When Lauren gets back from visiting Scott in Toronto, she and Michael have dinner at the club. Michael brags about how while she was gone he managed not to do any lawyering for any of his family. They talk about poor Colleen, poor Victor and poor Traci. They agree that one just can’t take anything for granted. Jeffery comes in looking for Gloria. Michael thinks she is avoiding him because of all her unpaid bills he has in his briefcase. He asks Jeffery if he cares to tell them what is going on.

Gloria is on the phone with the hair salon stating that yes she does need the job and she hangs up. Deacon comes in telling Mrs. Bardwell how lovely she looks today. He tells her he realizes she doesn’t trust him, but he tells her that by this time tomorrow he is going to be one of his favorite people. She asks him why that is. He tells her it is because he plans to make her a very wealthy woman.

Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana manage to find Gloria and Tom’s wedding certificate and Tom’s death certificate. Now they only need Gloria’s photo ID. They notice Deacon is out on the patio and Amber is warned not to let him get to her. She says that Terroni better be in that safet6y deposit box because there is no way she is going to marry that dirt bag. Kevin hands Amber Gloria’s 2004 passport, calling her Mommy and a large black hat.

At the Chancellor estate 4 generations have gathered. Katherine says they have been so blessed. Mac and Chance both being back from the war zones and now they have Phillip back in their lives. She suddenly felt the need to tell everyone how much they all mean to her. Chloe doesn’t have much of an update from the hospital but since Mac is with Billy she is sure they will hear something soon. Katherine advises everyone to have no regrets for any love they have expressed and encourages them to say what say what is in their hearts. They make a toast to Open Hearts! Nina watches as Chance follows Chloe around and she tries to get Phillip to go over and talk to his son. He tells her Chance seems busy. She says all the more reason for him to go over there. Chloe catches Nina watching them and she points it out to Chance. He tells her that his mother has always been a little overprotective. She asks, “A little?” Jill manages to insult Esther about her uniform. When Esther marches off, Katherine remarks to Murphy that well they never claimed to be the Walton’s!

While Amber practices signing Gloria’s name Daniel books 4 tickets to Detroit. He tells Kevin he has the key with him. Kevin says he understands why he stole it and says he is glad he stopped the wedding. He says he might have to swipe the painting too which would be for Amber too. He knows Kevin wanted it for the reward money and Jana wants it to be returned to the museum. They decide that there is no sense in fighting over it until they get their hands on the painting first. Kevin says he now knows that Ryder lied to him but he will deal with that after they save Amber from Deacon.

Gloria is sure that if Tom ever had the Terroni, it is a scam. She says even if Tom had the Zamboni she is sure it is long gone by now. Deacon tells her that it has never been up for sale and he knows exactly where it is. He tells her about the safety deposit box in Detroit and she wouldn’t need a key to get in it since she is Tom’s widow. She asks how much it is worth and he tells her 50 million on the open market.

Jeffery assures Lauren and Michael that it is just a mix up with the change of address. Michael and Lauren tell him it is funny that Jill told them they were broke. Jeffery says that woman is always trying to stir up trouble. When he takes off his hat Michael notices the dye all over his head and he threatens to call the cops. Jeffery admits that he and his little Glo worm are broke.

Esther fusses with Chloe for letting Chance fall in love with Delia and her. She doesn’t understand why Chloe won’t just forget about Billy and give Chance a ‘chance’. Chloe is sure that Chance will find the perfect girl for him and she says to her Mom, “Guess what?” She goes to church now and wears cottons and flats. She tells Esther that she belongs with Billy.

Murphy and Phillip talk about BBQ secrets. Phillip says he used to throw a BBQ every year down under for the people. He wonders how Murphy is handling his new adjustments living there. Murphy tells him that he has felt at home since he was welcomed with open arms by everyone. Phillip admits he has always felt like a stranger. Murphy tells him he thinks that the women have been pretty forgiving considering the stunt that he pulled. Katherine and Jill don’t take long going at each other about the 100K in taxes that Jill owes her.

Gloria tells Deacon that she doubts that the bank kept the box going without the rent on it being paid all this time. Deacon tells her it takes 5 years for a box to be declared dormant. Gloria’s eyes are lit up as she thinks about 50 million dollars. He tells her that she doesn’t have the contacts but he has a buyer willing to pay 5 million for it and he would get 50% of that. He says that would leave her 2.5 million but if the Feds get a search warrant for that box to be opened then she gets nothing. He asks her doesn’t Tim owe her something for the way he treated her. She says yeah the bastard owes her.

Just as the gang are about to leave, Michael and Lauren come in. They tell them they are off to Detroit for an art show for Daniel. Michael wants to talk about Gloria being broke. Kevin says he would love to talk about it but when he gets back. He tells Michael he isn’t mad at him for not representing Ryder and they all take off. Michael says he doesn’t like this at all but he is distracted from Kevin leaving when he sees Gloria out on the patio coming in and telling him yeah she is broke, no big deal!

Phillip talks with Chance telling him how cute Delia is. Chance says yes she is and remarks how she has the same spark as her mother. When Chloe calls Chance over to choose something to drink Nina comes over and says Chloe lacks in sublety. Phillip sees nothing wrong with the way she flirts saying it is harmless for a man that has survived Iraq. Nina says he is presenting Chance with a ready made family to a boy that has never really had a family. Phillip tells her that he isn’t a boy anymore. Katherine comes along to discuss the progress of the script and they all joke about Katherine having too interesting a life for it all to go on one movie. Nina says she will focus on conflict. Jill comes over and lashes out at Katherine. Before leaving Jill shoves a check at Katherine. She walks out after that. Murphy comments that Jill has been tense ever since Katherine asked her for the tax money. Katherine doesn’t think the money is the issue since she gave them a check. Murphy says yeah she did but she didn’t sign the check.

Nina smiles when she goes over to Chance and Chloe. She asks him how he liked the book she loaned him. When Chloe asks about the book, Nina tells her she wouldn’t be interested saying it is all about US diplomacy in Kashmir, the region, not the sweaters. Chance pulls Nina to the side and asks her what she thinks she is doing. He doesn’t fall for her innocent act and tells her to butt out.

Gloria confesses that she lost all her money when the Cayman bank collapsed. They get suspicious when she would rather talk about Michael’s bike race with Eden. She tells him she is fine but she does have some fabulous prospects. She explains the exploding dye packs was a scheme of Jeffery’s who she isn’t including him in her latest adventure. Michael would rather loan Gloria money now than to have to bail her out of trouble later. She assures him she is fine but she has a meeting she has to go to. Jill hears Gloria talking to Michael so she beelines it out to the patio. She asks Gloria if she wants to carpool to the salon. She asks in front of Deacon. Gloria tells her to go ahead and then she says she won’t be seeing Jill there. She tells herself that the minimum wages days are over for her. Katherine comes in looking for Jill asking Gloria if she knows where she went. Gloria tells her as a matter of a fact she does as she hands her a business card for the salon. When Katherine looks at Deacon he gives her the call me gesture and winks at her. When Jeffery comes in Gloria sends him inside to get her a latte before she goes to work. She tells Deacon they can’t talk here. He says no problem. He writes down her flight number, and a list of documents she will need and the banks address. She says she has never heard of the Erie Federal. He tells her she will as Deacon leads her out. Jeffery isn’t very happy to see her leaving as he stands in the doorway.

Phillip joins Chance and Nina as they are arguing. He comes to support his son who he thinks has good judgment. At worst Chance will get his heart broken and realize Nina was right. No, Nina’s worse case scenario is that Chloe, the little schemer, becomes their daughter in law. Chance thinks Nina is getting way ahead of herself.

Michael and Lauren decide to remember their boundaries and not take on his family’s problems. Lauren tells Michael another cute story about Fenmore. Jeffery stomps over asking why Gloria is going to the Erie Federal Bank in Detroit. Michael says he doesn’t know what is going on and he doesn’t think he wants to know either. When Jeffery leaves they remember Kevin saying they were all going to Detroit too. They clink their mugs together as they agree that it isn’t their problem, but then they can’t help but wonder if it is though.

In Detroit at the bank Kevin has his arm around his sniffling mother and explains to the front desk clerk that they are there to open the safety deposit box of his deceased father. He hands over the documents with Amber crying at the mention of Tom’s death certificate. The receptionist goes off to get the manager. Kevin starts filling out the forms while Daniel and Jana watch them. The manager comes over and offers his condolences. Amber cries saying he was such a great man. He asks that Amber removes her sunglasses. He says she looks a lot younger than in the passport photo. She tells him she has had work done as she wipes her eyes with a hanky. She is asked to sign the papers but she tells him she recently sprained her wrist so it won’t be easy. When she signs it the manager tells her this won’t work because the signatures don’t match. She starts crying saying she can’t go through this again.

Nina thinks it is a little late for Phillip to be playing Father Knows Best with Chance. He insists that she eases up on Chance and Chloe. Meanwhile Chloe accepts an apology from Chance who says his mother is a rookie compared to Jill. He has something for Chloe and Delia. He gives her GCPD t-shirts. He says usually they go to the wives and kids but a buddy of his gave them to him anyway. She asks him what he is going to give her next, his gun!

Kevin fakes a call to a doctor asking if it would be OK if his mother removed the arm brace to sign some papers. He says sure he can hold. The manager refuses to let Amber try to sign the papers again and he walks away to take a call on line 2. Jana comes up and distracts the receptionist with questions while Kevin is the caller on line 2. He gives the manager a hard time about the banks hours. Daniel sneaks over and signs the papers. The manager says hello? Hello? And he finally hangs up just as Jana finishes with the receptionist. When he gets back with Amber he checks the signature again after Amber tried again.

Murphy cleans up the condiments as Esther remarks at how adorable the GCPD shirts that Chance gave Chloe are. She asks Chloe if she still thinks she isn’t that into her. Chloe says she has Chance wrapped around her finger for now. While with Phillip Chance thanks his father for his support and when Phillip asks his opinion about him staying there, Chance thinks he should stay on in Genoa City so Phillip says he will.

When Jill does her boss’s nails so well she tells Jill she has a gift for her. She says gee thanks. When Jeffery comes in demanding to know where Gloria is, they are shocked to hear she quit her job there. She told the boss that she has better prospects. Jeffery tells Jill she will have to wait in line for her cut. He tells her she has a customer right now. Jill asks if she can help her as she turns around. She finds herself facing Katherine standing there. She tells Jill she’d like a manicure and she needs Jill’s signature on the check.

Lauren and Michael get their cheesecake in a box. They both decide damn those boundaries. Lauren says if something happens to them their son will never see his uncle or his grandma again. She tells Michael they have to go to Detroit.

Amber asks if her son can come with her when she opens the box. Kevin follows her into the safety deposit box area. Suddenly a woman is standing there saying, “Hello, my name is Gloria Fisher.” She stands there wearing a faux leopard and looking like she has lots of money. The receptionist has a confused look on her face when she looks over her shoulder. Jana and Daniel stand there with their mouths open.

Jan Barrett

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