Noah told Sharon about what is going on with Victor so she calls Nick and she leaves a message saying was told that Victor took three bullets which was meant for Jack. She asks him to please call her. She wishes she could be at the hospital with him.

Ashley says this is all her fault for telling Victor she was leaving him. Victoria asks her how she could do that. Adam jumps in to defend Ashley saying she isn’t responsible. Nick asks on the phone if his Mom is there. When he realizes she hung up he calls Paul and tells him to get his Mom to call him, it is urgent. Victoria asks if her Mom said she was on her way. Nick says he doesn’t know but she better hurry.

While digging in her box Lily runs across the tiny guardian angel pendant that Colleen gave her. She thinks back to when Colleen gave it to her. She tells Cane she has to go visit her best friend. Cane tells her Colleen is in a coma and Lily can barely stand and besides the hospital is full of germs. She says she is willing to risk it but he says he isn’t.

Billy comes in with some of Colleen’s things. Steve brings Traci something to eat but she says she isn’t hungry. Billy stands next to Colleen and he talks to her about them taking a trip when Jack walks in with a doctor. He introduces him to everyone as a specialist he flew in. He says unfortunately she agrees with the other doctors there and it isn’t good. She tells them that Colleen is in a vegetative state with no blood flow to the brain. Jack says it is irreversible. Traci starts crying and says they will get more doctors. Billy reminds all of them that Victoria was in a coma and she woke up. Traci say miracles happen everyday. When the doctor leaves Jack tells Traci the next step is removing Colleen from life support. Traci wants nothing to do with that. She asks how can she give permission to end her daughter’s life… She looks at Jack and says she can’t do it…never!

Ashley is feeling guilty about all the horrible things she said to Victor. She wonders how come the doctor hasn’t told her anything. She says she is Victor’s wife, she has the right to know something. Adam tells her he called for the driver to come take her home. She says she doesn’t even know where home is anymore but she isn’t going anywhere. Adam tells her she is an amazing woman to be still standing by Victor’s side even after what he has done to her. He has to ask would Victor do the same for her.

When Nick, Victoria and JT come in the doctor comes in and says that Victor is stable for now and they are prepping him for surgery which is an extra long procedure and he says Ashley needs to go home and get some rest which Adam agrees with. Nick and Victoria and Abby decide to wait in Victor’s room. Ashley is sticking to her word that she isn’t going anywhere even though Adam tries to get her to go home.

Cane and Lily argue about her going to the hospital. She threatens to call a cab to take her if she has to. She says if something happens to Colleen she will never forgive herself for not going. Finally Cane agrees but only if she wears a mask. He says he will drive her there but says they can’t stay long. She tells him thank you.

Billy is in denial the same as Traci us so it leaves Jack to be the voice of reason. He says Colleen won’t improve. He points out that she is not comatose, she is gone. He reminds Traci that they faced that with their Dad. He asks her if she has any idea how hard it was for him to go against Gloria to pull the plug. Traci says but that was different because that is what their Dad wanted. She tells Jack that miracles happen every day. Jack says that he has to admit that three doctors aren’t going to make the same mistake. Traci says they simply can’t ask her to unplug her only daughter.

Nick tells Victoria and JT that they are going to have to release a press conference soon about Victor’s condition. He says he got a message from Sharon too but he doesn’t think she should hear about this on the phone. Victoria isn’t too happy about it but she understands that Nick doesn’t want Sharon to have a set back from this.

Traci tells Jack she is facing reality. She says this is her daughter and she is alive still. Jack says the machines are keeping her alive though. She asks him how he can be so cruel. Jack tells Traci he grew really close to Colleen and he knows what a special person she is. He says but this is just her body. Abby comes in crying that they can’t take her sister off the life support as she cries in Traci’s arms. Traci holds Abby and then Abby looks at Colleen and begs her to wake up.

With her head wrapped and a mask over her face, Lily gets to the hospital with Cane next to her. She is anxious to see Colleen and is upset when Billy tells her that Colleen will never wake up. When Lily refuses to go home without seeing Colleen, Billy leads her into her room.

Steve says he misses the young woman that was so full of life. He talks about how she loved art history. He says he loved her like his own but he has to stay strong for Traci. Jack hears Adam trying to convince Ashley to go back to the ranch. When Jack and Adam start arguing Ashley yells at them to stop it she can’t take anymore fighting. When Ashley starts to walk off she runs into Nikki who is wearing the raincoat she was wearing the night she was last seen. Ashley thinks back to that night of the storm and now she is looking at Nikki as if she has seen a ghost.

She tells Nikki to stay away from her as she runs away from her. Jack asks Nikki where she came from. She asks if something happened to Victor but he says no he is still alive but then he continues running after Ashley. He catches up with her at the elevator and Ashley rants on about Nikki being dead and she knows this because she killed her. She decides not to wait for the elevator and runs off again. She chases after her again. Paul comes off the elevator and sees Nikki. She tells him he hasn’t seen the kids yet so they decide to check in Victor’s room.

JT hands Victoria a magazine but she says she has read it already. She is happy when she sees her mother walk in as she hugs her. She tells her mom that they are putting an artificial pump in Victor’s heart. Nikki can only say, Dear God! JT tells Paul that there is no hope for Colleen who certainly didn’t deserve this. Paul tells JT that sometimes you have to put personal feelings aside. JT looks at Victoria and tells Paul he knows exactly what he means.

Nick fills Sharon in on all the news. She asks him if he has told Phyllis yet. He tells her no because if he did she would be on the first flight home. He thinks it is more important that she stays there helping Summer. Sharon doesn’t agree with him, she thinks he needs Phyllis here with him. She says what is Victor doesn’t survive. Nick tells her he confronted Victor and he is sure now that he brought Patty to town. He says his actions almost killed his daughter. He says one minute he is furious with his Dad and the next minute he is worried that he might die. Sharon says she is sure that Victor never meant any harm to anyone except maybe for Jack. She says it’s these Braxton Hicks she has been having the past few days as she groans in pain. She assures Nick that is all it is and that it is normal. She asks him how come he didn’t just call her with the news. He says he wanted to get out of that hospital. She tells him she can’t be the only one he can rely on, she encourages him to go call Phyllis to come home.

Abby leaves the room to go check on her Dad. Lily apologizes for not being able to hug anyone but she just couldn’t stay at home any longer, she had to come see her best friend. She tells Traci she loves Colleen so much.

Sharon says yes she heard Nick’s reason’s for not calling Phyllis but she says him coming to her isn’t fair to either one of them. She says yes the baby is hi but that is another thing Phyllis doesn’t know about yet. He explains that there are a lot of reasons he didn’t tell her. Sharon wonders how Phyllis will feel when all this comes out that Nick has been keeping from her. Sharon insists that Phyllis needs to know. She tells him they are not together, he is with Phyllis and there is nothing left to say.

Ashley insists to Jack when he brings her home with him that she killed Nikki.  Jack tells her Nikki is just fine, he just saw her. He tells her she didn’t hurt anyone, it is all in her head. She says she knows what she did. Adam barges in asking what is wrong with Ashley. Jack tells her Nikki is back, he knows because he talked to her himself. Ashley seems to be falling apart as Adam continues trying to get her to go back to the ranch with him. He says he will call Dr. Taylor but Jack is not having it. He tells Adam to look at Ashley and then asks does she look like she needs an OB-GYN. Jack tries to talk her into going to the hospital. She asks to a mental hospital. He tells her a place that is safe where they can help her. She finally agrees to go Jack goes to call Dr. Jamison.

Nikki apologizes for the way she left but she can’t imagine what happened to the letters she sent to them and to Victor. When they ask her why she bailed out on her wedding day, she tells them that she loves Paul but she can’t give him her whole heart and soul. She says it just wouldn’t have been fair. Victoria tells her that her father told her about their conversation the night she left. Nikki says Ashley should be the one there and not her. Victoria thinks back to her father’s confession that he still loves Nikki. Victoria tells her Mom she should stay. She tells her that her Dad has something important to tell her and it is something she will want to hear.

Lily puts the guardian angel key chain charm in the palm of Colleen’s hand. Traci recognizes the charm and Lily tells her how Colleen told her about when Brad gave it to her. She says then Colleen loaned it to her and she promised she would give it back. She quietly says if only Colleen had it with her when… Lily and Traci both think Colleen looks like she is just sleeping. While Traci is struggling with her decision Lily tells her about her dream when Colleen came to her and told her to live in the present. Traci wonders what Colleen would want her to do. Lily tells her Colleen wouldn’t want to be hooked up to all these machines. Traci removes the charm from Colleen’s hand and gives it back to Lily saying Colleen doesn’t need it anymore. Traci looks so sad with her eyes filled with tears.

Jack brings Ashley into the psychiatric facility and sits her down while he takes care of the paperwork. Adam offers to stay with Ashley but Jack complains about him coming along to begin with. Adam says he is not trying to make things easier, he is doing what he thinks his Dad would want him to do. Jack talks to a doctor and Adam says again he doesn’t like any of this. Jack says that even the Black Knight knows she needs help now so he tells Adam to back off and stop trying to undermine his sister. He hands the paper work over to Ashley to sign.

They bring Victor back to his room. As soon as his eyes seem to be trying to open JT leaves the room. Victoria tells Victor hi. She says she didn’t give her Mom his message, she saved it for him to do himself. JT comes back in with Nikki so she can see the groggy Victor.

While Ashley signs all the paperwork Jack talks about how nice the place is. Ashley says she should be in jail as she hugs Jack. He promises he will visit her every day. Jack goes with the doctor to show Ashley to her room. Jack leaves Adam in the waiting room. He calls Dr. Taylor and tells him to get down there right now because they are both in trouble.

JT calls Nick and he tells Sharon he has to go. He tells her JT didn’t say how his father’s surgery went. Nick wants to continue what they were talking about later. Sharon says she doesn’t think there is anything more to discuss. Just as he is about to leave Sharon double’s over in pain but she tells Nick not to worry, he should go. When she is alone she tells the baby, easy girl, she has got time.

Steve, Abby, Lily and Billy all gather around Colleen’s bed. Traci announces to them all that she has decided to accept the inevitable and she makes a speech about taking Colleen off the life support being the right decision. She cries as she says her baby girl gone and she is with Brad now.

Nikki goes to Victor’s bedside and tells him she came as soon as she heard the news. He whispers to her that she is there. The doctor comes in and shakes hands with Nikki as she tells him she is Victor’s good friend. He gives them all some bad news. He says Victor needs a heart transplant within a few days a week at the most.

Jan Barrett

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