Jill admits to Katherine that it is just like the old days with her back working in the nail salons. When Katherine asks how she lost her money she tells her she doesn’t want to explain it to her. She tells her to pick a color. Katherine asks where she can sit. Jill tells her over there as she points to where the walk-ins have to sit because they have to wait their turn.

While Amber and Kevin are with the bank manager about to open the safety box, Gloria is out telling the receptionist that she is most certainly not the imposter. Just as Amber and the manager are about to turn the keys together the receptionist comes in and whispers something into his ear. He looks at Kevin and tells him that there is indeed a problem for him and his mother.

Steve tells JT that Billy went for some of Colleen’s things and Jack is arranging to have some specialists come in. He says that last bit of hope is the only thing keeping Traci going right now. Ashley leans over crying as she whispers to Colleen that she didn’t know what Victor was up to. She says had she known she would have stopped him. Suddenly she has to go out for some air. Traci grabs Colleen’s hands begging her to wake up when suddenly she feels Colleen’s hand move. She yells to Steve to get the doctor saying their girl is coming back to them.

Victoria goes in Victor’s room while Nick is in there just in time to hear Victor muttering to save Colleen. Paul calls from a retreat in the Rockies saying he is hoping his lead will take him to Nikki. He says he will keep them posted as he hangs up. As soon as he does he hears his name Paul! Nikki is there as she opens her door and asks him how he found her. She quickly asks him what is wrong.

Gloria sees Jana and Daniel there and asks why they are there. Mr. Felix comes out and says to Amber that this woman claims to be Tom Fisher’s widow also. He asks will the real Gloria Fisher please stand up. Kevin says she is his grandmother and Amber says yeah and she sometimes gets confused. Gloria declares that she is not confused and she certainly isn’t old enough to be his grandmother. Mr. Felix says he thinks they need to call the police but they all yell out “NO!” at the same time.

Adam is in the chapel as he thinks back to when he was demanding that Victor lives. Ashley comes in to let him know that Victor that Victor has regained consciousness. She says she feels like a fool for getting involved with him again. She asks what kind of man plots against her family and then holds her in his arms at night assuring her that everything is going to be alright. She says Colleen had her whole life ahead of her but no she won’t be able to live it because of Victor. Adam defends Victor saying he only wanted to avenge those that had wronged him. She says Victor just loves to play God. Adam asks her what she will do now. She says she has to protect her baby and talk to Victor now and not later.

Victor asks Nick and Victoria about Colleen. He asks them to tell him the truth. Victoria tells him that Colleen has been diagnosed brain dead. Nick and Victoria both believe that Victor never intended any of this to happen.

Nikki is shocked when Paul tells her that Victor has been shot. He tells her he is going to be just fine. He tells her about Mary Jane Benson actually being his sister Patty and that she was the one that shot Victor. He tells her that Victor is responsible for Patty and her change. He tells her he did it to get back at Jack.

Gloria tells Daniel that whatever is in that box belongs to her. She says she got a tip from a friend. Daniel guesses that that friend is Deacon Sharpe and Jana tells her that the guy is untrustworthy. They tell Gloria if she plays along with this they will cut her in on it. Gloria goes back to Mr. Felix and admits to him that she does get confused at times and she apologizes. As they all go to leave Daniel sees that Amber has something rolled up and tucked into her boot.

Dr. Snyder tells Traci that Colleen only had an involuntary muscle spasm, nothing more. Traci says but she moved her hand. She says she would feel it if her girl was gone. She turns to Colleen and begs her to do it again so the doctor can see. She begs her to squeeze her hand.

Nikki is feeling guilty now for leaving Paul and her family at a time when they all needed her so much. He tells her there is no way she could have known. She feels bad for Colleen and the Abbott’s. Paul points out that Colleen is Traci’s only child. Nikki is surprised to hear that everyone has been worried about her. She said she sent letters to Victor and the kids and even received a delivery confirmation. She wonders where they went then.

Ashley tells Adam there is no need for him to go with her when she sees Victor. She says she has to do this alone. When she goes in there, he says his beautiful Ashley. He asks her about Colleen but she tells him there is no hope for her. She talks about the people that got caught in the crossfire and this time his plot just went too far. She leans her head on the bedrail as she says she now feels like their marriage was based on lies. She tells him he doesn’t love her adding that he can’t. She tells him he doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

While Jill does Katherine’s nails she cracks some sarcastic jokes and then she decides to explain the real reason why she is working there. Katherine tells her she should have left her money where it was instead of moving it to a bank in the Cayman’s. Jill thanks her for timely financial advice. She tells Katherine that Jack and Victor both refused to hire her and she couldn’t leave town with Nina making those accusations against Cane and then with Phillip and Chance showing up in town. Katherine tells her she could have started her own business but instead she went right back to where it all started for them. She wonders if Jill was looking for another long time friend or a rival maybe. She asks if maybe she was looking for another mother. She asks Jill does she miss her that much. Katherine takes hold of Jill’s hand and tells her she misses her too and both of their eyes are filled with tears.

In the waiting room at the hospital Nick wonders what Adam is plotting now by bringing Victor’s things there and playing the doting stepson to Ashley. Adam tells Nick to worry about his own life throwing in a dig about how he bounces between his wife and his ex-wife like a freaking yo-yo. He practically dares Nick to hit him, being blind. He tells Nick he has been walking around the hospital like he is the Prince of Newman, but he will never fill Daddy’s shoes. Adam thinks he and Victor are a lot alike. Nick warns Adam to stay away from him and his sister and not to even think of worming his way back into Newman. Adam leans over and asks, “or what!” Nick tells him or he just might find out just how much Nick CAN be like their father, that’s what!

She says if no one got her letters then her taking off must have made her seem to be selfish. She admits to Paul that what Victor did was irresponsible and vindictive. Paul says he had hoped she wasn’t going to defend him. She says Victor never intended for all that to happen. Paul says for crying out loud, the man almost killed his own granddaughter and now Colleen is brain dead. He says she tosses it aside like it is one of Victor’s personality quirks. Nikki says who knows better than she does as to how cruel Victor can be. She says she is just saying that Patty is as guilty as Victor is. Paul tells her to tell him something he doesn’t know she is his sister after all. Nikki yells back that he is her … and she clams up but Paul realizes now that as long as Victor is alive Nikki will always stand by him.

Victor tells Ashley he does love her but his words to Ashley means nothing to her anymore. She says she tried to get past the whole Jabot stock thing but he let Patty torture her at the risk of her sanity. She says she almost lost everything but Colleen has lost it all. She says if Victor thinks she is bringing a baby into a hole where revenge means more than love or family, then he is the one that is nuts. She says what is why she did it. He asks did what. She says she has packed her bags to leave him.

Victoria and JT go into Colleen’s room together. Traci thinks that is nice considering their difficulties over the years. Victoria admits she wishes she had handled things differently. Traci tells her they can start fresh once Colleen gets out the hospital. When Victor’s name comes up, Victoria gives Traci an update on his condition. Victoria is about to cry as she runs out the room. Traci tells JT it is ok, he should go and be with his wife. He gives Colleen a kiss and heads out the door following Victoria. Traci asks JT if he is going to come back. He tells her of course. She is hoping that if Colleen can hear his voice it will help bring her back.

Paul complains to Nikki about how she always takes up for Victor, no matter what he does. When she says she is sorry, he tells her not to apologize because he has had it. He tells her to do him a favor though. He asks her the next time he rips her heart out for her not to come running to him crying about it. He quickly apologizes to her saying he is just… but Nikki stops him telling him she understands that he is confused and angry. She wonders why he even agreed to come looking for her. He says he would do it again because he knows what Victor means to her. He is surprised when Nikki refuses to go back to Genoa City with him. She tells him that given Victor’s last words to her and with Ashley’s due date being so soon, she thinks it is best that she stays away.

Ashley tells Victor she has loved him for so many years but he has betrayed her so many times. She says it kills her to know that none of it was ever real. He tells her that he loves her. She won’t be manipulated again. She gets close up to him and asks him isn’t it enough that he took her niece from her. She asks him who will be next, her brother, or Abby or the baby. She says oh yes she knows he would hurt them as she shouts it to him. She says she is leaving before someone else she loves gets hurt. Victor starts groaning in pain and his beeper starts going off. Ashley runs out screaming that he can’t breathe and for someone to help her.

Everyone is back at Crimson Lights. Amber lets them all know she smuggled out what they all think is the Terroni. They all start arguing about what they are going to do with it now, should they sell it or give it to Deacon to get him off of Amber’s back. Or should they give it back to the museum as Jana wants them to do. Gloria likes the idea of the 25K reward money saying they could split it 5 ways. Daniel asks what does she suggests they do then because there is no way in hell he is going to let Deacon marry Amber.

Jill finishes Katherine’s manicure and Katherine tells her not to pretend the two of them didn’t just have a moment. She says it doesn’t have to all go to hell but it does take two. When Katherine heads to the front to pay she tells Jill she can apply her tip towards the 100K tax bill that she owes her. Once Katherine is gone Jill is shocked to see the amount of the tip left for her. It is 100K.

Steve tries to get Traci to take a break. Traci insists that she isn’t tired or hungry but she sends Steve along to get himself some rest and food. She sits with Colleen talking to her about how they are going to go to the opera and spend some girl time together as she cries.

Ashley looks scared to death as the doctor’s work on Victor. She says she did this to him. Adam comes in with Nick and Victoria as they are told that Victor has developed congestive heart failure.

Nikki says she doesn’t want to make things worse for Ashley and Victor. She says she will call the kids to let them know she is ok though. As Adam takes Ashley from the room, Nikki calls Nick and she can hear in the background as they are working on Victor. She turns and looks at Paul and says she has to go home. She says God she hopes she isn’t too late. While she runs around gathering her things to go Victor’s monitor emits the ominous continuous beep.

Jan Barrett

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