all to leave the hospital but she lets Deacon stay. He mutters tick tock to Daniel as he walks out.

Victoria and Nikki fuss over Victor trying to make him comfortable. JT goes to call the sitter to check on Reed. Victor asks then how long it would take for them to find a heart. Nick tells his Dad that they will make it happen just like he would do.

Lily cries to Cane about how she always thought she would be the one to die and how would Colleen handle it. She asks what she will do without her best friend. Cane tells her he knows no one can ever replace Colleen but he will always be there for her. She tells him about her dream when Colleen came to her. She says it seemed so real. She says in her dream she even remembers hugging Colleen and she could feel how wet her clothes were. She says Colleen had something important and life changing to tell her. She tells cane she told her she was going to beat the cancer and she will be holding her own baby one day.

JT tells Victoria that Reed was being a bit fussy crying his little eyes out with the sitter. Victoria suggests that since neither of them have been home for a few days now that he goes home to see their son. She promises to call him if there are any changes. When he goes to get his keys, Deacon walks over to Victoria and asks her about Victor. She thanks him for asking and is a bit surprised about his compassion. He tells her there is probably a lot about him that she doesn’t know. When JT gets on the elevator he watches Deacon and Victoria.

Nick finds his mother in the chapel saying a prayer. Nikki tells him God is listening for sure. Nikki apologizes to Nick for being out of touch when they needed her and then she tells him that it was Paul that told her about Victor bringing Patty to town. They both seems to agree that they don’t think Victor meant for this to become so out of control though. Nikki says she can understand him being so angry when he and Victoria confronted Victor about all this. She says she spent most of her life either wanting to kill Victor with her bare hands or thinking about being able to live without him. She tells him that someone’s going to have to die in order for Victor to live. She sadly says that another family will lose someone they love as much as they love Victor.

Jeffery wipes some butter off of Gloria’s face. She says walking around in the penthouse with candles and matches, no thank you. She tells him she doesn’t like the cold. She asks him if he would like to get another bottle to ward off the cold and of course it would go on deacon’s account. Jeffery is still suspicious about what is going on with this Deacon Sharpe so he says he will be watching her. She looks at him and tells him he says the most romantic things to her.

The kids in the gang mope around at Crimson Lights. They think it is weird that Colleen is gone but yet she isn’t gone. They all say if it were them in that position they would want the plug pulled too. No one is happy once Deacon walks in but he tells them he has come in peace and that he is sorry about their friend. He tells them he is not a bad guy. Although he tells them he can’t leave them alone but he says he will give them more time to get the Terroni as long as they give him the original one and not a fake one. He says he will of course take their word for it that it is authentic and not have it checked out.

Cane gives Lily the scrapbook she was making for Colleen. Lily doesn’t see the sense in finishing it now. Cane tells her that he would love to hear all about Colleen. He says they can call the book, “The Adventures of Colleen and Lily”. He tells her she can show it to her kids and they will hear all about their Aunt Colleen and how special she was.

Traci, Steve, Billy and Abby are back in Colleen’s room now. They are talking to Colleen about all the friends of hers that have come to see her. Abby snaps at Steve and then apologizes to him for it. He understands saying everyone’s nerves are on edge right now. Traci tells the doctor she isn’t ready yet when she comes in but Dr. Snyder tells her she came in to tell Traci that Colleen signed the back of her driver’s license as an organ donor. She tells Traci Colleen is young and healthy otherwise so the decision is up to Traci.

Victor’s family jokes around with him about him being a control freak and how they can’t wait until he comes back so he can boss them around again. The doctor comes in and says Victor is now on the National Transplant list but unfortunately so is about 100,000 other people. He says he is sorry but there are no guarantees. Victoria, Nick and Nikki all look over at Victor while he is sleeping. All three look really worried.

Jan Barrett

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