Gloria is on the pay phone at the coffee shop talking to Jeffery as she reads the newspaper article to him about Victor, Colleen and Mary Jane. She tells him well if she rats them out as the ones that kidnapped her at least they would have a roof over their heads and something to eat. She gets all upset when the call is out of time and she doesn’t have any more quarters to add to it. Kevin comes along and scolds her for using a germ ridden public phone and about how she looked and smelled less than fresh. Gloria breaks down and tells him how they are in the staying in Phyllis’s penthouse with no utilities and she is bathing in public restrooms and working as a janitor in a nail salon.

Amber is busy working on the screenplay but she can’t seem to stop eyeing her ring and then looking at her phone because she is worrying about Daniel wondering if he got the painting. Jana comes over to Amber and tells her about Colleen. When he hears that Amber hasn’t heard from Daniel yet, Deacon says it is a good thing that he didn’t cancel that honeymoon suite yet. He rubs her arm and tells her she is going to love the beaches in the Bahamas.

Ashley talks Adam into going to the hospital telling him she needs him. Adam agrees telling her to let him grab something first and he will meet her at the car. Billy walks Ashley out saying he is heading back to the hospital too to see Colleen.

Paul arrives at the hospital and asks Nick how Victor is doing. Then he asks about Abby who Nick says is in with Colleen. When Paul heads off to try and find someone that has some news Victoria asks JT to go with him. She asks Paul about Nikki saying she really needs to be here. Paul says he will see what he can do. Victoria tells Nick they need to find her because Victor needs her. Nick tells her they all do.

Abby is by Colleen’s bedside and she says she is worried about her sister and best friend. Traci tells Abby Colleen is going to be just fine even though Jack and Steve don’t look as optimistic. When JT and Paul come in they hear that the tests being shows brain activity. Traci gets everyone together to say a prayer for Colleen. She invites Paul to join.

Gloria tells Kevin that it all started in the Cayman’s, and then on the cattle boat back she had to fight a heifer for scraps. Kevin stops her asking her to wait a minute. He asks if the gold mine they was supposed to share is gone. She tells Kevin since that all of Jeffery’s schemes seem to always backfire on them and goes bellyup. She thinks she and Kevin should team up together again like they did in the good old days, but not anything illegal. She thinks her his lecture fees alone could set them up for life. Kevin tells her there is no “us”. He says Jana is his partner now and three is a crowd. She understands saying she is a despicable human being. She thinks Karma is coming back to haunt her.

Amber is showing off her engagement ring. She says it is one that means something to her as she brags about what she and Daniel have being real. She says when he comes back with the painting, Deacon will be history.  Deacon thinks Daniel will cash in on the reward which wouldn’t even cover the rent on his loft for a year even. He tells Amber if she would stay with him he could give her the kind of life she wants, like private planes and drinks on a beach. She tells him she isn’t interested but she does hope he sticks with his 72 hour deal he made with Daniel. When Deacon slides out Jana asks Amber how she could ever stomach that guy. Daniel comes in and Amber runs into his arms. When she asks where the painting is, he says still in Detroit, he hopes. He says he couldn’t get into the safety deposit box.

Traci thanks Paul for praying with them. Paul thanks her and then he is surprised when Traci asks how Patty is. Jack can’t blame Patty. Paul says he wishes he knew what happened at the cabin because Patty can’t remember. He tells them Patty was bitten by a spider. Traci says Colleen was more than likely trying to save Patty’s life them. An orderly comes in to take Colleen for more tests but Traci asks for one more minute with her first.

The Doctor tells everyone that the damage to Victor’s heart caused them to have to remove a significant portion of it. He says he can live like it is though. He says he will know more in a couple of hours. Nick tells Victoria that their Dad has lived through worse things that this so he is sure he will make it now. He tells Ashley and Adam when they come in that Victor is in surgery now but they are almost done with him. JT tells them the EKG shows some brain activity on Colleen but basically she seems to be brain dead. Ashley goes to her sister to hug her.

Adam hands Nick and Victoria a paper bag filled with some of Victor’s favorite things, like the book he was reading, and his robe and slippers. Nick tells him he forgot his pipe. Victoria says they will make sure he gets them. Adam wants to see Victor himself. Nick hasn’t forgotten what Adam did to his father. Adam snaps back telling him yeah like he himself is such a loyal son too. Nick is about to punch the son of a bitch out when Victor is wheel out of surgery. Nick and Victoria follow them with Adam following them.

When Daniel tells Kevin and Amber and Jana that he is not authorized to use the key, Kevin says it serves him right for stealing it. Daniel tells Kevin he isn’t authorized either. He says however Kevin’s Mom was married to Tom at the time which makes her authorized. Kevin says no way. The last thing he wants to do is to involve his mother in this.

Mac goes to see Billy in the chapel asking what she can do to help him. He suggests ti turn back the hands of time. He is feeling guilty for being the one that sent Colleen to the cabin to begin with. He says he was hoping that Victor wouldn’t make it through the surgery but he wouldn’t wish that on Victoria and Nick and Abby. He says he really doesn’t want that for them. He looks so miserable when Mac hugs him.

Traci thanks Ashley for being there for her. She was worried she’d never want to talk to her again. Abby comes up and hugs her Mom and says she has gifts for Colleen and Victor. When Traci and Steve go out for some air, Paul tells Jack he is going off to look for Nikki. Ashley hears Paul so she follows him but she thinks back to hitting Nikki with her car and decides not to say anything. Paul asks if she knows something about Nikki. She says no she doesn’t and then quickly excuses herself as she runs out. Jack watches her with a confused look on his face.

Mac calls Katherine to fill her in on what is going on. Billy goes with Traci and Steve into Colleen’s room. Victoria comes in to check on Colleen, but she lets Abby know that Victor is out of surgery and is in stable condition. An orderly comes in with Colleen after taking some tests on her but he can’t give anyone any information. Traci keeps her hopes up that everything is just fine. Victoria says out loud to Colleen that they are all pulling for her, as she tells her to come back to them and let them show her how much they love her.

Adam comes into Victor’s room where Nick is. He has the bag in his hand with Victor’s things and he offers to relieve Nick so he can go grab a bite to eat. Nick tells him he isn’t hungry. Adam reminds Nick after all Victor is his Dad too. Nick just walks out without saying anything more. Adam sits next to Victor’s bed, who is still unconscious. He talks to him about the things he brought for him so he could be comfortable while recovering. He says when he does recover the nightmares will begin again. He says he hasn’t worked this hard all these months just to have Victor die before the big finale. He tells him not to even think about checking out. He tells Victor he needs to see how right he was about his bad seed son. He says it is ashame though because he really wanted Victor to be proud of him but he can see that won’t be happening. He tells Victor to open up his eyes. He starts crying telling Victor he has got to live.

JT goes to the chapel where he finds Mac saying a prayer. He says he isn’t really a believer so he isn’t sure why he even came there. When she offers to give him some privacy, he tells her he doesn’t need it. He feels he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. He admits the problems he and Victoria are having together. He says it shouldn’t matter now with Victor and Colleen both fighting for their lives right now. He says he is glad he is here for Colleen now but only wishes he could have been there when she needed him the most.

Jack goes to Ashley and asks her why she got so upset at the mention of Nikki’s name. He says he is sure she will show up when she hears about what happened. Ashley asks him exactly what did happen. She wants him to tell her how Victor was involved in all this. He explains how Victor paid for Patty’s plastic surgery and then got her a new identity as Mary Jane Benson and brought her to town. He says he did it all to get back at him. Ashley asks then why did she shoot him. He tells her that those bullets were intended to be for him. He tells her that he guesses one can say that the moustache saved his life. With Adam listening he interrupts telling Ashley that Victor is out of surgery and she can go see him now.

Kevin doesn’t want to get Gloria involved. He says if she realizes she has access to a 50 million dollar painting she would take it and sell it on the black market and not share the profits. Jana cries that Amber might end up being Mrs. Deacon Sharpe them. Daniel thinks they need to get Gloria to open up the safety deposit box without telling her what is in it.

Ashley and Adam are in the chapel when she tells him she isn’t ready to face Victor now. She is sure that Paul will find out what happened to Nikki. Adam tells her there is no evidence except for a small dent in her fender. She says but she is sure she had hit Nikki. She says she is starting to hear Nikki’s voice and she knows it will get worse. She says she will get locked up and end up having her baby behind bars. She suddenly changes her mind saying she does need to see Victor. Adam says OK if she is staying then so will he.

Traci tells Colleen that she and Steve are staying in town to help her recover and they will be just like a family again. Dr. Snyder comes in with some news from the tests results. She tells the doctor that everyone there is family so they can all hear what she has to say. With everyone listening the doctor tells Traci that Colleen is brain dead.

Traci cries out that this has to be a mistake because her daughter is not brain dead. Dr. Snyder explains it was a second test taken. Billy explodes as he says that not one of the damned doctors knows what they are doing. Traci cries and Steve asks everyone for a moment alone with Traci. Jack walks out not being able to watch Traci grieving. Nick says he called Noah, who is at a soccer game. Jack tells them about the doctor saying Colleen being brain dead. Abby runs into her mother’s arms. Nick says how sorry he is. Just then the doctor comes in telling them that Victor was going to make it. Jack is outraged asking if he is kidding him. He says his beautiful niece loses her life and that bastard is getting another shot at life. He asks again if the doctor is kidding him. Paul and Nick have to hold Jack back physically. Jack says if anyone deserves to die it is Victor saying he is the one that caused this. Nick takes Abby to see Colleen. Ashley whispers to Adam that Victor did this. Adam tells her it is time they left. Victoria tells JT she is so sorry but he just shrugs her off and walks away from her.

Amber is still working on the screenplay at the part where the fake Cane vs the real Cane. This gives her an idea for a plan. She says as far as the bank will know she will be the real Gloria that is opening the safety deposit box.

Gloria hangs out on the patio at the coffee shop when Deacon comes in sitting at her table. He tells her that he and Mrs. Bardwell have something in common. He says he can help her financially or in other ways. She tells him she has had a terrible day and would like to be left alone. He leaves her his business card in case she changes her mind. Once he is gone she looks at his card and she gets that devious look in her eyes.

Billy paces back and forth in the hallway at the hospital. He keeps telling Mac the test results are wrong. Mac convinces him to go with her for a walk. He tells Jack he is going anywhere but here as they are going out. Traci has been going through the internet on her phone reading testimonies from other families of brain dead teenagers that actually miraculously woke up just before their organs were being donated. She reads about a Man in England and she says there is still hope. She cries that he baby girl is still in there. She is hysterical as Jack grabs her telling her to Stop!

Victoria follows JT to the chapel and calls his name out. JT cries that Colleen didn’t deserve this. Victoria tells him that she knows she didn’t. JT says he can’t believe he will never be able to talk to Colleen again. He starts crying in Victoria’s arms.

Nick calls Phyllis to fill her in and tells her to give Summer a big kiss for him and make sure she knows her Daddy loves her very much and he tells Phyllis he loves her too as he hangs up. Paul asks him how he is holding up. Nick says he can’t complain especially after he is seeing what Traci is going through. He says the pain never goes away. He remembers how hard it was seeing Cassie pass away. Paul realizes he should have turned his sister in a lot sooner. Nick says he understands saying he would have done the same thing if it had been Victoria. He says Patty is Paul’s family and family is supposed to stick up for one another, adding unless you are Adam. He tells Paul how Adam brought some of Victor’s favorite things. Nick says he just doesn’t trust Adam. He keeps waiting for another bomb to drop. Paul gets a text message from someone that claims they know what happened to Nikki on the night of the storm. They claim they saw her that night.

Ashley walks into Victor’s room saying she has so many questions. She says there are things she needs to understand. She starts saying despite everything, she wishes she didn’t, good or bad… Suddenly before she can say anything else Victor weakly mutters Nikki’s name shocking Ashley as she stops and doesn’t continue saying what she was going to say to him.

Meanwhile we see a woman bringing out a tray to a room which looks like a high class place. She asks if there is anything else she needs calling out Ms. Reed. As the woman answers no thank you, we see Nikki standing there. She is dressed in a robe as she goes out to the terrace to look out but suddenly she looks uneasy and worried.

Jan Barrett

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