Patty says eeny…meanie…miney … MO… Who will be the one to go! She says Jack took away her youth, her innocence and her dreams of ever having a child. He says he was young and stupid back then. She tells him back then she wasn’t ready to lose him but she is now. Victor tells her the man is worth nothing, he is not worth her love or her tears. He tells her if she shoots him she will go to prison. He tells her he can have a helicopter come there and whisk her away to anywhere she wants to go. She tells Victor to stop it. She tells him he is to blame for trying to buy her and ordering her around. He says he wants the chance to help put her life back the way it used to be. Patty turns back to Jack telling him that Mary Jane was everything he wanted. She says she was worldly and desirable. She ask wasn’t she a woman he could love. She asks why he didn’t though. Victor demands that she gives him the gun as he darts towards her. The next thing you see is Victor falling to the ground. Paul tells Traci, Billy and Steve that he will call them back and as he hangs up he starts running towards what everyone seems to think were gunshots.

Victoria tells Nick that JT called her at 4 am and there was still no sign of Colleen. Nick says he was on the phone with Phyllis at 4 am and he told her what went on with Victor. Nick is even angrier now that his father brought a ticking time bomb to town, one he couldn’t keep control of. Victoria says it is hard to love their own father now.

Adam finds Ashley packing her things. She tells him she is leaving Victor and she is really serious about it. She says by the time he gets home she will be long gone.

Patty screams out “Oh God!” She drops the gun and runs away. Jack asks Victor if he has a phone and goes through his pockets looking for it. He calls 911 reporting a drowning victim that is barely alive and a victim that has been shot three times. He tells them to please hurry. He tells Colleen to hang on that everything will be alright. Paul and JT find them when Jack calls out that they are over there. JT tends to Victor while Jack is over Colleen telling Paul to go after the insane Patty. He tells him she is limping so he should be able to catch her. JT stays with Victor while Jack keeps telling Colleen to breathe.

As Ashley packs she tells Adam that her husband manipulated a mentally unstable woman just to get back at her brother. She says she is way beyond upset at this point. She says even when it backfired on Victor he didn’t tell her about it. She thinks Adam should be angry as well because this woman was on the grounds as well and with him being blind she could have hurt him too. She asks how he could have protected himself. He tells her that his only concern is her and the baby. He asks her how about some tea. Adam tells her there is no other proof except for Jack and Paul’s word for it. She tells him to wait a minute, she never mentioned Paul. Adam worms his way out of it quickly by telling her Paul came and confronted Victor and he was going on and on that Victor was responsible but he had no evidence. He tells Ashley since he didn’t believe it he had no reason to tell her about it. He says it is all lies. He asks her if she is going to just walk out with a baby on the way. She says yes she is and she needs to finish packing. He tells her fine then it is her life as he leaves the room. Out in the hallway he calls Dr. Taylor and tells him they have big trouble and he needs to get over there right now.

Billy gets frustrated when he calls Paul and JT and no one is answering the phones. They figure that maybe they can’t get a signal where they are. Traci tells Billy he can sit by the phone if he wants but she is going out to find Colleen. Before she can leave, Chance walks in giving them some upsetting news.

Nick is with Victoria at the coffee Shop. He tells her he plans to be at Restless Style for the day and that only makes him wish their Mom was there so he could get her take on his Dad and Patty. Victoria says she is off to Newman and she hope their Dad isn’t there. She gets a phone calls and she says “NO!” She is hears some very upsetting news and ends up in Nick’s arms.

Dr. Taylor goes to the ranch and Adam orders him to find a way to keep Ashley from leaving the house. He tells Adam maybe it is time she finds out the truth about her baby. Adam reminds him that he could destroy the doctor’s career with the information he has on him if he doesn’t do as he is told. Doctor Taylor tells him it will blow up soon anyway. He says the truth will come out when no baby does. He says Adam needs to face it, it is just a matter of when.

Ashley writes a good bye letter for Victor. She tells him she has no choice, once again she has been naïve. She tells him he hasn’t changed. She says beating her brother is more important to him than she will ever be. She says he brought Patty to town and then did nothing about it when she wrecked havoc. He allowed that woman to torture her, kill Zapato and severely injure his granddaughter, who may never be the same again. She asks him how that feels.

Nick and Victoria arrive at the hospital and are told Victor is on his way in. Chance doesn’t know much about what happened but both victims are still alive. Billy, Abby, Traci and Steve arrive and they all wait patiently. Chance tells them that Patty ran off and they are still searching for her.

Paul finds Patty at the rangers station. He tells her it is him as he calls her Pattycake. She is sitting there petting her Kitty crying. Paul goes over to her and says he is so glad she is alive. She tells him not for long though. She says she was bitten by a Northern Widow. She tells him she doesn’t want a doctor. She admits she has done some terrible things and she doesn’t want to live without Jack anyway. She asks Paul to please just let her die.

Victor is taken right in when they arrive at the hospital but they try working on Colleen in the hallway. The doctor calls out that Colleen is cyanotic. Traci runs over to her telling her that Mommy is there. She falls apart when they roll Colleen out into ICU. Jack has blood all over his hands but he hugs Traci. Victoria goes straight into JT’s arms. Jack slowly explains how he pulled Colleen out of the lake but he couldn’t do the CPR the whole time. He says he couldn’t do anything. JT says well at least they are both alive. Victoria is freaked out when she figures out this was the same lake that Brad drowned in.

Paul holds Patty close to him. He gives her a shot to counteract with the spider bite. He tells her now it is over. He hugs her promising they will get through this. He promises he is going to take care of her this time. As she cries she tells Paul she lost control this time but she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She tells him they are going to take her away. She cries more as she asks Paul not to let them. She begs him to make all this go away.

Jack tells Traci and Steve that Patty shot Victor 3 times in the chest which is the same amount of times that she shot him years ago. He tells everyone that monster that Victor had created turned on him but he has to admit one thing about Victor, he says while he lying there bleeding he told him to go help Colleen. He tells them how he found several pieces of Colleen’s scarf and that was what lead him to the lake. He says he saw the overturned canoe and when he rowed another boat over to it that is when he saw her floating face down in the water. He is clearly upset saying he did everything he could to help her.

A doctor comes out and reports that Colleen is no longer breathing so they had to put her on a ventilator. Traci is still hopeful that the ventilator will only be temporarily, she hopes she will be breathing on her own again soon. The doctor says they will need to take more tests. Traci and Steve follow the doctor to go see Colleen. Another doctor comes out to update Victoria and Nick on Victor’s condition. He says they are waiting for some test results before taking him into surgery. He agrees to let them see him but only briefly. Abby thinks her Dad is going to die. She wonders where her Mom is. Jack wants to wait til they know more before calling her, hoping they will get some good news.

Ashley is still writing her letter saying she now realizes that when she thought she was seeing Sabrina it was Patty dressed like Sabrina. She writes that he couldn’t risk her finding out but instead he risked her trust in him as well as her health and sanity. She says she needs to get away and have her baby in peace. She says she loves him but she has no faith in him because of the way he so casually manipulates people. When Dr. Taylor comes in she hides the letter. He is there to take her blood pressure. He asks her how she has been sleeping. He wants her to take a sedative and lie down to get some rest. He tells her she can’t be too careful given her history.

Victoria is sitting by her father’s bedside feeling guilty about not wanting him to be there when she went to work at Newman today. She says she guesses she got her wish. She asks Nick why is this happening. She wonders if they are being punished for being so hard on him before. Nick doesn’t think so. He says he loved them the day they argued with him and he knew they loved him as well. They both feel bad about butting heads with their father and they say they wouldn’t trade their family for anything. They both know Victor feels the same way. Victoria leans over Victor and whispers to him that she is very sorry.

Traci and Steve sit with Colleen. Colleen has big tubes in her mouth. The doctor explains what the tests are that they have ordered for her. He tells them they should know something soon.

Traci and Abby go to the chapel and say a prayer. Traci tells Abby that is isn’t the same as when her father drowned. She says they found Colleen before it was too late.

When Billy takes his turn to go see Colleen he starts with tears in eyes blaming himself for letting Colleen go to the cabin alone. He begs her to please wake up.

The doctor tells the Newman’s that one of the bullets went through Victor’s lung but fortunately for him the damage was minimal. He says the other bullets shattered against his organs and there are fragments in his heart but he will know the full extent of the damage when they open him up in surgery. He warns them that it is possible that he won’t survive the surgery but he will certainly die without it.

Dr. Taylor strongly suggests to Ashley that she doesn’t go anywhere. She looks at Adam and assures him that she is leaving the ranch and that is that.

Abby jokingly asks Victor how many times she has warned him not to stop bullets with his chest, He weakly tells her she should have reminded him. She turns to Nick and Victoria and they tell her he needs surgery. They think she needs to tell her Mom and Adam. Billy suggests they go see her Uncle Jack. Victor tells Abby he loves her too and then he says he love them all, all his children.

Paul tells Patty that she can’t keep running. He says she needs more help than he can give her. He says he will go with her to turn herself in to the kind policeman. He promises he won’t abandon her. He says but they have got to go in. While crying, Patty agrees to go with him. He walks away while she sits there petting Kitty to call Chance to tell him he is bringing Patty in, unarmed and alone. He wants to go in through the back to avoid the press though. Chance says that would be OK and asks how long before he will be before getting there at the precinct.

JT give Jack the news saying it is over. Jack only wishes that they could have found Patty an hour sooner.

With Kitty in her arms, Paul brings Patty in to the police station. When Chance reaches for her Patty pulls back. After she cries a little Chance finally takes her to a maximum security psychiatric facility and Paul is left there to take care of the Kitty.

Dr. Taylor tries again to convince Ashley to stay there and get some rest. She sticks to her guns and tells him she will let his receptionist know where to send her bill. She tells Adam to just stay out of them. He tells her she is his lifeline. She reminds him that he is free now so she tells him to go out and make some friends. She says she has to go as she wheels her luggage out. When she opens the front door, Billy is standing there all emotional as he tells her that they found Colleen but she might not make it. He says there is more though. He says Victor has been shot and he is in critical condition. Ashley is shocked as she hugs Billy.

Before taken to surgery Victor weakly admits that he lied to Nikki when she came to him and confessed that she still loved him. Victoria says she always knew that. Victor tells her that he ran after Nikki to tell her he felt the same way but she was gone before he could catch her. He asks Victoria to tell her that he feels the same way. He asks that she lets her mother knows it. Victoria says he can tell her that when he sees her. Victor wants her to tell her that so she says she will as soon as she comes home. Victoria whispers to Nick that they have to find their Mother.

Traci tries to stay hopeful. The doctor comes in saying she has orders a CBF and then she will let them know if Colleen is brain dead or not. Traci asks the doctor if there is still hope. She almost wills it to be true. The doctor can’t hold out much hope unfortunately, saying the family should prepare for the worst.

Jan Barrett

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